Vocabulary Using appropriate reference material Figurative language

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Honors English- 9

Second semester

Ms. DiFonzo

Second Semester Skills:

  • Vocabulary

  • Using appropriate reference material

  • Figurative language

  • Connotation/denotation to find meaning

  • Character development, plot, setting, theme, literary devices

  • Compare and contrast literature

  • Connect literature/cultures to personal experience

  • Organizing text into beginning, middle, end to include strong introduction, thesis statement and conclusion

  • Pre-writing, drafting, peer editing, revising, final draft

  • Transitions and organization

  • Introduce MLA format and parenthetical referencing

  • Using effective evidence

  • Argument

  • Logical fallacies

  • Appeals

  • Rhetoric

  • Diction, tone, intent, syntax

  • Elements of Drama

  • Tragedy

  • Tragic flaw

  • Dialogue

  • Stage direction

  • Biography/autobiography

  • Informational text, speech, essays

Third quarter: Literature

  • Legal terminology/jargon

  • Guilt vs innocence

  • Prejudice/stereotyping

  • Argument

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Non-Fiction

  • The Teacher Who Changed my Life”- memoir

  • I Have a Dream”- speech

  • When it Comes to Pesticides, Birds Are Sitting Ducks”- informational article

  • Only Daughter”- personal essay

  • The Burden of Expectations”- biography

Third Quarter- major projects

  • Biography/autobiography banner project- report, visual aid, presentation

  • Comparison/contrast essay- synthesize several genres

  • Character analysis- In conjunction with 12 Angry Men

  • Re-write Act in Romeo and Juliet- rewrite in modern language- in groups/performed for class

  • Research on Elizabethan England

  • Persuasive essay- “Who is responsible for the tragedy?”

Fourth Quarter- Literature studies

  • The Bean Trees- will study the novel as a class

  • Literature circles- students will choose one of the following novels and work in literature circles. Groups will formulate a presentation to include a visual aid.

  • Jude

  • Twisted

  • The Chocolate War

  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Fourth Quarter- major projects

  • Independent novel project- written/ performance assessment- books will come from approved book list for ninth grade honors

  • Critical analysis- student choice of literary work. Must include 3 outside critical essays and be written in MLA format.

  • Literature circles

  • Multi-genre project- (presentation) End the year with a presentation reflecting the student. This will include; photographs, music, news article, favorite quotes, memoir, etc.

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