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  1. The CulturaI Problem of the Cultural Anthropologist

Francis L. K. Hsu 517

  1. The Abundance of Protein in Amazonia: A Reply to Gross.

Stephen Beckerman 533

  1. Diffusion, Biological Determinism, and Bicultural Adaptation in the Nubian


David S. Carlson and Dennis P. Van Gerven 561

  1. Whorf and His Critics: Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Influences on

Color Memory

John A. Lucy and Richard A. Shweder 581

Review Article

  1. Education in Anthropology: The Series Phenomenon.

Joel M. Maring 616


  1. D'Arcy McNickle (1904-1977)

Alfonso Ortiz 632

  1. Richard King Beardsley (1918-1978)

Edward Norbeck and Haruml Befu 636

Reports and Comments

  1. Forgotten Goals and Unfinished Business in Anthropology.

C. F. Hockett 640

  1. Color Salience and the Organization of the Tricolor Traffic Signal.

Peter H. Stephenson 643

  1. Therapeutic Anthropology: Response to Shiloh's Proposal.

H. K. Heggenhougen 647

  1. The Gap Between Data and "Conclusions": A Rebuke to Dr. Rhoades

Saral Teilhet-Waldorf 651

  1. Comment on Dinerman's Review of Structuralism In Sociology: An

Approach to Knowledge

Fred E. Katz 652

  1. On "Culture and Sociobiology

Robert A. Rubinstein 653

  1. Correction Roger Sanjek 655

  1. Reply to Owusu

A.F. Robertson 655

Book Reviews


  1. In Search of Ancient Astronomies, Stonehenge to von Daniken:

Archaeoastronomy Discovers Our Sophisticated Ancestors (Snow). Krupp (ed.) 656

  1. Raisonnement et methodes mathematiques en archeologie (Rowlett) Borillo, de la Vega, and Guenoche (eds.) 657

  1. The Food Crisis in Prehistory: Overpopulation and the Origins of

Agriculture (Cowgill) Hal Cohen 658

  1. Time and Traditions: Essays in Archaeological Interpretation Oudge). Trigger 660

  1. Prehistoric Patterns of Human Behavior: A Case Study in the

Mississippi Valley (Raab) Sto Smith 661

  1. Background to Prehistory of the Yuha Desert Region (Irwin-Williams) Ph Wilke (ed.) 663

  1. Sunda and Sahul: Prehistoric Studies in Southeast Asia,

Le Melanesia and Australia (Specht)

Allen, Golson, and Jones (eds.) 663


  1. Peoples of the Coast: The Indians of the Pacific Northwest (Codere) Woodcock 664

  1. Symbol and Conquest: Public Ritual and Drama in Santa Fe, New

Mexico (Schwartz) Grimes 665

  1. San Francisco Scavengers: Dirty Work and the Pride of Ownership

(Geilhufe) Perry 666

  1. Carib-Speaking Indians: Culture, Society and Language (Carneiro)

Basso (ed.) 666

  1. Temas sobre la Continuidad y Adaptacion Cultural Ecuatoriana (Isaac) Naranjo, Pereira, and Whitten 667

  1. Women in Africa: Studies in Social and Economic Change (Peil) Hafkin and Bay (eds.) 668

  1. The Children of Woot: A History of the Kuba Peoples (Hiernaux) Vansina 670

  1. Africans of Two Worlds: The Dinka in Afro-Arab Sudan (Burton) Deng 671

  1. Aristocrats Facing Change: The Fulbe in Guinea, Nigeria, and Cameroon

(Derman) Azarya 672

  1. People of the Zongo (Schwimmer) Schildkrout 672

  1. Pilgrims in a Strange Land: Hausa Communities in Chad (Cohen). Works 673

  1. Market, Mosque and Mafraj: Social Inequality in a Yemeni Town (Salzman) Gerholm 674

  1. Power and Ritual in the Israel Labor Party (Swartz). Aronoff 675

  1. La sauvage aux seins pendants (Maybury-Lewis). Bucher 676

  2. Anarchists of Andalusia, 1868-1903 (Alum). Kaplan 677

  1. The Irish Tinkers: The Urbanization of an Itinerant People (Shanklin). Gmelch 678

  1. Blue Light in the Village: Daily Life in a German Village in 1965-66

(Spindler) Nurge 679

  1. The Skolt Lapps Today (Anderson) Ingold 679

  1. Materielle Kultur und Kunst der Sherpa: Mit einem

Anhang zum Gemeinschaftsleben (Fiirer-Haimendorf) Schmidt- Thome and Thingo 680

  1. Changing Identities in Modern Southeast Asia (Lawless)

Banks (ed.) 681

  1. Kinship and Marriage in Burma: A Cultural and Psychodynamic Analysis

(Marshall). Spiro 682

  1. The Logic of the Laws: A Structural Analysis of Malay Language Legal

Codes from Bengkulu (Arno) Moyer 683

  1. The Past and Future People (Huber)

McSwain 684

  1. Highland Peoples of New Guinea (Tuzin) Brown 685

  1. Compadrinazgo: Ritual Kinship in the Philippines (Lieban). Hart 686

  1. The Jama Mapun: A Changing Samal Society in the Southern

Philippines (Zamora). Casino 686

  1. Literacy and Social Change: A Case Study of Fiji (Crocombe). Clammer 687

  1. Leadership in Fiji (Rutz)

Nayacakalou 688

General and Theoretical

  1. Anthropology in the Development Process (Beals).

Mathur (ed.) 689

  1. Inequality Among Men (Bharati)

Beteille 690

  1. Friends, Followers, and Factions: A Reader in Political

Clientelism (Rutz) Schmidt et al. (eds.) 690

  1. Grief and Mourning in Cross-Cultural Perspective (Bellis) Rosenblatt, Walsh, and Jackson 692

  1. Fundamentals of Age-Group Systems (Gulliver). Stewart 693

  1. Minority Education and Caste: The American System in Cross-Cultural

Perspective (Mithun) Ogbu 694

  1. The Middle Passage: Comparative Studies in the Atlantic Slave Trade

(Dirks) Klein 695

  1. Principles of Social Structure: Southeast Asia (Provencher).

Brown 695

  1. Maritime Adaptations of the Pacific (Reinman).

Casteel and Quimby (eds.) 696

  1. The Sweet Potato and Oceania: An Essay in Ethnobotany (Hays). Yen 697

  1. The Environment as Hazard (Torry).

Burton, Kates, and White 698

Applied Anthropology

  1. Drought and Irrigation in North-East Brazil (Davis). Hall 699

  1. Struggle in the Countryside: Politics and Rural Labor in Chili,

1919-1973 (Doughty) Loveman 700

  1. The Peasant and the Raj: Studies in Agrarian Society and Peasant

Rebellion in Colonial India (Leonard) Stokes 701

Physical Anthropology

  1. Origins: What New Discoveries Reveal About the Emergence of Our

Species and Its Possible Future; Leakey and Lewin: People of the Lake:

Mankind and Its Beginnings (Brace) Leakey and Lewin 702

  1. Inheritance of Creative Intelligence (Lishman).

Karlsson 705

  1. The People of Asia (Aigner) Bowles 705

  1. The Biology of Aging (Garn).

Behnke, Finch, and Moment (eds.) 707

  1. The Biology of High-Altitude Peoples (Moore).

Baker (ed.) 708

  1. Child Discourse; Snow and Ferguson (eds.): Talking to Children:

Language Input and Acquisition (Fischer).

Ervin-Tripp and Mitchell-Kernan (eds.) 710

  1. Cognition and Categorization (Hunn).

Rosch and Lloyd (eds.) 712

  1. Le creole: structure, statut et origine (Drechsel). Valdman 713

  1. Presupposition and the Delimitation of Semantics (Wachowicz).

Kempson 715

  1. The Social Use of Metaphor: Essays on the Anthropology of Rhetoric


Sapir and Crocker (eds.) 716

  1. Discourse Grammar: Studies in Indigenous Languages of

Columbia, Panama, and Ecuador (Migliazza) Longacre (ed.) 717

  1. Cultural Expression in Arab Society Today (Beeman).

Berque 719

  1. Linguistic Theory and Language Description (Hinton).

Eastman 720

  1. Systemes de signes: Textes reunis en hommage a Germaine Dieterlen

Biebuyck 720

  1. African Languages: A Genetic and Decimalized Classification for

Bibliographic and General Reference (Bender) Fivaz and Scott 722

  1. Studies in Otomanguean Phonology; Oltrogge and Rensch: Two Studies

In Middle American Comparative Linguistics Oosserand and Hopkins) Merrifield (ed.) 722

  1. A Phonology of Tarascan (Dunn)

Friedrich 723

  1. Sight, Sound and Sense (Miller)

Sebeok (ed.) 724

  1. The Origin and Evolution of Language (Philips). Stross 725

  1. Language, Social Class, and Education: A Glasgow Study (Heath) Macaulay and Trevelyan 725

  1. Sweet Words: Storytelling Events in Benin (Darnell).

Ben-Amos 726

  1. Cree Narrative: Expressing the Personal Meanings of Events (Darnell). Preston 727

Book Notes

  1. Archaeology 728

  1. Social/Cultural Anthropology 728

  1. Applied Anthropology 731

  1. Physical Anthropology 732

  1. Linguistics 732

Audiovisual Reviews


  1. Maragoli (Munroe and Munroe)

Nichols 733

  1. Moana (Holmes) Flaherty 734

  1. The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago (Hockings).

Godmilow 736

  1. Daybreak in Udi (Giltrow)

Bishop 736

  1. Learning Corporation of America: I Heard the Owl Call My Name

Walens 737

Slides and Tape Review

  1. Coming of Old Age in Samoa (Fry) Holmes 738

  1. Audiovisual Notes 739

  1. Film Distributors' Addresses 741

  1. New Publication Received 742

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