Welcome to 7th Grade English

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Welcome to 7th Grade English

  • Mrs. Newsom
  • Dauphin Jr. High School
  • Room 13

My information

  • Name: Susan Newsom
  • Email address: snewsom@enterpriseschools.net
  • School phone: 334-347-1141
  • DJHS website: http://dauphin.al.ecj.schoolinsites.com/ * Calendar, Lesson plans, Announcements, email
  • 5th block Planning; begins at 2:00

Index Cards

  • Please add parent/guardian names
  • Child’s name
  • Parent/guardian phone number
  • Parent/guardian email address THANK YOU!

Curriculum: Laying the Foundations (LTF)

  • Very few multiple choice tests (students will mainly see these in some of their Vocabulary Quizzes)
  • Project based assignments as major grades * Writing paragraphs/essays * Writing/drawing/analyzing activities

Focus in learning 1st 9 weeks

  • Reading: Understanding Informational Texts - * Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland by Sally Walker * “The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island” * “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allen Poe * Jamestown Lifescape by Keith Rocco (Artwork Visual Text)
  • Writing: Theme Analysis
  • Grammar: Simple Sentences (subject/verb agreement, sentence fragments, etc.), Parts of Speech

Grading - Everything out of 100 pts.

  • 3-4 Major grades (50%)
  • Several Quiz grades (30%)
  • Several Daily grades (20%)
  • Please help me encourage your child to complete all assignments, and to make up work within 3 days after absences.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations

  • We will follow the guidelines set in the student handbook.
  • As you go over the “dress code” section with your child, please keep in mind that these are just a few to touch on: tank tops have to follow the 2”or 3 finger rule, no leggings, no jeans with holes above the knees, all pants/shorts must have pockets, shirts tucked on (boys), no strap tops, bulky jackets in classroom.
  • No gum/sunflower seeds allowed on campus; automatic break detention per Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Steed

Absences/Tardies: Some changes

  • Only 5 unexcused absences per semester * 3 days to make up missed work (this is the responsibility of the student) * If absence excused, student will receive full credit of grade earned * If absence unexcused, student will receive 70% credit of grade earned
  • Four classroom tardies result in a referral

21st Century Learners: What this means

What This Means for our Class

  • Class set of Chromebooks * Students will be assigned the same Chromebook to use for the entire year. * Will receive a high percentage of their assignments through Google classroom * Will utilize pre-loaded Google apps for research, writing, creating, sharing, and presenting projects

Remind 101

  • Borrowed idea from Chelsea Smith: CJHS

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