Welcome to 5th Grade Open House Mrs. Steinhart’s Class a little about Me!

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Welcome to 5th Grade Open House

  • Mrs. Steinhart’s Class

A little about Me!

  • Attended Mizzou for college
  • Student taught at Oak Brook in 2nd grade
  • This is my 5th year teaching
  • Taught 2 years in 4th grade, 1 year in 3rd grade and this is my 2 year in 5th grade.


  • I believe that EVERY student is able to achieve and to grow as a learner. I strive to help students gain confidence and to arm them with the tools they need to succeed. My goal is to help students become curious and confident life long learners.

Character Education

  • Character is a main focus
  • 10 Character words
    • Honesty
    • Self Control
    • Empathy
    • Resilience
    • Patience
    • Respect
    • Perseverance
    • Responsibility
    • Kindness
    • Integrity
  • Buddy Classes

Reading Curriculum

  • Balanced literacy approach
  • Cover 7 units:
    • Readers Build Good Habits
    • Questioning the text and author
    • Nonfiction Reading
    • Interrelationship of Story Elements across Genres
    • Interrelationship of Thinking Strategies
    • Synthesizing
    • Dealing with Difficulty

Reading Curriculum Continued

  • Students read out of a leveled book- by the end of 5th students should be reading at a level U.
  • Students grade is based on individual conference conferring notes, End of Unit assessments, notebook, teacher observations, and in class assignments.
  • Students should be reading books at home for at least 15-20 minutes EACH night.

Writing Curriculum

  • Workshop approach
  • Cover 8 units:
    • Writers Build Good Habits
    • Memoir
    • Editorial
    • Personal Essay
    • Craft of Revision
    • Craft of Presentation
    • Word Study

Writing Curriculum Continued

  • Grade is based on conferring notes, in class assignments, published pieces, and teacher observations.
  • Students will publish for each writing unit.

Math Curriculum

  • Students will gain a positive attitude about mathematics, feeling competent and confident, realizing the value of mathematics and engaging actively in their learning.
  • 9 units covered:
    • Multiplication and Division 1: Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers
    • Addition, Subtraction and the Number System: Thousands of Miles, Thousands of Seats
    • Fractions and Percents 1: What's that Portion?
    • 2-D Geometry and Measurement: Measuring Polygons
    • Decimals, Fractions, and Percents 2: Decimals on Grids and Number Lines
    • Multiplication and Division 2: How many People? How Many Teams?
    • Data Analysis and Probability: How Long Can You Stand on One Foot?
    • 3D Geometry and Measurement: Prisms and Pyramids
    • Patterns, Functions, and Change: Growth Patterns

Math Curriculum Continued

  • 4 District Common Assessments
  • Grade based on in class work, assessments, homework, and teacher observations.
  • Students will be switching classes for math.

Science Curriculum

  • Science Note booking following the Scientific Method
  • Grade based on notebooks, assessments, in class work, homework, and teacher observations.
  • 4 units covered:
    • Solar System
    • Levers and Pulleys
    • Environments/Nature Unleashed
    • Mixtures and Solutions

Social Studies Curriculum

  • Grade based on work completions, assessments, in class assignments, homework, and teacher observations.
  • 8 units covered:
    • Geography
    • Native Americans
    • Discovery, Exploration, Early Settlements
    • Colonial Period
    • Revolutionary War
    • United States Constitution
    • JA Biz Town
    • Citizens in Action


  • MAP testing takes place in April
  • Students will be tested on Communication Arts, Mathematics and Science.
  • On going MAP activities will take place throughout the year to help prepare students

Field Trips

  • JA Biz Town field trip will take place in April.
  • The Point- 5th Grade celebration usually takes place the last week of school

Assignment Notebook Binders

  • Planners should be signed each night by the teacher
  • Teacher will go over homework and planners each day
  • Homework and notes should be returned the next day unless otherwise noted or extenuating circumstances.
  • Student binders must go home and come back to school everyday

Other Information

  • Mrs. Steinhart's 5th Grade Class - Daily Homework
  • Homework Policy
  • Website
  • Snack
  • Birthday Treats

Behavior Policy

  • Yellow Behavior Slip- 4 step process for misbehaviors in the classroom
    • Warning
    • Time Out with Think Sheet (Sent home for parent signature)
    • Missed recess with parent contact
    • Principle Referral
    • Serious behavior issues would be handled directly by administration


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