What is the Essay Topic?

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What is the Essay Topic?

By: Kristy Pack

The essay is a comparison of Sparta and Athens. You need to finish the debate of the Peloponnesian War and decide which nation was better. You will accomplish this in a 6 paragraph essay. Each body paragraph should include a comparison of Athens and Sparta in the categories of your choice. The definition of “better” is completely up to your interpretation and you may use examples from the Greco-Persian War, the Peloponnesian War, or any part of their society overall. At least one of your body paragraphs needs to be a counter claim. This means that while every paragraph should include a comparison of the two societies, you should have a paragraph specifically stating why the city-state you did not choose is inferior.

When you want to reference a source, go to references and click insert footnote1 then this lovely thing will pop up, and a footnote will appear at the bottom. Footnotes should go at the end of a sentence when you’re paraphrasing information from a source. Make sure it comes after the period.2 A “footnote for a quote goes”3 directly after the quote. Then, for the footnote, we will forego formal citation in this essay. Label whether you used information from one of the DBQ documents, notes from class or a website link/book as they appear below.

2 http://www.davis.k12.ut.us/site/Default.aspx?PageType=1&SiteID=8198&ChannelID=8213&DirectoryType=6

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