Vasundhara – Science on Wheels Nerurpar- district Sindhudurg- maharashtra What is Vasundhara Science on wheels?

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Vasundhara – Science on Wheels

  • Nerurpar- District Sindhudurg- Maharashtra

What is Vasundhara - Science on wheels?

  • Founded in 1995 by Shri C.B.Naik, a close associate of Baba Amte for nearly 25 years. Vision statement :
    • To be a "PEOPLES > EDUCATION PROJECT " and to spread Education and Health Awareness among the rural masses
    • Development of Scientific Attitude in rural masses
    • Upgrade the standard of the Science and Math Education in rural schools
  • Media of Education :
  • Target audience and reach :
    • School children form core target audience
    • 50-60 High Schools (8th and 9th standards) twice every year
    • 90 Upper Primary Schools (5th to 7th standards)
    • Covered more than 90 villages
    • More than 1,00,000 students have benefited through this programs till now.

Why was Vasundhara created ?

    • Vasundhara was created to :
      • Tap latent potential of students in remote backward rural areas that lack proper exposure and opportunities to learn
      • To educate children by exploring scientific principles through the local environment e.g. Study waves by throwing a stone in the river water
    • How do they teach :
      • By making learning enjoyable by giving students an opportunity to experiment for themselves wherever practicable
      • Hands-on activities and inquiry sessions to develop method of science & enhance basic understanding of science
    • Objectives of the Program :
      • Motivate students to perform hands-on activities that help in triggering one's mind and motivates to explore– Understand scientific principles
      • Involve students in inquiry sessions (heuristics)- Understand method of science and observation ( Hypothesis construction, testing & conclusion)
      • To understand issue-based science- Environmental sciences (e.g. water scarcity, depletion of natural resources and degradation of environment or health problems etc).
      • To develop problem solving capacities- Use of Math (to develop logical thinking)

Achievements of the SOW project

    • First time experience of science through simple experiments and science based hands-on activities
    • Taught science skills like measurement, observation, analysis, developing hypothesis, testing, classification etc
    • Students, who were out of mainstream mathematics gained confidence. Talented students gained new ideas and understood the mathematical thought & skills. Teachers were introduced to this method as well
    • Learning changed from rote to understanding concepts
    • Brought awareness to issue based Science, technology and recent advancements in areas like Water, Land, Ecology, Earth Sciences and Earthquakes, Oceanography, Space Science
    • Students gained confidence & from being very shy/passive they now are active participants
    • Conducted Special Training Courses for National Talent Search for SSC Merit students, Science Teachers, Science Olympiad, Essay Competition, Sky Gazing, Bal Darbar Personality Development Program, Akshar Olakh Program for children of Sand Lifters etc.

Financial requirements of Vasundhara & other details

    • Total expenses of Vasundhara for the year April’05-March’06 are Rs. 11.10 Lacs
    • Partial funding from Asha, Princeton
    • Current requirements from Asha, Austin – 5 lacs or approx $11,000
    • Contact Details :
      • Asha Princeton- Vikas Sawant, 2005 Forest Haven Blvd Edison, NJ 08817, Phone: 732-516-9488, Cell : 732-979-1173 e-mail : Website:
      • Ramesh Kacholia, Mumbai, Tel: 28219947, 28386493,28216366 Fax: 28216365,
      • Rajiv Vartak, Cell: 98200-98192
    • Other details :
      • Donations to Vasundhara enjoy 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the I T Act. Also registered under FCRA Act (Registration #083780749)
      • Also avlbl on request last 2 years Balance Sheets and Income & Expenditure Statements, pages of photographs (about 40), from the SOW Program

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