Writ 095 Persuasive Paper Assignment: This I believe

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Writ 095 Persuasive Paper Assignment: This I Believe

This assignment is one paper that starts as a paragraph (think abstract), is expanded to an essay, and is then edited back to a shorter essay. It is labeled assignment 3a (paragraph), 3b (expanded essay) and 3c (edited essay)


250-300 words, one paragraph “This I Believe” statement—see syllabus for due dates.


2 pages (700-1000 words, double-spaced) expanded essay (based on previous paragraph)—see syllabus for due dates.


Revised 500-700 word final essay—see syllabus for due dates

The papers must have the following elements:

  • Written in 1st person voice (I) (no second person voice)

  • A strong “I believe” statement that demonstrates a value or principle unique to you

  • A universal “larger truth” that will resonate with readers

  • MLA formatting

  • Strong narrative voice and individual style (while maintaining academic language and conventions)

  • No slang language

  • Specific, concrete examples that illuminate or demonstrate the value or principle

  • Must be positive, not negative

This assignment will be evaluated as follows:

Paragraph 1 (This I Believe statement) 60 points possible+ 15 points for being present for peer review

Essay 1 (700-1000 words) 110 points possible+ 15 points for being present for peer review

Final revision (400-600 words) 150 points possible

The rubrics for these assignments are posted on Moodle.

Writers who choose to be published in Reflections: Writ 095 2014-2015 should email their final essays along with a short bio to me.

Here are some essays other students have recommended:

“The Mile” by Keith from Atlanta, Georgia “Life Is Wonderfully Ridiculous” by Claude Knobler

“The Real Me” by Katherine Bowman “Important Strangers” by Leslie Guttman

“Eternal Flowers” by Rebecca of Northridge, CA “Am I Doing This Right?” by Jeana Lee Tahnk

“Creating Our Own Happiness” by Wayne Coyne “I Believe in Laughter” by Kelly at State College

“Diesel Is not a Passion It’s an OBSESSION” by Sean from Cody, WY

“Small Towns” by Justin from Mason City, IL “The Power of Hello” by Howard White

“Good Can Be as Communicable as Evil” by Norman Corwin

“Somebody to Lean on” by Cole Dowdy “The Importance of Jury Duty” by Christina Habas

“The Necessity of Compassion” by Kevin Myers

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