Value of the Liberal Arts Essay Contest

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Value of the Liberal Arts Essay Contest
Democratic principles constitute a system created by humans to solve the problems of life together. In a democracy, people collaborate to make decisions. Democracy was a response to dictatorial rule and law making. People realized that one person could not adequately complete this job. Like a single thread is inadequate for lifting great weight, a single person is inadequate for deciding the fate of many. This is why the essential doctrine of democracy is compromise, the coming together of two opinions and two people to create something entirely new and different. Like threads come together to form a rope, humans come together to solve the problems of society. In a democracy, people join their minds to form something greater. They combine their thoughts to form a bigger thought, spawned by the combined cognitive processes of the masses. When humans come together and share their thoughts, they are able to solve the problems that our world presents us with.

The sole purpose of the liberal arts is for humans to understand humans. History allows us to see what other humans saw. Through history we are able to understand humans who aren’t even alive. However, when we study the past, we also understand further where we came from. In this manner we can better understand who we are. Language allows us to communicate our lives across nations. Through language, I can literally tell you what I do, what I think, what I feel, and who I am. Language is a way to convert human life into something that can be transferred between humans. To study language is to open yourself to the opportunity to understand others, and through this understand yourself and humanity. Perhaps the noblest of the liberal arts, however is literature. Literature is a direct pathway to the human experience. Literature conveys pure emotion. A poem is not merely a combination of words on a page. A poem is pure humanity summoned into material existence. When humans share who they truly are with other humans, something happens. Something unfurls from deep within, something that is beyond human emotion. When threads come together they create cloth. When humans share themselves they create something that is deeper and so much more beautiful than anything that could ever be realized by one human. There is something beyond emotion and that is what makes life worth living. The only time it can be realized is when humans share themselves.

There are roughly seven billion people in the world. This makes it very easy for one person to feel like nothing. The way the math works out, a single person, like a single thread, is not much. But when threads start to weave together, things change. Something new is created. When humans come together, they become something different. Democratic principles and the liberal arts focus on collaboration and sharing, but democratic principles are a way to make life liveable, while liberal arts are a way to make life worth living.To colloborate is to thrive.

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