Welcome to Mr Auzenne’s Classroom wh

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Welcome to Mr Auzenne’s Classroom WH

  • What to expect from me and what I expect of you.


  • On quizzes: use notes, on test: NOT.
    • Notes must be hand written if you wish to use them on the quiz.
  • Total point system..
    • Test: 200 pts.
    • Daily assignments: from 10 to 100 pts.
    • Running average throughout the semester.
    • Grade = total points earned/total points possible to be earned.
  • Make ups: the bane of our existence!
    • Email me to make an appointment to take a makeup . Include this information:
      • Specific test or quiz you want to retake: e.g. Quiz – ch 23, part 1 or Test Civil Rights and Federalism or Quiz pages 23-46.
      • Your name, class #
      • Make-ups are given either in the LRC or in my classroom . We must agree on a time and date.
  • Take it twice!

Notes in this class

  • Buy yourself a notebook. All notes must be handwritten .
  • In particular only handwritten notes can be used on quizzes.
  • If you have a special reason to use the I-Pad for notes etc. see me about it.

Academic Integrity

  • It is a given that I expect you to uphold the highest standards of integrity in your work for me. See pages 62 and 63 of Community Life for more detail.
  • I will pledge to be as clear as I can as to what I expect of you. In particular I will always let you know if an assessment is to be done individually or as a group.
  • When in doubt – ask.
  • Execute the Honor code at the top of each assessment you turn into me.
    • “I have neither given nor received an unfair advantage in the taking of this exam [ or in writing this paper or in completing this assignment].”

Test ,Quizzes and Other Assessments

  • I try to have a quiz a week and a test every 2+ weeks.
  • Typically, you will have 2-3 tests in each grading period. You will have 5-6 quizzes.
  • You will write 1 or 2 longer essays each grading period.
  • You will complete other evaluated assignments 4-8 times a grading period.
  • Don’t forget the Take it Twice rule.

Test ,Quizzes and Other Assessments – 2

  • A typical test will contain 40 or so multiple choice questions, with a matching sections or so.
  • You will write short essays in class but usually separate from Tests
  • Quizzes will consist or 10 to 25 multiple choice items , sometimes with a short response included.
  • BE advised that my multiple choice questions include some recall items which you can answer by memorizing course materials, BUT most questions will be of a higher level on the Bloom scale.

Test ,Quizzes and Other Assessments – 3

  • Some sample questions:
  • Malinke griots were ________.
    • warriors
    • imams
    • tribal leaders
    • Historians

Test ,Quizzes and Other Assessments – 4

Assignment Cautions/Rules

  • All work for the quarter, including make ups, rewrites, etc. will be due on the last class day of the 8th week of the quarter. I simply cannot cope with a flood of such work at the end of the grading period. Makeups for the 1st and 3rd quarters must be taken by this time. I will not be giving them in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Plan accordingly.
  • All work which is handed in more than a 3 days after the due date will receive a grade which is 5-10 points lower than the grade received by the lowest grade earned by students who turned in the assignment in a timely fashion. Still better than a zero!

Course Websites

  • Assignments, announcements, exercises are posted on the class website .
  • AP Government: World History: http://auzennesworldhistoryonline.weebly.com/
  • When you email assignments to me or wish to contact me by email, mauzenne@strakejesuit.org
  • I use “Turnitin for the submission of written work, essays, film notes, etc.
    • Details follow

Turnitin details

  • https://turnitin.com
  • Codes:
  • Class
  • ID
  • PW
  • apg13
  • 13206841
  • apg13
  • apwh04
  • 13206891
  • apwh04
  • apwh05
  • 13206912
  • apwh05
  • apwh06
  • 13206927
  • apwh06
  • acg17
  • 13206948
  • apg17

AP World History

  • Preparation for AP World History Test - the course IS the preparation, do your best and you will be ready.
    • Especially helpful to use it to review the 1st semester.
  • last slide

AP World History + Preparation for National Exam

  • 1) Read, take notes on, and analyze readings from the textbook, or other secondary sources as well as primary sources.
  • 2) Analyze and interpret a wide variety of primary sources—documents, maps, statistical tables, works of art, cartoons, etc.
  • 3) Participate in class discussion on issues and topics from the readings text and lectures in meaningful ways.
  • 4) Develop map skills and an awareness of world regions and the locations of major geographical landforms in order to better understand the development of cultures and cross-cultural interactions.
  • last slide

AP World History 2

  • 5) Debate questions about human commonalities and differences and the historical context of culturally diverse ideas and values.
  • 6) Think comparatively, considering human commonalities and differences, and see global patterns and processes over time and space.
  • 7) Create and critique historical interpretations as well as synthesize historical evidence in order to construct plausible and persuasive arguments.
  • 8) Write document-based essays in which historical material—both primary and secondary—is evaluated with respect to purpose, point-of-view, context, bias, etc. in order to develop an argument based on the relevant historical evidence.
  • 9) Write thematic essays addressing issues of change and continuity over time—both within and between cultures—as well as being able to compare and differentiate amongst peoples and groups across space and time.

Homework/Course Announcements – See Website

  • I provide a 2 week schedule of lessons on my website
  • Students need to be reading about 10 pages each night. This is your nightly homework. Take NOTES on what you read.
  • We must finish the AP Government course by December – so even more important to read nightly.
  • Assignment range from reading and note-taking to charts and essays etc.
  • Most assignments are distributed electronically. I will be using the Weebly site for this purpose until further notice.

Typical Class Session

  • I put up a Power Point “warm-up” of terms from yesterday and/or a review exercise or a short reading and give you 5-15 minutes to work on it.
  • We proceed to use the Power Point’s graphics, terms , charts and claims to systemically investigate the topic of the day.
  • We end up by generalizing about the key points made that day.
  • Sometimes we use group work, charts, diagrams, etc. Other times we might be doing web research or engaging in competitive contests.

How to reach me..

  • Best way is by e mail: auzenne_m@strakejesuit.org
  • I will be happy to send you a copy of my schedule by e-mail , just e-mail and ask for it….
  • Also, I will send you your latest average.
    • Side note: Please be judicious in your request as this can be time consuming if I get too many. I reserve the right to suspend this service if necessary.

Extra Credit !

  • You may earn up to 200 points of extra credit each quarter. Be advised, an extra assignment is placed in the gradebook as an all of all grade. Thus if you earn 40 points on an extra credit set of movie notes, I will put 40/40 into the grade book. Your extra credit grade is always a 100% grade, but not necessarily a 100 point grade.
  • See more details here:
    • http://auzennesworldhistoryonline.weebly.com/

Emergency Procedures

  • In case of a medical emergency:
    • I will tell someone to call 911 if I cannot . I will ask someone else to contact the Dean’s office .
    • If it is a matter of a heart shortage, I will designate someone to get the defibrillator if needed.
    • It is located next to the entrance to the Dining Hall on the right if you are facing the Dining Hall.
  • If we have a lock down, we hide in the practice rooms – cell phones OFF or on pure vibrate – NO sounds, no talking .

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