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Works Cited Sample
Nix, Steve. Cherry Trees in Central Park, NYC. Photograph. About.Com:Forestry. New York Times Company, 30 Mar. 2010. Web. 1 Apr. 2010.


Using EasyBib.Com to cite the source of images you’ve used on your flyer:

Go to EasyBib.Com

  • Click on Select a Source (Might have to click All 58 Options to get a list of sources)

  • Click on photograph – Click on Website Box (middle of the page)

  • – Fill in:

Photo title (if available—may not be directly under photo but further down the page. May

also appear if you hover over the photo)

Photographer (if available)

Web site title

Sponsor of the web site (usually at the bottom of the page with copyright date)

URL (website address)

Publication date (usually at the end of the article)

Date of access (the day you copied the photo)

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