Week: 2/13/17 Room: C109

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Weekly Lesson Plan

Greater Latrobe Senior High School R.Stallings

Week: 2/13/17 Room: C109


Multimedia Journalism II

Multimedia Journalism I

American Literature

Monday 13

Board Meeting: Layout Design: 8: To FinishTo Send
9: Final Approval

9: Approval



  • Dummy Layouts

  • Computer Layout

Thumbnail process

Original Masterpiece: Presents

Audience Criticism

Author, Style, Poem
Literary Analysis Poetry Essay: Formal



Tuesday 14

8: Thumbnail Process—Error CorrectionDisbribution
9: Final Copy Layout Design

Planning Pages



8: Thumbnail process: layout design

Headlines, bylines, cutlines

Copy: grammar, spelling, names
Error Correction--Sending

9: Final Copy

Original Masterpiece: Presents

Audience Criticism

Author, Style, Poem
Essay with Rubric

Art with Placard

Wednesday 15

9: Layout Design

Missing Elements
Layout Design x5 elements, design, photos

9: Final CopyLayout Design
Wall Street Journal: Layout Design

Content x5 elements, appeal

Gallery Walk: Poet, Title of Poem

Theme of poem x 7
Journals 9: Prompts given

Thursday 16

9: Final Layouts


Design Elements

9: Layout Design: Pages


Alignment, Consistency

Design Element
Radical Write: Chapter 5: Find an Angle Overview Discussion

Notes due on Tuesday

New Seats, New Perspective

Transcendentalism: Defined

Guy Walks Across America

Aaron Ralston

Friday 17

9: Thumbnail process

Prep for sending
10: Brainstorming for ideas

9: Final Layouts—Prep for Thumbnails,


Actively ReadBackground information about philosophy and writers influde
About Emerson/Thoreau
Tom Shadyac

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