W. B. Yeats Background Notes Ancient Greek Theater, Sophocles, and

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English II Notebook Checklist
All of the following items should be in your binder. I have it organized here by certain subcategories; if you have a different way of organizing, see me for further instruction. It is CRAZY to think of how much we have done already this semester! Look at all of this work, and realize how much of an accomplishment this is to have achieved in this little time. You students rock!

  • Daily Oral Language (DOL)

  • Different Types of Essays Power Point Guided Notes

  • SAT Writing Section Power Point Guided Notes

  • 5 Paragraph Essay Format Notes and Formal Outline Key

  • Universal Theme Statements

  • Grammar Review: Parts of Speech Power Point Guided Notes

  • Fragments, Run-ons, and Complete Sentences Notes

  • Introduction to Chinua Achebe and Things Fall Apart Power Point Guided Notes

  • W.B. Yeats Background Notes

  • Ancient Greek Theater, Sophocles, and Antigone Power Point Guided Notes

  • Verb Tenses and Conjugations Power Point Guided Notes

  • Expressing Time Through Tense Power Point Guided Notes

  • Verb Moods Notes

  • Example Conjugations

  • Verb Exercises!

  • Sentence Structures

  • Active Voice vs. Passive Voice Notes

  • Subject-Verb Agreement Notes

  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Notes

  • Literature-Based Essay Writing

  • Writing Introductions and Conclusions

  • Transition Sentences

  • Incorporating Quotes into an Essay


  • Aesop’s Fables and Universal Theme Statements

  • Proofreader’s Marks

  • Things Fall Apart Socratic Seminar Questions

  • “The White Man’s Burden” (Kipling) and Questions

  • Imperialism in Africa (Discovery Ed video) and Questions

  • “The Second Coming”

  • “The Second Coming” Questions

  • Figurative Language in Things Fall Apart

  • Analyzing Values (substitute work)

  • Active vs. Passive Overview

  • Antigone Socratic Seminar Questions

  • Antigone Chorus Odes Organizer

  • Antigone Tragic Hero Organizer (this may be on the reverse side of the Chorus Odes Organizer)

  • Antigone Critical Thinking Questions


  • Word Skills Quizzes

    • Lesson 1, Part 1

    • Lesson 1, Part 2

    • Lesson 1, Parts 1-3

    • Lesson 2, Part 1

    • Lesson 2, Part 2

    • Lessons 1 – 2 Cumulative

  • Grammar Test 1

  • Grammar Test 2

  • Things Fall Apart Study Guide

  • Things Fall Apart Test

  • Thing Fall Apart Reading Journal

  • Antigone Test


  • “Where I’m From” Poem

  • Me-Bag Descriptive Paragraphs

  • “Harrison Bergeron” vs. “All Summer in a Day” Compare and Contrast 5 Paragraph Essay

  • Things Fall Apart 5 Paragraph Expository Essay

  • Values 5 Paragraph Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Tragic Hero 5 Paragraph Compare and Contrast Essay

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