Walk Two Moons Study Questions

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Walk Two Moons Study Questions

  1. Why does Sal resent Margaret Cadaver?

  2. What emotional breakthrough helps her overcome that resentment?

  3. Why is this breakthrough so crucial?

  4. Why are the Winterbottoms so unhappy?

  5. How will Mrs. Winterbottom's return change them? Why do you think so?

  6. Why is Sal's mother so devastated by her miscarriage?

  7. What role does the miscarriage play in her decision to leave?

Walk Two Moons Essay Topics (Pick one essay topic to write. You can do more than one for extra credit.)

Describe Gram and Gramps. Why are they so important to Sal? In what ways is she like them, and in what ways is she different?

Why, according to Sal, is she taking the trip to Lewiston with her grandparents? What deeper reasons lie behind her stated reasons?

How does Creech's portrayal of adults compare with her portrayal of children? Be sure to use specific examples to back up your generalizations.

What does Creech achieve by paralleling Phoebe's and Sal's stories?

Are Creech's characters more or less believable than characters in other novels? What effect does this have on the story?

The plot of Walk Two Moons is driven by coincidence and chance. Does Creech rely too heavily on coincidence and chance to make her plot turn out the way it does? Why or why not? What effect does this extreme use of coincidence have upon the novel?

Walk Two Moons Quiz

  1. When she first arrives, how does Sal feel about Euclid, Ohio?

    1. Frightened and overwhelmed by its size

    2. Excited at the chance to meet new people and see a new place

    3. Repelled by its uniformity and smallness

    4. Guilty, thinking that her presence there is a betrayal to her mother

  2. How does Mrs. Partridge tell people's ages?

    1. By looking closely at their faces

    2. By feeling their faces with her hands

    3. By listening to the timbre of their voices

    4. By looking closely at their hands

  1. Why did Sal's mother start crying after her husband gave her and Sal flowers?

    1. She was crying from happiness

    2. The flowers reminded her of the baby she lost

    3. The flowers made her feel that her husband was perfect and she was not

    4. Because he left the flowers but did not eat breakfast with them

  1. Why does Phoebe tell the lunatic that her mother is home even though she is not?

    1. Because she is afraid to let a stranger know she is home alone

    2. Phoebe hardly ever notices her mother and thinks she is really home

    3. Because she thinks the boy will run away if she says her mother is there

    4. Because she thinks the boy will say something incriminating if she tells him her mother is there

  2. Why does Mrs. Winterbottom sniffle and cry so much?

    1. She is allergic to their dog

    2. She feels that she leads an insignificant life

    3. She suspects that her husband wants to divorce her

    4. She is worried about Prudence

  1. Why does Gram ask Gramps about his dog before she agrees to marry him?

    1. She hates dogs and does not want to own one

    2. She has heard that Gramps spends all his time with his dog

    3. She wants to make sure Gramps always cleans up after his dog

    4. She believes that if he is gentle and loving with his dog, he will be a gentle and loving husband

  1. Why does Sal flinch when Ben touches her?

    1. Because she finds herself attracted to Ben

    2. Because he tries to scare her by poking her arm

    3. Because she is becoming uptight, like the Winterbottoms

    4. Because her father never hugs her any more and she is no longer used to being touched

  1. Why does Sal resent Margaret Cadaver?

    1. Because Phoebe has told her that Mrs. Cadaver is a murderer

    2. Because Mrs. Cadaver is her English teacher's sister

    3. Because Mrs. Cadaver survived the crash that killed her mother

    4. Because she is afraid her father is falling in love with Mrs. Cadaver

  1. What does Sal do with her mother's hair?

    1. Carries it with her in a small bag

    2. Puts it under the floorboards in her room

    3. Buries it at the base of the singing tree

    4. Releases it in the waters of the Missouri River

  1. How do the girls react to the messages left on Phoebe's doorstep?

    1. The messages confuse and frighten them at first, but later begin to make sense to them

    2. The girls think the messages are stupid

    3. The girls think the messages are interesting and look forward to the next one

    4. They cannot understand the messages and want to ask their English teacher to explain them in class

  1. Why does Sal kiss trees?

    1. Because she likes the taste

    2. Because she saw her mother kiss trees out of love for the earth, and Sal feels the same love

    3. Because she wants to practice kissing

    4. Because she thinks her lips leave a dark purple mark on the tree

  1. Why does Ben read Sal's palm after school?

    1. He thinks it may contain a clue to the mystery

    2. He is clowning around and pretends to read palms to get attention

    3. He wants to hold Sal's hand

    4. His mother is a palm reader and he wants to learn to read palms as well

  1. Why does Phoebe think her mother has been kidnapped?

    1. The evidence is impossible to ignore

    2. She knows her mother is flighty and easy to trick

    3. Because she suspects her father is hiding something from her

    4. Because she cannot accept the possibility that her mother would leave her under normal circumstances

  1. Why won't Phoebe eat any of the food at Mary Lou's?

    1. Because she is worried that the food is too fatty

    2. Because she thinks that Mary Lou's house is too dirty

    3. Because she thinks Mary Lou's brothers have put something in the food

    4. Because she is allergic to the food

  1. On the night Phoebe stays at Sal's house, why doesn't Sal comfort Phoebe when she is crying?

    1. Because she is angry at Phoebe and wants her to suffer

    2. Because her father comes in and talks to Phoebe

    3. Because she understands that Phoebe wants to be alone with her sadness

    4. Because Sal is afraid she will begin to cry about her own mother if she talks to Phoebe

  1. Why does Sal lie to Phoebe and Ben about her mother?

    1. She feels she cannot explain, and part of her believes her mother is still alive

    2. She is afraid Ben and Phoebe will think her mother was a bad person

    3. She is afraid Ben and Phoebe will think Sal's mother did not love her

    4. She wants to be mysterious

  1. Why does Mr. Birkway enjoy reading the students' journals aloud?

    1. Because he is an English teacher, and therefore innately cruel

    2. Because the students' writing depicts such interesting and complicated emotions

    3. Because he wants to make each student feel he or she is a gifted writer

    4. Because he wants students to discuss confusing or ambiguous passages

  1. Whose picture does Sal see on Sergeant Bickle's desk?

    1. Margaret Cadaver's

    2. Her mother's

    3. Ben's

    4. The lunatic's

  1. What makes Mr. Birkway stop reading from the students' journals?

    1. He reads Phoebe's journal entry and realizes she is writing about his sister

    2. He notices that the students are teasing the person from whose journal he is reading

    3. He becomes upset when one student complains about English class in her journal

    4. Phoebe begs him to stop

  1. How did Mrs. Cadaver discover her husband and mother's car accident?

    1. She was the nurse on duty when they were brought to the emergency room

    2. Her brother, Mr. Birkway, told her

    3. She was away in Lewiston, Idaho at the time and the hospital called her

    4. She found the bad news in a note on her doorstep one morning

  1. Why do Sal and Phoebe decide to visit the lunatic at his college?

    1. Phoebe saw his picture on Sergeant Bickle's desk and thought he was cute

    2. A note on Phoebe's doorstep told them to

    3. They are convinced that he has something to do with Mrs. Winterbottom's disappearance

    4. Mr. Birkway suggested they do so

  1. Why does Sal run toward the bus stop when she sees Mrs. Winterbottom and the lunatic?

    1. Because she feels overwhelmed and frightened watching the two of them together

    2. She is afraid the lunatic will see them and try to hurt them

    3. She suspects Ben may be at the bus stop

    4. She realizes Ben must be at the mental hospital

  1. Why is Mrs. Winterbottom afraid when she brings Mike home to her family?

    1. She thinks her daughters will be jealous of their half-brother

    2. She thinks her husband will feel threatened by him

    3. She thinks Mike will hate them

    4. She thinks her family will think she is a disreputable woman

  1. How did Sal's mother and Mrs. Cadaver meet?

    1. Mrs. Cadaver was the nurse on duty in the emergency room the night of the bus accident

    2. Mrs. Cadaver and Sal's mother sat next to each other on the bus trip and became friends

    3. Mrs. Cadaver is Sal's mother's cousin

    4. Mrs. Cadaver used to live in Bybanks

  1. How does Sal feel back on the farm at Bybanks?

    1. She is still grieving for her mother and grandmother and wants to go to Idaho again

    2. She misses Euclid, Ohio

    3. She is glad to be back, although she misses her mother, grandmother, and friends from Euclid

    4. She feels angry with her father for driving her mother away

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