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Voices of Compton: Compton Literary / Arts Journal

~~ Awards 2015 ~~

~~ Essays ~~

1st Prize Essay-- Tiaja Paul’s “Black Reparations: What We Deserve”

2nd Prize Essay--Irvin Sotelo’s “End of Sex Trafficking”

3rd Prize Essay--Miguel Villalvazo’s “El Mercadito: Want to Get Away?”

Honorable Mention Essay—Saul Rocha’s “How American Culture Has Changed Ethics and Values”

Honorable Mention Essay—Nancy Betancourt’s “Reminiscing: Extinct Paradise”

Honorable Mention Essay—Leoneene Beasley’s “The Use of Black English in Popular Culture and Advertising”

Honorable Mention EssayYessenia Gonzalez’s “Eager to Grow Up”

Honorable Mention Essay—David Williams’ “Our Women”

~~ Education Essay Award ~~

Muriel Collins’ “Inequities in Minority Education”

Honorable Mention Education Essay—Aryana Bradley’s “False Education for Minorities”

~~ Short Story ~~

Honorable Mention—Anthony Chuy’s “The Escape”

~~ Poetry Awards ~~

1st Prize PoemMaor Lain’s “Mundane”

2nd Prize PoemDianne Busiere’s “Gratitude”

3rd Prize PoemDalia Mosqueda’s “Finding Myself”

~~ Spoken Word Art ~~

1st Prize--Carlos Ornelas’ “≠TO ALL WHO CROSS TARTARIAN GATES±

2nd Prize--Patrick Erlandson’s “Compton Matters”

3rd Prize-- Jeremiah Polk’s “2 + 2 = 4”

~~ Art Collection Award ~~

1st Prize Collection—Laura Blackwell’s “Faces of Fame”

2nd Prize Collection—Samuel Isidoro’s “Faces of Fame”

~~ Painting Awards ~~

1st Prize PaintingSamuel Isodoro’s “Head Study”

2nd Prize PaintingBrian Macias’ “Female Body”

3rd Prize PaintingJoseph Ramirez’s “Ricardo Montalban”

~~ Sketches ~~

1st Prize Sketch—Bryan Ortega’s “Torso in Pencil”

~~ Photography Award ~~

1st Prize Photograph—Camille Lovely’s “Nature 3”

~~ Mixed Media Awards ~~

1st Prize—Jermaine Brown’s poem and sketch, “Freedom”

2nd Prize—Tony Johnson’s poem and sketch, “Let the Music Set Me Free”

3rd Prize—Michelle Rivera’s “Digital Self”


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