Week of: 2-24-14 Teacher: Hagans Subject: ap lang and Comp

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Week of: 2-24-14 Teacher: Hagans Subject: AP Lang and Comp



Review the 1st essay from practice set 3, denoting annotation tips from teacher and discuss 1st 12 questions

Objective: Dialogue with source in a meaningful way to enhance performance on multiple choice AP questions


Teacher will provide input on annotating for the AP exam, stressing subject/verb/direct object for understanding basic elements of the sentence. Class will review and discuss 1st 12 questions from the Practice Set 3


Student’s own copies of readings and questions

Follow Up/HW: non-verbal due on block days; get copy of The Things They Carried



Review/practice located subject, verb, direct object. Annotate together for one passage and alone for another.

Objective: Build mastery of annotating essays to enhance performance on multiple choice AP questions

Activities: Students will complete, check, and discuss a drill sheet over identification of subject, verb, and direct object. Students will annotate a passage together as a class and alone for a second passage. Questions will be split between class members to answer and present to class.



Follow Up/HW: Start working on photo lesson, non-verbal due on block days and first 3 chapters in TTTC for quiz



Take a quiz over the first 3 chptrs, photo project will be introduced, start watching Forrest Gump, completing worksheet over historical events shown in movie

Objective: Demonstrate reading comprehension skills

Activities: Non-verbals due.

Students will take a short quiz over the 1st three chapters of TTTC. Introduce students to the Vietnam Photo project. We will start watching Forrest Gump with students completing the accompanying worksheet highlighting historical events as the country moves from innocence through a decade of social revolution.


Quiz, worksheet, project guidelines

Follow Up/HW:

Work on photo project, read for Monday



Read article about immigrants populating Detroit and pre-write for an in-class persuasive essay on Monday

Objective: Evaluate article, distinguishing between fact and opinion to outline a cogent argument


Read article silently. With chair partners, share opinions and thoughts about the article. Individually, pre-write by creating a skeleton outline in preparation for writing a persuasive essay on Monday.

Materials: New York Times article

Follow Up/HW:

Read TTTC chapters 4 – 6.

*TLW=”The Learner Will” and it describes what the student will be doing in class on that day.
AP Language and Composition is a living entity. We grow and change every day. The Lesson Plans are intended to be the skeleton around which we build. Changes will occur.

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