Woah avant settle down girl

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i know this company that couldnt hire this one girl because she wouldnt fit in the chairs they had at the office!! strange but true!! glad im not that big

Its probably good that girl did not work for that company. If they had the mindset like that not to accommodate her, then its best she not involve herself with people like that.

She would not have been happy in that place. But I hope someone will give her a chance.

This does not mean I agree with what the employer did, but if her weight is getting in her way for employment maybe she should consider trimming it down.

Well, losing weight may be good for her. But she shouldn't do it just to get that job.
Whether we like it or not some people are just blinded by looks. It doesn't mean we agree with them when try to lose weight though. We should do it so we will be healthy and feel better about ourselves.
woah avant. settle down girl

sounds like youre a tad jealous huh? those girls that wear stuff like that arent insecure, theyre proud of their bodies, most of them work pretty hard for them, thats why they flaunt themselves like that.

I say it's silly to fire someone just because they can't fit in the office... maybe she could have been re-assigned to something else and make things a lot easier...
This is what we call stupid and nasty people!! I really can't understand this kind of attitude. People without heart!! I hope that this girl has now a better job she could have in this company!

How sad for her. Maybe she even deserved the job than the person they hired.

Its probably good that girl did not work for that company. If they had the mindset like that not to accommodate her, then its best she not involve herself with people like that.

Yeah, ur right, i would prefer to remain at home than working for such short minded people.

This is sometimes a real big problem for those people which could add more stress upon them. I know some employee who would reject the candidate application just because of his/her weight. It is actually like that.

Well this has had a bad effect on that girl...poooer girl...........hope she lost some weight..

Yeah, or at least they could issue a warning before firing her.

u did not understand...she was not fired...the company did not recruit her in other words she was not given employment....because she is too fat and would not fit in the office chair...

its just so sad. you are hapy because it did not happen to you but have you ever imagined what she must have gone through knowing that she did not get the job just because she did not fit in the chairs???? does this mean that qualifications and certificates no longer matter????????

Well we can’t blame the employer so much.

See the positive side of the matter

That girl will be depressed for some months but eventually she will try to lose some weight and that will be good for own health.

Do obese people have problems to find work too?

I’m obese and was thinking to do some work next year after I leave the college.

Will this happen with me too.

R fat people so unwanted in the society?

I don’t want to go through all this.

Please help…

I believe that the girl is now more motivated than ever to lose weight.

Lets say that it was an opportunity in disguise

I agree with Thatsme

I admit that whatever happened with her was bad but something positive happened too.

That very sad.See how our weight can penalise us from achieving our goal.
You're right dear. Even my friend ever had such a bad experience. She was around just 8 kilo overweight and could not become an air hostesse. This was the most horrible experience of her life.
So sad to hear about ur friend dear!

Well it’s not too late! She can still lose these excess 8 kgs and apply for the job.

Wish her all the best!

Hi, I'm RaVae, a food addict, A little about me and my addiction:

As far back as my memories go (I'm 52 so that's a lot of memories), it seems like I have always been obsessed with food, especially sugar. During my compulsive eating days, I tried everything. You name it; I tried it, spending thousands of dollars along the way.

The more full I got the more I wanted to eat, I was involved in a never ending search for the magic food that would fill the empty spot inside me. I could never get enough, one was too many and a million was never enough. I would eat until I was sick, then pass out and wake up and eat some more. I've never in my whole life tasted anything that was too rich for me; I could always eat tons of everything

I know how you feel
this is me after reading your post

i'd never known a food addict in my life, so you can understand my reaction i guess. but how is it you got so addicted to food??? have you recovered from these food cravings????

I don't know how people ends up with that...i never meet someone addicted to food like that..and i'm asking me how many things we can eat without getting sick with food for life!!!

but how could you eat like that ?? you were never full ??How big are you know?? Did you get on diet??

How can a person be addicted to food like? You tell us that you always eat and never feel full! Is it possible! I can not imagine what is it to never had enough food to eat! Even to me it never happened...i'm eating a lot but i'm not addicted to food...my god..
The only thing to do is to control your temptations, ask yourself what you really need when you are about to eat fatty foods or sugar cake.

Secondly, ask yourself " Are you eating out for boredom or stress or you are really hungry?"

If your answer has nothing to do with an empty stomach, then make yourself busy with other things, you desire to eat will disappear!
Yeah you should find out a way to control your temptations, keep yourself busy that you won't find time to eat, you can drink water or eat fruits to replace the food you wanted, now it all depends on you, don't let your eating temptations control you, in fact you should control it.
Incredible!! How come you're Still breathing!!???? have you been able to stop it right now??? I thought my case was hopeless and was considering suicide but you rescued me!!! Now i would like to thank you!!!!

Wow how can a person get addicted to food!! i've heard a lot of addiction but this one tops my list!! hope you've been able to get over it...at your age, it's not good to go for cravings so wild.. this could make you have all sorts of complications and health issues!!

I just saw that in the Book & Mazines and thought of sharing it with you:

Eat More Weigh Less by Dr Dean Ornish

The New York best seller now revised and fully updated. A new approach abundance rather than deprivation. You can eat whenever you are hungry and still lose weight and keep it off. Simply Safely!

Scientificallly proven to help you lose weight and gain health . Dr Ornish's program has given millions of people new hope and new choices.

Wow better rush for that book now you all!! that's really great Jenita!! you can eat as much as you can and get to lose weight?? sounds like a miracle!!!
Wow can that really be true?? how can you eat and not take a pound?? that's really unbelievable!! Better get yourself the book then, food addict!!
Well on my part I know that I tend to eat very much....I would even say too much!! It eat so much that for the past three months I’ve been putting up to the 5 kg. Actually i won't say that I’m that addicted to food for all that!!
Wow that's rough being addicted to food and all that. But in order to lose weight you will have to make sacrifices and thus stop eating that much. Or if you want to eat that badly eat vegetables or fruits. Drink a lot of water. It is said that when you think that you are hungry all you really need is water. Your body makes you think that you are hungry but it really needs water.
There is no harm in eating so much food but at least you should know what you are eating. There are many people who eat loads of food but they never gain weight. They are just too lucky. I agree with the vegetables and fruits part pikachoo but what about the other part? I mean, how can you drink water when you are hungry? For me, feeling hungry and feeling thirsty are just different.

I just saw that in the Book & Mazines and thought of sharing it with you:

Eat More Weigh Less by Dr Dean Ornish

The New York best seller now revised and fully updated. A new approach abundance rather than deprivation. You can eat whenever you are hungry and still lose weight and keep it off. Simply Safely!

Scientificallly proven to help you lose weight and gain health . Dr Ornish's program has given millions of people new hope and new choices.
Wow is that book available everywhere in the U.S? Has anyone read the book yet? If I can get a little bit more info on the book before I can buy it. I do not want to lose my money on something that will be of no use to me
Hi you,

Have you tried to see a psychologist?I read somewhere about a theory that says something like you eat to fill a sense of loss or failure.

Have you had a happy childhood or have you been married??

Sometimes, problems like that are from childhood, and the main problem is not eating too much, that's only the iceberg, but there's a lot more to it.

How can you eat that much!!

You are a compulsive eater!!Haven't you got sick eating so much???

You should realise that you are ruining your health along with your stomach.

Be careful dear..

Hey first time seen that...addicted by food..wow...you may have some stomach problems..a real person cannot eat that much..otherwise that person will die..have you gone to a doctor to see what is in your stomach?..after eating all these what is your weight??
Hi Marco,I can understand your feelings,at some point of time in my life even I went through the same experience. i guess whatever Glency advice you is very good.You should try it cause there is no way out for the time being.
Hi Macro, i was much surprised reading your thread. I never thought that this type of addiction did exist! do you mean to say that you are never fed up by eating? wow! and what about your weight? Well, i agree with what the others have said - the key is to keep yourself with a hobby or try doing something. It may prove to be difficult in the beginning; but in the long run, it will be beneficial.
You seem to be a real eating machine !!! I guess if i got to eat like you,will this really help me putting some weight ???
Reading your post that have make me realise how addicted i am to beer.I can't go without it atleast twice a week.My girlfriend always prevents me from drinking it in excess but it really doesn't work.I know it can harm my health but i am hardly able to overcome this addiction.
Your girlfriend right .. In fact there're lot of ways you can avoid drinking so much beer ...Just try them ...

Overeating is really bad.And your addiction is a very severe one.I feel you need to set yourself a goal and then only you'll be able to take control of the situation ...

I still remember,after school i used to stop with some friends anywhere to take the good taste of any fastfood.Today this addiction of mine has driven me to look more like a lttle apple ...

Hey why don't you try kintopills.That really works.For me it has worked so well that today i'm living with my dream weight.

Food addiction is just as real as any other addiction. However, I do not believe that there is as much publicity about this issue. Compulsive eating is a real problem, and those who suffer from it need as much support as possible.
Unbelievable? Is it true? I think your name should be placed in the Guinness World book of records. Don’t u feel so?
well dear i'm not the exact copy of you but i still eat small stuffs all the day long. your story seems quite interresting as well as shocking to me. i know many people having the same problem but they were over it after much determination, i suggest you too try to get rid of this BAD habit of yours.
I agree that every1 likes eating but your case is very peculiar indeed.

There comes a point when u just can’t eat more.

As far as I know myself I can’t allow myself to go on eating and eating.

Really Ravae??

U shocked me.

I like eating too and never controlled my eating habits but even I’ve not eaten madly like u.

Guess what- I was thinking that I am the fattest person on earth but now I think that I’m wrong. U must be fatter than me.

That's funny Zudy

So are happy for it or sad?
seems like alotta ppl that read ur post dont understand what u went through at all... but i kinda do..... i had/have a major food addiction for years... on a daily basis i would eat until i was sick... i would hide in the closet... or drive to an empty parking lot..... and eatin until i could barely move..... .. as a result i am now a 20 year old diabetic with high blood pressure... carrying a massive 265lbs... on my tiny 5 foot 3 frame............ i feel ya......... and i know what its like to never have enough food...... but i hate sweets lol....... my thing is bread. ........... good luck on ur recovery... i dont even know where to begin.................

hey....how can you eat too much and still staying alive..This does not sound good and i think you should try to stop all these because this will cause you big problem in long term. You should try to find out new ways to decrease the amount of food you consume per day.

I am also a food addict.

I'm 27 and at one time I weight 300 pounds. I'm currently at 172 and trying hard as hell to get down to a regular weight. I know what it feels like to never be full. So now i just weight and measure what a portion of food should look like and that's all I eat. I also work out. It seems to help witht the sugar cravings

This is an experiment I have been doing myself. I started at the gym 6 weeks ago and I decided I was not going to change my eating habits. I know it sounds silly, but I wanted to see how well exercise alone would help, Believe it or not it has, in my success story post I said how much weight I lost. I was at 225.8 when I started, and I am down to 219.9, I am also 5 ft 10 inches tall. I have lost a little over 6 inches combined, and I did not change my eating habits at all. I guess my metabolism is good, it just needed a kick inthe hind end. For the next six weeks I am cutting out regular soda (diet or none at all), and I am going to not have seconds at meal time. I will keep you posted on how that goes. I am sure like a lot of you, I have to do things in moderation. If I do too much too fast, I will give up on it. Especially if I start feeling deprived or uncomfortable. Wish me luck!!!


Things are really starting to firm up too, I would rather be firm fat than jiggly fat if I can't be thin...lol

Wow, that is pretty inspirational. I am like that too, if I change too much too fast I will panic and quit. Which I hate, then everyone looks at you like you have no willpower. I like this idea, keep us posted on how well the next change works for you.
Hii, this is fantastic LadyViper! I hope that you succeed to make it happen. It's not impossible. I believe that when you are determined about something, you can make it happen. And yea, being hasty about this can just kill your determination. So do it slowly, and it gonna work out for you. GOOD LUCK! And yea, you are an example for others:)
thts nice to know buddy....great going...sure u ll lose those fat...stick to ur fitness schedule...u have gone so far...so no stopping u from attaining ur target....

THat is a great idea. Some people find it easier to change one thing at a time and some like to do a complete and drastic overhaul. I think I'm more like you and would like to change one thing. I think exercise is even more important than diet for overall health in the beginning. Besides, putting on some muscle will raise your metabolism quicker!

Hey thats a great job...keep it up..well changing eating habits all of a sudden is quiet difficult...exercises can help a lot....without drastically changing eating habits but of course we must bear in mind that a good eating habit will only benefit us....
You are on the right track...keep it up and we are all with youu
You seem to be someone determined..keep it up...

Big achievement!

Keep it up n don't forget to keep us informed.

Thats wonderfull it would be in your advantage if you cut on foods that contain loads of fat.....

Maybe there is nothing much to correct in your eating habit.
Yeah, that could be the reason too. Or you're simply burning more calories than what you are taking in.
so you are trying to say you achieved al lthat without any interference in your diet plan? that seems to be really good then

good for you lady viper!!! you do your best in your diet!!!

It's helping because you are burning more calories than what you are taking in.

I guess your eating wasn't so bad. What you needed was the exercise to lose weight.

You are doing the right thing. You are changing your habits gradually.
i totally agree with you ladyviper. we need not go on a very strict diet and starving ourselves to make our weight loss dream come true. a good exercise regime can also do miracles if done with discipline. i personally do not believe in diets and you are just confirming my belief

waoo..thats amazing.Still i better stay away from fast foods.i dont want to get into a weight trauma!however maybe that if you keep a balanced diet your fat will disappear faster?dont you think so?

I guess if … Had incorporated dieting to these 6 weeks exercises … Then you would have lost more weight … Don’t you think so ? …
U r right funky

I think so too

Dieting and exercise at the same time make you lose weight more quickly.

But u r 3 to choose any method that u find convenient for u.

Really Sharon8??

What about Kintopills will it take more time or lesser time?

Please let me know because I am now going to use kintopills.
Sorry dear

I cannot help u in this matter because I have never used pills.

As far as I know pills are not good for losing weight.

But if u wish to use pills then please consult ur doctor before doing so.

hi ladyviper, what a name.

You got a very interesting story out there, i apreciate it.. keep it up, we are all with you and somewhat i thing a bit jealous that you manage it. i try a lot of thing but it was useless and now i make you my idole , i will try your way, and hope it will work on me. so keep it up

What about Kintopills will it take more time or lesser time?

Please let me know because I am now going to use kintopills.

Well my dear

My advice for u is that don’t start taking pills in order to lose weight.

This is not the best solution because in the long run u become dependent on them and as soon as u stop taking them u gain weight again. So, my dear avoid pills and go for traditional methods like dieting and exercising.

Everyone in my class…….. has boyfriends……… except me…All the boys like…… those slim witches….I never get a date……I am fat and ugly……They just ignore me…….that’s why I am always……online……..to chat with people who……….cannot see me…..my life is…..hell…..

Welcome among us Ghastly.

Well u seem to be very disappointed and u think that no one else must be in a worse situation than u. Let me tell u dear u r not alone. Everyone over here has some problem because they are overweight.

U need to lose this excess weight and we are here to help u to achieve this.
Poor you! I can understand how you feel but dont be desperate. I can imagine that you must be thinking that things cannot be worse. May be its an opportunity in disguise - i believe that its a good time to start losing weight and show those people the real you. what you say?
He dear, you should not be that much disappointed. Life doesn’t end up just cause you’re fat and don’t have any boyfriend. I guess you need take it as a challenge and do something to rise up against it. I can assure you that you’re on the right forum among the right persons. You’ll need lots of determination and willingness to achieve your goal
Thanks…….. for the…. consolation words…….But why……… boys… .hate…. fat girls?.......Everyone… laughs at me ….because ….I am fat … I don’t have any boyfriend…..Why …..can’t I live ….a normal life ……as others?

I'm very slim ... And i feel that i am ... Very ugly too ... I'n nevertherless not depressed .... I try to take some weight .... You just try to lose yours ...

Well ghastly dear, u need not be so disappointed. That’s not a problem if u don’t have boyfriends.

See the positive side of all this- Those boys who love slim girls, they don’t have true love towards those girls, they only like their physical appearance. What if these slim girls turn fat afterwards, these boys will no longer love them. Is this love?

My dear forget about the boys. U have to lose weight so as to have a better health. Obese people face a lot of health problems and u have to avoid these problems.

Well, we living in a sick society. People are more attracted to the body rather than looking at a good heart.

As others pointed out so well, dont bother about people - and start losing weight. We are all here to help you

Well, my dear, i know that its painful what you are experiencing - but then you have to be strong! Life aint easy for any of us. I would advise you to take it as an opportunity in disguise. I believe that you gonna be more motivated than ever to lose weight. What you say?

Gosh do I know the feeling of checking out the "slim witches" lol Maybe the reason youre having trouble loosing weight tho is because you've put yourself into this hole, and made it about everyone around you, you need to loose weight for you, you need to push yourself because you want to, not for the boys, or to keep up with the witches, you sound sad, if you ever need anyone to talk to im here for you.. but i seriously think you could take that sadness and hate and turn it into a positive thing, that you could make yourself feel so much better just staarting out with little things, as you slowly unfortunatley (atleast in my experience) start to drop those pounds even a couple lbs here and there will boost youre self esteem and give you some hope for a slimmer future, what you lack is motivation lol forget about everyone else and do this for you and I have completle faith in you sweetie ;)
wow fat and ugly is a pretty dim view of yourself, I believe most fat people are quite attractive anyway the boy friend thing it's not the be all and end all of life, how many boy friends have your friends had, I was fat all through high school never had one date, I am thankful for that now because I believe it saved me from alot of heartache,alot of those thin witches as you called them are not reallly happy they are being used for how they look when it comes to getting married they won't know how to tell if they are truly loved for who they are, as an adult I had two only two boyfriends one I married I was a virgin when I married which was the greatest gift i could have given my tall dark and handsome husband, who is the best man he is not overweight, i still am and he loves me anyway. dont't worry about boyfriends loose weight for yourself and believe that there is a man out there worthy to be your husband not just your boy friend
Hi dear,that make some days that you're on the forum,so how a ethings going for you?Have you been able to deal with your problem?Ploease to feel free to ask us any questions.We are all here to help each other .

So how are things going on nowadays?

Well Owl has so rightly pointed out that boyfriends are not everything in life. U have to lose weight for your own benefit and avoid health problems in the future.

If u need some sort of help, feel free, we are always here for you.

Once again……..Thanks for the consolation words……especially Ashley and owl……..I understand what you are saying……..buy you don’t know what I go through at school……When I enter the class……….Everyone looks at me as if………I don’t know what they think about me……….during the free classes and lunch break………the boys prefer talking to those slim witches……….I am as if not present in the class….. I feel so lonely………that’s why I ditch school very often………I can’t describe in words how I feel……..sometimes I just want to die….

I know it is very hard for you to cope with all what is happening but till when will you bear others critics.You have to stop paying attention to all what others are telling you.It is not a good thing to ditch school because of others.


You seem to be very sad because you don’t have any boyfriend at school. I didn’t have one too and that did not make me so sad. Education is more important than boyfriend. I know that may be you are too young to understand what I am saying. But as a friend i am giving you the right advice to stop worrying about boyfriends and concentrate on your studies and along with that try to lose your excess weight. Are you ready for it?

Sharon is right dear. Concentrate on your studies and don’t worry about what others are thinking about you.

All this is may be in your imagination. If they are not talking to you then you talk to them. Have you ever talked to them? Did they tell you something that hurt you?

After deep thoughts……..I have decided that…… I need to change myself…….I wanna forget everything that happened……..I just wanna become of normal weight……because fat people have many risks of health problems………..I heard about a diet pill called Ephedra………It burns fat and suppresses appetite…..Does anyone have more information about these pills?

That’s good you have decided dear. In fact it’s very good. My advice for you is to forget about diet pills and go for traditional ways of losing weight like dieting and exercises. Diet pills have side effects and you become dependent on them in the long term.

I heard that this pill has been banned by the FDA and soon it will no longer be available. So, it’s obvious that this pill is not good for health.
Really!! It must have had very bad side effects on human health that’s why it has been banned. We can never trust pills.
A quality weight lifting diet is often the most neglected part of weight training. Building muscle requires the right nutrition.

Make not mistake, it's an essential part of weight lifting and if you want to build muscle, you have to get it down.

If you want to build muscle, you need to consume quality calories. How much calories? You need to consume more total calories in your weight lifting diet than your body uses each day. It is very important to understand that the human body is constantly working, using and storing energy day and night.

It is also very important to understand that in order to keep the machine rolling, you need to know what and how much to feed it. This is the single most important element in the muscle building process.

You need to feed your body a correct balance of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat. Complete muscle building nutrition is the key. If you can find this key, I'll guarantee you that your muscle building efforts will sky rocket.

Complete muscle building nutrition leads to optimal nutrition. Over supplementation of certain nutrients will lead to imbalances in overall nutrition and is damaging to your weight lifting diet and health.

If you want to build muscle you need to prepare a well balanced weight lifting diet that is rich in quality calories. Most people who start out weight lifting usually overlook the importance of a well balanced weight lifting diet when they are trying to build muscle.

The sooner you understand that you need an optimal weight lifting diet, the sooner you'll achieve your goals and objectives.

It is very important that you understand the importance of nutrition when building muscle. Without a good weight lifting diet, your muscle gains will be non existent and at best, poor.
Thanks for sharing the info with us - i am sure that its gonna be beneficial to one and all, esp the ones who are fond of weight lifting. To be honest, i didnt know about the weight lifting diet. But i agree that when one does weight lifting, he must have a good diet

I didn't know that while doing weight lifting,we needed to follow a specific diet.I were not on the diet.

Thanks to you i've been aware of a very important thing.
Ah ok thank you kitkat this information is very helpful. To be honest I am kind of new to this forum and new to the weight loss thing and I didn't know where to start and if I have to go to the gym or not and needless to say how clueless I am concerning weight lifting so this information is very helpful
Hi kitkat

I like this chocolate very much u know. U like it 2 I guess?

Thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us and I’m surely going to tell my brother about this. He does weight lifting too…..

Since one week my husband going to the gym and yet he doesn’t follow any specific diet. Thanks for the post Kitkat, I’ll share your suggestions with my husband. It would be of great help to him.

Well kitkat, is this diet only to those who are doing weight lifting? What if we follow this diet without any weight lifting program?
Pinpin - i guess that kit kat has been very explicit. Her thread is focused on the fact that those doing weight lifting must eat a lot! But i guess that you can follow that diet if you going for other ' heavy' exercises
Wow - that was some nice piece of info kitkat - i fully agree with you - Weight lifting requires that we are physically fit to lift up those big big stuff!!! Those, a proper diet proves to be very important. Such info is most welcomed Kitkat
Thanks Kitkat.

I am sure that this info is going to help many people.

But my husband would be glad to have more info about the weight lifting diet?

For example what is the correct balance of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat that the body needs?

Thanks kitkat,i'm at the gym these days and had adopted what you proposed some day back. I just hope that in the coming days i find that you were right.
Keep us posted on that Manly. Kit Kat's thread have always been very good - providing us with good information, tips and advices. I am sure that this one is not an exception!

I am awaiting your comments Manly! What i want to point out is that weight is not an ordinary exercise - not everyone can practice that exercise - especially if you are a novice in that field! Its recommended to have a trainer around and a body who can support those weights

I did n't know if one need to follow a specific diet while doing wight lifting ... Got a friend who is at the gym for weight lifting ... I'll share this info with him ... That might help him in achieving his target more effeciently ... Thanks for posting these tips over the forum.
And what if one doesn't go along ith the diet while doing weight lifting. Is there any health problem?
Well, i dont think that there would be major health problems - but still, better be on the safe side.
Your threads are too good Kitkat - keep up the good job
Well Misha - your friend ought to be in perfect health to practice weight lifting - you spend much energy on that.

I hope he is!!!

Well kitkat,i've followed your diet and i must say that is of great help to me.I'm able to cope better with my weight lifting exercises.
Well kitkat,i've followed your diet and i must say that is of great help to me.I'm able to cope better with my weight lifting exercises.
That’s good Manly

Keep it up!

Thats cool Manly,

Kitkat threads are too good - three cheers for kit kat

Wow - am honoured!!!

But am just helping you guys!!!

kitkat you are absolutely right. some people tend to think that weight lifting and body building can only be done by exercisng and thus they will get the perfect figure in this way. but they are wrong as the right diet is also neede for that which many people tend to forget about. so people now think about the diet also!!!!!!!!!!
Thats pretty well said guys!

We have to be perfectly fit to practice weight lifting! I know some people who faced dire consequences owing to poor diet and all

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