Write a description of a room in your house. Tell about it using as many senses as you can. Be sure to write your description in detail

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Write a description of a room in your house. Tell about it using as many senses as you can. Be sure to write your description in detail.
Essay 1:

We have an old-fashioned kitchen because this used to be Grandma’s house, and we didn’t change anything when we moved in. Grandma went to live with my aunt in Arizona. Aunt Rita lives in Scottsdale, and it’s better for Grandma’s health there because the air is nice and dry, and Grandma has asthma, so she can breathe better than she could here in humid Portland. Dad says the kitchen looks just like it did when he lived here as a boy.

Essay 2:

A room in my house looks like it has too much stuff. The room has posters on all the walls. The shelves are full. The closet door is open. Things are falling out onto the floor. The bed is unmade. The desk is always cluttered with stuff. The trim is all purple because my sister loves purple. My parents didn’t want her to paint it that way, but she bugged them until they said yes. The walls are white though. Her bed is a futon. She loved it at first, but now she wants a waterbed. The bed is covered with stuffed animals. There are shelves around the bed. They are covered with dolls, tea sets, and junky girl stuff. There’s a big mess of shoes piled up on the closet floor. Clothes are everywhere.

Essay 3:

In this essay, I am going to describe my bedroom. It’s the room I know the most about.

My room looks great, especially since I moved the furniture around. Now, the first thing you see when you walk in the door is my bed. It sits against the wall, between two big windows. My comforter is bright yellow with thick green stripes running across it. Out past the windows you can see the elevated tracks. The trains flash and sparkle in the sunlight when they go by. On a bookshelf above my bed is my international doll collection. Their colorful costumes stretch across the wall just like a rainbow. To the right of my bed is a desk with a neat lamp on top. My desk doesn’t look so good at the moment!

My room feels almost as nice as it looks. When you walk in the door, a cool breeze from the windows blows on your face. When you step inside, your feet sink in the soft carpet. The carpet is the exact same yellow color as my comforter. The carpet is big and round and takes up most of the floor. You can sit on this nice carpet for hours playing games, and you won’t ever feel uncomfortable. Sleeping in my bed is like sleeping on a cloud. The mattress and the comforter are awesome.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope you enjoyed this description of my room!
Essay 4:

Come visit my kitchen, and you’ll never want to leave! It’s my favorite room in the house, especially at dinnertime. When you walk through the door, the aroma of fresh bread makes the air smell like a bakery. The smell is so strong you can almost taste it on your tongue.

Straight in front of you, there are four large windows, all with bright rays of sunlight gleaming through them. My little sister’s artwork is taped to the glass. Behind the windows, a yellow finch feeder dangles from a branch on our cottonwood tree. There are baskets with white freesias on the ledge in front of the windows.

In the middle of the room is a giant rectangular dinner table. It’s wooden and covered with nicks and scratches from me and my five brothers and sisters. Around the table are eight heavy chairs that make a racket when you pull them out.

On the right is the porch door. The glass is all smudged and slimy from my dog, Sparky, rubbing his moist nose against it. Next to the door is a narrow staircase that leads up to my dad’s office. From behind the closed door, you can hear the soft, clear notes of my sister practicing for her band concert.

On the left is the stove. Dinner sizzles on our pearl white gas stove. A giant cloud of hot steam floats up from a pot of boiling pasta like a genie from a bottle. The aroma of dinner fills the air. Next to the stove is a row of drawers with round metal knobs. Forks, knives, and spoons rattle together as Dad pulls out the top drawer to set the table.

There’s no other room in our house that feels the way the kitchen does. It’s always cozy and full of family. The kitchen may be loud, crowded, and messy, but it’s still my favorite room in the house.

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