WR115 Essay #2 Assignment Guidelines assignment

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WR115 Essay #2 Assignment Guidelines
ASSIGNMENT: Choose one of the essays from MODELS that you’ve read and connected with so far this term. In Essay #2, you’ll be building on the skills you’ve practiced in your summary/response paragraph writing. The essay should be based on your response to the essay (from MODELS) of your choice.
Write a 3 – 4 page essay 800 – 1000 words

include a word count in your header

TOPIC CHOICES: Choose one of the essays we’ve read so far this term OR find an essay in the book with a topic that deeply interests you.
PREWRITE: consider any of the following to freewrite, brainstorm, or prewrite about a topic:

  • Read the Reflecting on What You Know section right before your essay. Consider the Thinking Critically about this Reading, Questions for Study and Discussion, and Suggested Writing.

  • Assignments at the end of the essay.

  • What personal connections do you make to this essay, and what point would you make about

those connections? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s points?

feelings and ideas about this essay.
Develop your own point! Decide what you would like to essay in this final assignment, then

freewrite, brainstorm, and ask questions about your own topic.

THESIS STATEMENT: Formulating a thesis statement: Each response paragraph that you have written this term began with a sentence that focused your response. Similarly, in this assignment, you will need to formulate a thesis statement that focuses the main point of your essay, the point that you want to make through your essay. In MODELS, the authors state, “The thesis statement determines the content of the essay: Everything that the writer says must be logically related to the thesis statement” (81). For more information on thesis statements, read pages 81 -83 in your MODELS. Formulate a tentative thesis statement to help guide you through your developing and shaping.

Essay #2 Guidelines: as you develop your ideas, make sure that you have all of the following

components in your outline and draft:

  • Compose a beginning paragraph, patterned after one of the examples from MODELS or some other introduction strategy that focuses your response and draws your readers in.

  • Introduce your main point in a thesis statement.

  • Include a brief summary paragraph of the essay you are responding to. This paragraph should include: 1) a transition sentence (first sentence) that ties this summary of an essay to your thesis statement 2) the major points the author makes in the essay

  • Write one or more paragraphs explaining the first supporting point for your thesis.

  • Write one or more paragraphs explaining the second supporting point for your thesis.

  • And so on. Each supporting point for your thesis should be fully developed in at least one

paragraph and clearly connected to your thesis.

  • Write an ending paragraph. Consider this advice from the authors of Models: “An effective

ending does more than simply indicate where the writer stopped writing. A conclusion may

summarize; may inspire the reader to further thought or even action; may return to the

beginning by repeating key words, phrases, or ideas; or may surprise the reader by providing a

particularly convincing example to support a thesis” (151).

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