Wanted: Your nominations for the Tragic Hero Hall of Shame

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The Tragic Hero hall of shame
Wanted: Your nominations for the Tragic Hero Hall of Shame. For this assignment you are to apply the tragic hero “formula” to a real-life person or literary figure other than Oedipus. When we first started our study of Oedipus the King, we determined that a tragic hero:

Throughout history, famous political leaders, celebrities, athletes and fictional characters have demonstrated very human flaws, flaws that ultimately may have led to their downfall from a position of high status. Working with a partner, research one of the following figures – or an individual of your own choice – and create a small poster explaining why this individual deserves a place in the Hall of Shame. Your tragic hero may not demonstrate every aspect of the pattern, but must show evidence of a serious flaw or error in judgment that leads to a fall.

Possible nominees for the Tragic Hero Hall of Shame:
Political Figures Celebrities Athletes Fictional Characters

Richard Nixon Britney Spears Pete Rose Hamlet

Bill Clinton Martha Stewart Jason Giambi Macbeth

Elliot Spitzer Marilyn Monroe Michael Vick King Lear

Marie Antoinette Paris Hilton Mike Tyson Anakin Skywalker

Anne Boleyn Amy Winehouse Barry Bonds (Darth Vader)

Julius Caesar Jimi Hendrix Harry from Spiderman

Jim Morrison Beowolf

King Arthur
Create your well-designed, attractive 8 ½ x 11 poster in Word or another suitable program. Include a prominent visual. Your poster text must provide relevant biographical information and details to explain why your nominee deserves to be included in the Hall of Shame. Refer to as many aspects of the formula as you can. Explain any discrepancies between your nominee and the formula. (For example, even if your nominee rehabilitated him/herself, the flaw may be so strong that this person deserves a place of honor with the greatest of tragic heroes.) Be creative and persuasive!!

This project is worth 40 points. It will be assessed according to the homework rubric, so follow instructions carefully. Do your best and don’t become a tragic hero yourself!

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