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Semester one Exam Study Guide Honors
Directions: if the question asks “which of the following….?” You need to list all the possibilities...

So the first one you would list all the characteristics of the Old Stone Age.

So basically know all about the idea behind the question, not necessarily answering the question itself.
Answer the questions

Which of the following was characteristic of the Old Stone Age?

A new discovery about Stone Age life would most likely be made by which of the following (types of occupations)?
How do historians help us learn about the past?
When did early people first begin to use stone tools?
What evidence suggests that early people believed in life after death?
Which changes characterized the New Stone Age?
What marked the beginning of civilization?
Where did the first cities emerge?
What aided cultural diffusion among ancient peoples?
The need to keep records led to the development of what in Egypt?
Sumer was made up of what?
The Epic of Gilgamesh is a what?
The Code of Hammurabi was a major achievement for what reasons?
According to the Torah, who united the Hebrew tribes into a single nation?
Why does Egyptian art often feature people from Nubia?
How did the Sumerians differ from the Egyptians in the way they viewed their rulers?
Middle Eastern civilization was spread throughout the Mediterranean by the
What two water bodies influenced early Indian civilization?
What evidence suggests that the Indus Valley cities had a well-organized government?

Know all about the Indus Valley civilization

The Aryans divided people into classes by what

During the Vedic age, the Aryans changed what

What is contained in the Mahabharata?
The Chinese system of writing was difficult to learn because it used what

The fact that the city of Mohenjo-Daro was carefully planned is evidence of?

What contributed to the decline of civilization in the Indus Valley?
Why was the Huang He nicknamed the “River of Sorrows”?
Hindus believed that caste could be changed by
The government of Indian villages was administered by whom
Which philosophy taught that government should pass strict laws and enforce them with harsh punishments?
Han rulers based their policies on the teachings of

The trade route that linked China with the west became known as the ???

In Hindu society, the purpose of caste rules was to what
Indian villages were ruled by what
Han emperors based their rule on the teachings of
China became the most technologically advanced civilization in the world under the rule of the
Osama Bin Laden lived in caves because: (list reason)
The plane that hit the first tower was
The plane that hit the 2nd tower was
United Flight 93 hit what
The Pentagon was hit by Flight
Two flights took off from what airport

Targets hit on 9/11

What time did the first plane hit the North tower?

What time was the south tower hit?

How many people (approximately) were killed?
How many floors high was the North Tower
How wide was each tower
Why did one flight only have 4 hijackers?
Who was President during 9-11-01
Why is the place where the towers used to stand call Ground Zero


Geography aristocracy


Glacier democracy


Nomad monarchy

cultural diffusion

Old Stone Age rhetoric


Ideograph strait


Feudalism Hippocrates


Polytheistic Socrates

New Stone Age

Technology Solon

Loess Pythagoras

Monsoon Cleisthenes

Rajah Herodotus


Brahman Homer

Calligraphy Pericles

dynastic cycle Archimedes

Mystic Aristotle

Know the following:

List three advances made by people during the Old Stone Age.

Compare the religious beliefs of Stone Age people and people in early civilizations.

Explain why the Fertile Crescent became a “crossroads of civilization.”

Describe the four groups into which Aryan society was divided.

Identify the following: yin and yang; Mandate of Heaven; dynastic cycle; feudalism.

List one Chinese achievement in the arts and one in technology.

Describe three ways that Chandragupta Maurya maintained order in India.

List the major differences between Legalism and Daoism.
Describe advances in technology and medicine that took place in Han China.
Describe 3 things that the Mycenaeans contributed to the Greek culture
Describe 3 kinds of government in Greece between 750 and 500 BC
Describe at LEAST three differences between Sparta and Athens\

KNOW THESE (or at least some of these enough to write an essay or two)
Imagine you went back in time to 3000 B.C. List five questions you could ask people you met to determine if they were from a city or a Neolithic village.
How does geography help explain why several civilizations developed in Mesopotamia, while only one grew up in Egypt?
What does the Indian name for river, lok-mata, “mother of the people,” tell us about the role of rivers in Indian civilization?
Explain how the caste system ensured a stable social order in India.

How do the works of Greek artists and architects reflect the ideals of Plato?

How did the philosophy of Zeno differ from that of Socrates?
What united the Greeks in spite of geography and years of fighting over economic differences?

Plus know your video notes AND…

BE ABLE TO TELL ALL ABOUT YOUR “Labor of Hercules in great detail.
This study guide is not all inclusive, but it will help you at least know the general area that the questions will be taken from and the ideas behind them!!

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