Who Is K. M. Vincent?

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Who Is K. M. Vincent?

I am an author who is here to bring a new revolution to writing. My books are diverse in that, in one book I speak of life experiences and in another, I express my imagination and I share the wildest things that occupy my mind at times. When I write books that are about my life experiences, I give you several solutions to the issues that not only related to my past experiences but the issues that are common in today's society. I speak from my heart and I use my wisdom for good.



 What good is knowledge, if it can't be shared with the world? There are many things that I have learned in my life and although I am still young, I can shed light on various issues based on being a bit more experienced in many things as opposed to other people in my age group. I am happy to have found myself now in my twenties and not later on in life. It's like I've become this all new person which is actually the real me.


So, I ask myself...

Who the hell were you before and why were you so naïve? Why did you allow insignificant people to be significant?  Why did you allow that cycle to take place for that long? And why did you give losers permission to enter your world?


I now know the answers to those questions and I am so grateful to have finally learned from a series of unfavorable experiences. Anyway that is the past, thank God. The real me whom I now am, would never allow those experiences to occur. Also the real me would never accept a loser into my life, let alone share my body with one. Lol!


I believe that I am now the woman that I can into this life to be. One thing that has not changed about me is, the fact that I am a good person and someone who enjoys helping people but now the people that I have in my life are people who are deserving of entering my world and being in my presence. I really appreciate them and I most certainly know that they appreciate me. I am also grateful for my life and I do not take it for granted.



One of the things that I've discovered while finding myself, is that I enjoy writing. I have been writing since I was 5 years old. My mom would teach me how to write book reports and essay. By the time I was in high school, my English teacher (Mr. Bill) , revealed to me that I was writing essays at a college level.



It seemed as if he was shocked and that really made me confident in my writing. However I didn't look at writing as a task, classwork of homework. To me it was just something that came naturally, just like all of my other talents. At the age of five, I also began writing love songs in Spanish.


 I think that it stemmed from the fact that I would watch Spanish soap operas as a child with my grandparents and babysitter. For those of you who haven't watch a Spanish soap opera before, you should know that it is mostly about love but sometimes filled with many obstacles, love triangles and lots of drama but in the end the main lovers, always overcome their obstacles and able to live happily ever after. It's really awesome, addicting and can become a guilty pleasure. Especially if you have to be up early in the morning, because these soap operas come on at night and if you're like most people, you'd like to watch all of them.


Apart from writing, I am a natural chef. I can cook something out of nothing and make it something delicious. Which explains my plans to open a restaurant in the future. Another one of my passions is art of all kind.



I'm into contemporary art, fine art and modern art. I can also speak many other languages and play several instruments but I don't consider that a talent, I think that everyone should know at least two or more languages and should know how to play at least one instrument. Those things should be mandatory in primary schools everywhere. Also I am very creative and come up with the most unique and unusual things.



What is my background?

 My mom's mother (my grandmother is Venezuelan), my mom's dad(my grandpop) is Trinidadian and my mom is Trinidadian. I just met my dad last year and he is Dominican. I am very close to my mom, more so now than ever before.


My mother is my best friend. I love her to pieces. I admire her for being educated, Very independent always and being for having been a single mother to me in a foreign country. She is also a great writer but not a published author. I have encouraged her to write a book, she has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with the world.


Over the years my mom has shared a lot of vital information with her patients and I think that she should also share it with the world. Anyway, I love my mom but enough about her. Let's talk about me. After getting to know myself, I can actually tell you the type of person that I am.


I am a really cool person. Most of all I am loyal and all my friends (you know who you are) can attest to that.  However I am the friend that will tell you things without sugar coating them but I only mean well. I love extreme meditation and it is a part of my daily routine. I just started really exercising and I owe it to samba and soca music, it really gets me going and it gives me the drive to push my body to the limit.


My favorite colors are red, blue, yellow, turquoise and green because I look amazing in it. Also pink is a color that I might display once in a while. My favorite cuisines are Brazilian, Cuban, Colombian, Ecuadorian,  Ethiopian, Hatian, Italian, Nigerian, Indian, Jamaican, Mexican, Russian, Trinidadian, Ukrainian and Venezuelan. I know it's a lot but they were awesome! As far as movies I like documentaries, chick flicks, science fiction, Italian mobster, comedy, horror and action films and as far as books I like it all and feel that you could never enough knowledge.


So we should never stop reading and educating ourselves because we are forever learning. I'm a glass half full, optimistic type of gal. I am happy 90% of the time now in my present life. I must say that I have become a young lady that I am proud of and my mom, daughter and family can be proud of.


 For the first time ever as an adult, it was such a great feeling to hear from my mother's mouth that she is proud of me. I lived for that day. Lol! My life just beginning and I have so much to accomplish. I have always been a strong driving force for myself and the losers who were present in my life, in the past but now I have am a driving force for myself, my daughter and even my very accomplished mother. My goal is to be able to play an active role in touching and helping many people around the world.


I love the human race because we are extremely incredible creatures who possess so much to make this world a better place. I look forward to connecting with my readers and fulfilling your appetite for reading valuable and entertaining literature.

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