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Values Essay

Marion Martin

CHHS 350



Core values and principles are a part of success in today’s world, which is why it is important to recognize your own, it is the essence of ones own existence. However, these values and ethics get built over a period of time with life experience. In the professional world, it is what makes an organization inherent and invulnerable to the environment. There are things that are acceptable and then there are things that you might just want to change in order to be the best person to your client. These values and principles also apply when you’re a client in search of help from a professional human being. Values vary depending on what types of field work your in, or needing help from, but they will almost always be common in the same area.

Professional Practitioner Principles

First and foremost, as a professional, I believe it is highly important for one to make their client feel safe by assuring them their privacy and confidentiality. I believe that trust comes from these two values and that it is highly important for a client to be able to trust their professional. Starting business with a client, who can feel this, can be a great first impression and start to the job. A rough situation where a client needs major privacy due to the situation in their life can be challenging if lack of privacy and confidentiality has occurred.

Another principle I highly identify of high importance is truthfulness and full disclosure. A client is seeking professional help because they can’t receive it from their own friends, family, or acquaintance’s; therefore I believe that being honest with clients is important. We are not truly helping people if we are not being honest about their situation in life. No matter how much being honest and truthful might affect them, we are also there to offer any services that might help them face reality. This kind of principle can be challenging when it comes to a professional being honest because the client may feel attacked if the professional isn’t sensitive or careful with how she approaches her client.

My third concept as a professional is autonomy and freedom. To me, this is something very important to have because although we are doing our best to help human beings in need, we must remember that we are not always going to be able to make decisions for them. A client must feel freedom when making decisions as well as make sure they are not feeling peer pressure from their professional help. I can see myself as a professional who may need to work on this principle because in my life alone, I tend to get really upset when I give a friend advice but they choose the “wrong” path which is completely from what I had told them they should do.

Client Principles

As a client, we tend to rely on our professionals for the best help in whatever the situations in life may be at the moment. When I am a client in need of services, I know I always look for a few things to feel comfort with whom I am about to be sharing my needs with. The first principle or value I would look for is that of dignity and worth of person. First and foremost I would want a professional who show me that they truly care and respect me. I think someone who can empathize stands out and is really noticeable right away, and that’s something I always want. Another value would be receiving honest words from my professional because being truthful is something I really value from humans no matter how bad the situation or word are. With past experiences in my life, I’ve learned that I’d rather be hurt and have time to understand and get myself together than to get lied to. Lastly, the principle that I feel is of huge importance is that of human relationships. I hope that if I was to ask for help from a professional that they already are well aware of this concept and are pro’s at it because nothing in this world should be more important than the well beings of humans including their families, groups, and communities. Of course it would depend on the profession that one needs help from but in this case, I’m relating to that of human services.


Being a practitioner vs. a client holds a lot of similar principles and values, yet in different perceptions. Professionals should be ensuring that their clients are preserved in a dignified manner. Their values should also be holding deep interest to the clients in order fulfill their occupations duties because their values and principles sometimes are different from their own personal ones. Every agency has their own values in order to make sure that their services are all being fulfilled on the same level, as well as offering equality to all clients. Clients on the other hand are looking out for their best option to help their current situations, so everything they might value is coming from a side of them they have been lacking or have had problems with. Their values may be coming from poor experiences and this is where a professional can help clients understand and even help them with suggesting new principles and values. This can also help with creating new movements toward social justice.

Values are built from ones personal environment, culture and religion through life experiences, but that doesn’t mean that one cannot change. I myself have changed my own life principles and values by simply moving away from home as well as being influenced by a more motivating population and free environment.


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