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Department of History Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

University of Washington Citizenship: U.S.A.

Smith Hall 315 e-mail: vrafael@u.washington.edu

Seattle, WA 98195-3560

Tel: (206) 543 5699


1984. Ph.D, Cornell University. (History, Southeast Asia; Minor fields: European Intellectual History; Anthropology)

1982. M.A., Cornell University. Southeast Asian History.

1977. B.A., Ateneo de Manila University. History and Philosophy.

Positions Held

July 2003 to present: Professor, Dept. of History, University of Washington, Seattle.

2000-03: Professor, Dept. of Communication, University of California at San Diego.

1990-2000. Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication, University of California, San Diego.

1988-90. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication, University of California, San Diego.

1984-88. Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

1980-81. Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Cornell University.

1979-80. Teaching Assistant, Department of Modern Languages, Cornell University.

1977-79. Lecturer, Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University.



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2014. Visiting Professor, De La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, Philippines.

2013. Visiting Professor, University of the Philippines.
2013. Visiting Faculty, Nida School of Translation Studies, Misano Adriatico, Italy.
2011. Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Haverford College.
2011. Distinguished Professor, Nida School of Translation Studies, Misano Adriatico, Italy.
2008. Solomon Katz Distinguished Lecturer, University of Washington.
2007. Grant Goodman Prize, Philippine Studies Group, Association for Asian Studies (This is a lifetime achievement award in Philippine Studies).
2006. Invited to be a Resident Fellow, Center for the Study of Advanced Behavioral Sciences, Stanford.
2006. Mini-grant, Transnational Institute, Jackson School, Univ. of Washington.
2004-05. Fellowship, Simpson Humanities Center, Univ. of Washington.
2003. Fellowship, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto Univ., Japan. (declined).
2000-01. Fellowship, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.
2000. Winner, National Book Award for History, Manila Critics’ Circle, Philippines (for White Love and Other Events in Filipino History).
1998. The Andrews Visiting Chair in Asian Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
1998. Committee on Research Grant, Academic Senate, UCSD.
1997. Residential Fellowship, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Study Center, Bellagio, Italy.
1997. Visiting Research Fellowship, Humanities Research Institute, Univ. of California, Irvine.

1996. Committee on Research Grant, Academic Senate, UCSD.

1996. Visiting Fellow, International Institute, University of Michigan.

1996-97. Visiting Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton (Declined).

1995. Luce Foundation. Southeast Asia Council Small grants.

1994. Visiting Fellow. Program for Cultural Studies, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

1994. Committee on Research Grant, Academic Senate, UCSD.

1992-93. Fellow, Humanities Research Institute, University of California, Irvine.

1992. Advanced Research Grant. Social Science Research Council.
1989-90. Committee on Research Grant, Academic Senate, UCSD.
1989. National Book Award for History, Manila Critics' Circle, Manila, Philippines (for Contracting Colonialism.)
1988. Grantee, USIA Bureau of Cultural and Educational Affairs Exchange Program.
1987-88. Research and Training Award, University of Hawaii Research Council.
1986-87. Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center, Stanford University.
1984. Lauriston Sharp Prize for Outstanding Dissertation, Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University.

1983-84. Martin T. McVoy Graduate Fellowship, Cornell University.

1982-83. Doctoral Dissertation Grant, Social Science Research Council/Ford Foundation and ACLS.
1981-82. Sage Graduate Fellowship Award, Cornell University.
1981. Western Societies Program Summer Research Fellowship, Cornell University.
1980, 81, 84. Cornell Southeast Asia Program Summer Fellowships.
1979-80. Cornell Graduate Fellowship Award.
1977. Magna Cum Laude. Ateneo de Manila University.

Select List of Papers Presented

2016: “Mutant Tongues: Englishes and the Postcolonial Humanities in Singapore, the Philippines and the United States,” invited lecture at: Kyoto Univ., Southeast Asian Studies Center; GRIPS, Tokyo; as a keynote address at 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference, 26th-29th September 2016 at Monash University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and at Rutgers University.

2016. “Telling Times: Nick Joaquin, Storyteller,” at the English Dept., De La Salle Univ., Manila, Sept. 22.
2016. “Translating Digong,” roundtable at the Univ. of the Philippines Mindanao, Davao City, Sept. 18.
2016. Book Forum on “Motherless Tongues,” sponsored by Kritika Kultura, Ateneo de Manila Univ., Sept. 12.
2016. “Contingency and Comparison: Recalling Benedict Anderson,” invited paper, Univ. of California Berkeley conference, “Thinking Beyond Boundaries: Around the Work of Benedict Anderson”; at a symposium on Benedict Anderson, Kritika Kultura, Ateneo de Manila University.
2015. “Motherless Tongues: The Aporia of Translation,” invited paper at the Asia Theories International Symposium, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, TAIWAN; invited speaker, Center for Asian Studies and Dept. of Linguistics, University of South Carolina; invited paper, Kritika Kultura symposium, Ateneo de Manila University.
2015. “How Revolutionary was the Philippine Revolution,” invited paper, Kritika Kultura symposium, Ateneo de Manila University.
2015. “Translation and War,” invited paper at the conference on “Translation and Interpreting,” Institute Superieur des Sciences Humanities de Tunis, Tunisia.
2014. “The Humanities and the Politics of Language: Some Examples from Singapore, the Philippines and the United States,” as invited speaker, Nanyang Technical University, School of Humanities; invited speaker at a forum for Kritika Kultura, Ateneo de Manila University.
2014. “American English, Colonial Education and the Insurgency of Language,” invited paper at a Conference on Translation and the Global Humanities, Univ. of Louisville.

2014. “Colonial Contractions: The Making of Las Islas Filipinas, 1565-1898,” at the conference “Transpacific Engagements: Visual Culture and Global Exchange, 1768-1869” at the Ayala Museum, Metro Manila, Philippines, sponsored by the Getty Museum, Los Angeles and the Kuntshistorisches Insitut, Florenz.

2013. “Amidst Three Empires: The Philippines Under Spain, United States and Japan, 1565-1946,” at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, Oct. 23, 2013.

2013. “Becoming Reynaldo Ileto: Language, History, Autobiography,” at a conference honoring the works of Reynaldo Ileto, co-sponsored by the Ateneo de Manila Unveristy/Kyoto University, Ateneo de Manila Univ., Metro Manila; and as an invited paper at the College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines.

2012-14. “The War of Translation: Colonial Education, American English and Tagalog Slang, 1920s-1970s,” at the Ateneo de Manila University; at the University of Michigan; at De La Salle University, as an invited speaker; at the Nida Institute of Translation Studies, Misano, Italy, May 2013; as an invited speaker, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz; at the Southeast Asian Studies Center, Univ. of California, Berkeley.

2011-12. “Targeting Translation: Counterinsurgency and the Weaponization of Language,” invited paper, Chou Center, Rice University; NIDA Summer Institute, Instituto San Pelegrino, Misano, Italy; invited paper, Department of Translation Studies, University of Bologna, Italy; keynote address, Manchester University, UK; American Studies Program, University of New Mexico; Department of American Studies, New York University; invited paper, Reed College, OR; invited paper, Department of History and Southeast Asian Studies, Univ. of Hawai’i at Manoa; invited paper, Haverford College; at a conference on Counterinsurgency, New York University; Ateneo de Manila University, keynote at Translation and Globalization conference; at conference on translation, Doha, Qatar; invited paper Williams College; invited paper, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene.

2008-10. “Translation, American English and the National Insecurities of Empire,” as Solomon Katz Distinguished Lecturer, Univ. of Washington; as keynote address for the Canadian Association for Translation Studies; as invited speaker, Pratt Institute of the Arts, Brooklyn, NY; at a conference on Postcolonialities, at Rutgers University; at the Nida Summer Institute of Biblical Translation, Instituto San Peligrino, Misano, Italy; at York University, Toronto; at the Translation Studies Center, University of Binghamton; at the International Cultural Studies Center, Univ. of Hawai’I at Manoa; as a keynote address, National Conference, American Bible Society, Atlanta GA
2006-08. “The Afterlife of Empire: Sovereignty and Revolution in the Spanish Philippines,” at the Japan Philippine Studies Association Conference, Tokyo, November, 2006; at a conference, “Religious Encounters,” at Arizona State University; as an invited paper in a mini-conference, “US Colonial Rule and Constitutional Change: Case Studies from the Philippines and Puerto Rico" Southeast Asian Studies Program, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison; as an invited paper in a conference on “Race, Space and Place,” at Duke University; at a conference “Constructing the Philippines,” in Madrid, Spain; as an invited speaker, Ateneo de Manila University; invited paper, Southeast Asian Studies Program, Cornell University; invited speaker, King Juan Carlos Center, New York University; invited speaker, Southeast Asian Studies Center, University of Toronto.
2006. “Translating Freedom on the Eve of the Philippine Revolution,” given as an invited talk at: the Simpson Humanities Center, Univ. of Washington; and at the Ateneo de Manila University, Manila; The Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Univ. of California, Berkeley; the International Cultural Studies Program, Univ. of Hawai’i at Manoa.
2006. “Translation and War,” given at a panel on “Keywords for a Transamerican Studies,” Association of American Studies Conference, Oakland, CA.; as an invited paper, Dept. of Communication Speaker Series, Univ. of California at San Diego
2006. “The Philippines under Spanish Colonial Rule,” as invited paper for a conference at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC
2006. “The Risks of Translation: Christianity, Theater and the Origins of Nationalism in the Spanish Philippines,” at a conference, “Religion and Postcolonial Criticism,” Princeton University; and at the conference, “Comparative Literature in the World Today,” Columbia University.
2005. “Awake in America: Notes on the Specter of Democracy,” as invited paper at the American Studies Association of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Manila.
2005. “Translation and the Formation of the Filipino Nation,” invited paper at a conference on “The Philippines and Japan Under the US Shadow,” sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo University, Japan.
2005-2006. “Contracting Nostalgia: For Renato Rosaldo,” at a conference honoring the contributions of Prof. Renato Rosaldo, Stanford University; and at a panel at the American Anthropological Association Meetings, San Jose, CA.
2004-2005. “Castilian, or the Colonial Uncanny: Translation and Vernacular Plays in the 19th century Philippines,” as a featured speaker at the University of Milan, Bicoca, Dept. of Anthropology and Ethnology; as the keynote address in the conference “Translation and the Production of Knowledge in Southeast Asia,” Cornell University Southeast Asian Studies Program; as a featured paper in the lecture series “Critical Knowledge After Neo-Liberalism,” at the Center for History, Society and Culture, Univ. of California, Davis; at the International Conference on Philippine Studies, University of Leiden, the Netherlands; at a colloquium on “Language and Power,” Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Washington; as an invited speaker at the Third World Studies Program, Univ. of the Philippines; at a conference on “Language Communities or Cultural Empires? The Impact of European Languages in the Former Colonial Territories,” Univ. of California, Berkeley
2004-2005. “Conspiracy and Secrecy in the Revolution of 1896,” as the featured paper in the lecture series “Signs of Crisis” sponsored by the Asia Center and the Peabody Museum, Harvard University; at a conference “Words in Motion” sponsored by the Social Science Research Council, in Fes, Morocco.
2003. “’Spanish Death=Filipino Freedom’: Conspiracies, Oaths and Secrecy in the Revolution of 1896,” given as part of the Jeremiah Lecture series, Univ. of Oregon; in the conference, “Transnational Literacy”, Simpson Humanities Center, Univ. of Washington; at the University of the Philippines, College of Arts and Sciences lecture series; at the Center for Southeast Asia, UCLA.
2001-02: “Generation Text: The Cell Phone and the Crowd in Recent Philippine History,” at a conference on “White Mythology: Universality and Postcolonial Particularities,” the University at Buffalo; as an invited speaker for the Cultural Studies Program, George Mason University; at a conference, “Practicing Catholicism,” Holy Cross College; at the Asian/Pacific/American research cluster group, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz; at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines; and as the Somers Lecture, Georgia State University, 2003.
2002: “Foreigness and Vengeance: On Rizal’s El Filibusterismo,” at a conference on Nationalism and Language, UCLA.; and at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Univ. of California, Berkeley.
2000: “Southeast Asian Studies in the Age of Asian America,” at a conference on Southeast Asian Studies in the New Millenium, UCLA; and at a workshop on the Politics of Scholarship in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley.
1998-99: “The Contingencies of Area Studies,” at the University Hawaií at Manoa; University of Chicago; at the State University of New York, Binghamton.
1998-99. “The Undead: Photography, Imperialism and the U.S. Colonization of the Philippines, 1899-1920s”, at Stanford University; Columbia Universtiy; University of Hawai’i at Manoa; University of Wisconsin-Madison; at conferences on 1898 held at University of Iowa; Dartmouth College; Princeton University; and at a conference on the Treaty of Paris, London School of Economics; at the Center for Latin American Studies, Univ. Of Michigan; Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University; New York University.
1998-99. "Translation and Revenge: On the Castilian Origins of Nationalism in the Philippines," at The Fourth Annual Conference, Association of Spanish Scholars of Asia and the Pacific, Valladolid, Spain; at the “Doors to Asia” conference, Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris; Stanford Humanities Center; Association for Asian Studies, Washington, DC; Fordham University; at the East Asian Studies Program colloquium, Columbia University; as an invited speaker for the Comparative Literature colloquium series, UCLA; as an invited speaker, History department colloquium, University of Washington.
1996. "Overseas Filipinos and other Spectral Presences in the Nation-State," at the Sawyer Seminar, Univ. of Michigan, International Institute; at the Institute for the Global Study of Culture, Power and History, Johns Hopkins University; at a Conference on Cultural Studies/Asian Studies, McGill University, Montreal; and the Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, Honolulu.
1995. "Mimetic Subjects: Engendring Race at the Edge of Empire," at the Univ. of California, Berkeley; and the Latin American Studies Program, Yale University.
1994. "Diaspora and Asian Studies in the United States," at a Roundtable on Asian Diaspora, Association for Asian Studies, Boston.
1994. "Colonial Articulations: Mexico and the Philippines, 1521-1821," at the Mexican Museum, San Francisco.
1994. "Taglish, or the Phantom Lingua Franca in the Contemporary Philippines," at the Asian/Anthropology Dept. Series, Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; at the Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University; at the Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Washington, Seattle; at the Dept. of Filipino Literature, Ateneo de Manila Univ.
1993-94. "The Cultures of Area Studies in the United States", in a Conference, "Beyond Orientalism", UC Santa Cruz; at a conference, "Cultural Studies in Asia and the Pacific", East-West Center, Program for Cultural Studies, Honolulu, Hawaii; at the Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor; at the Center for Cultural Studies, Univ. of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana.
1993-94. "Mimesis and Domesticity: White Women and United States Rule in the Philippines," Association for Asian Studies, National Conference, Boston, MA; at the Departments of Anthropology of the following: London School of Economics and Political Science; University of Washington, Seattle; University of California, Santa Cruz and San Diego; Humanities Research Institute, UC Irvine; at the Society for the Humanities, Cornell.
1992-93. "White Love: Discipline, Surveillance and Nationalist Resistance in the U.S. Colonization of the Philippines" at the following conferences: "Colonial Ethnographies", at Center for Asian Studies at Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam; "The Cultures of US Imperialism", Dartmouth College; "Global Economies, Local Ethnicities," at Stanford University; at faculty colloquia at the following: Yale University; University of Pennsylvania; University of Wisconsin, Madison; University of Michigan; Ateneo de Manila University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Irvine; Pitzer College; and at the National Meeting, Society for Cultural Anthropology, Austin Texas, 1992.
1991. "Translation and Christian Conversion in the Spanish Colonization of the Philippines," at the following conferences: "Ethnicity and Power in Colonial Encounters," Davis Historical Center, Princeton University; "Politics and Religion in the Emergence of Modern Ideologies in Southeast Asia," Arizona State University.
1991. Discussant in a conference, "New Geographies of Performance: Cultural Representation and Inter-cultural Exchange on the Edge of the Twenty-First Century," The Getty Center for History of Art and the Humanities.
1991. "Endangered Languages: The Problems and Perils of Southeast Asian Language Instruction in the U.S.," (Discussant), national convention, Association for Asian Studies, New Orleans.
1990. "Collaboration and Rumor in the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines," at the University of Washington, Seattle; at the History and Anthropology Workshop, University of Pennsylvania; and at a conference, "Japan and the World", Univ. of California, San Diego.
1989. "Death and the Ideology of Submission in Early Tagalog Colonial Society," at a conference, "Southeast Asia in the 15th to the 18th Century", Lisbon, Portugal. Sponsored by the Social Science Research Council.
1987. "Translation and Christian Conversion in the Spanish Colonization of the Tagalogs," Stanford Humanities Center; and at the Southeat Asia Program, Cornell University.
1985. "Tomas Pinpin and the Shock of Castilian", at the National Conference, Association for Asian Studies, Philadelphia.
1984. "Contracting Christianity in Early Tagalog Colonial Society," at the Southeast Asia Summer Institute, University of Michigan.


At the Department of History, Univ. of Washington, 2003-Present.
Hist 205A: Introduction to Philippine History.

Hist 590B: Comparative Colonialism

Hist 494B: Technology, History and Culture

Hist 485A: Comparative Colonialism

Hist 494B: The US Empire in Comparative Perspective

Hstas 530/532: Field Seminar in Southeast Asia

Hist 530: Comparative Nationalism

Hist 600: Independent studies (with several graduate students)

Hist 499: Independent studies (with several undergraduate students)

Hist 590: The Work of Counterinsurgency

Hist 590: Foucault and History
At the Department of Communication, UCSD, 1988-2003.
Com 100: Introduction: Communication and Culture

Com 175: Nationalist Discourse.

Com 150: Engendering Race and Sexuality in Popular Culture.

Com 90: Asian-Americans in Video and Film.

Com 179: Colonialism and Culture

Com 296: Communication as Interdisciplinary Research.

Com 200B: Theory: Communication and Culture.

Com 201B: Methods: Communication as Culture.

Com 180: Cultures and Markets

Com 275: Modernities and the Politics of Agency.

Com 275: Seminar on Technology and Culture

Com 175: Technology and Culture

Com 275: Seminar on the Gift and the Commodity
At the Dept. of History, Stanford University, Fall 1986.
Hist 295: Seminar on Philippine History.
At the Dept. of History, University of Hawaii, Manoa, 1984-88.
Hist 151 &152: World Civilizations to and from 1500.

Hist 405: The Modern Philippines.

Hist 306: Southeast Asia: The Modern Period.

Hist 655: Colonialism and its Discontents.

Hist 650: Seminar on Island Southeast Asia.

Service to the Profession

2012. Member, George M. Kahin Prize Committee, Association for Asian Studies.

2011-present. Member, International Advisory Board, Translation (St. Jerome Publishing).
2011-present. Member, Advisory Board, Tusaaji: A Translation Review, journal of the Research Group in Translation and Transcultural Contact at Glendon College, York University.
2009-Present. Members, editorial board, Southeast Asian Research (published by the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)
2005 –present. Series editor, “Empire, Nation, Diaspora,” for Ateneo de Manila University Press, Manila, Philippines.
2004-Present, Member, editorial board, Philippine Studies (published by the Ateneo de Manila Univ. Press)
2003-2009. Member, Advisory Board, Project for Critical Asian Studies, UW.
2003-Present, co-editor of the series “Critical Dialogues in Southeast Asian Studies” published by the Univ. of Washington Press.

2001-2003. Member, Southeast Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies.

2001-2005. Member, advisory board, Cultural Anthropology
1995-Present. Member, advisory board of Public Culture.
1995-1998. Member, Harry Benda Prize Committee, Association for Asian Studies.
1992-1996. Member, Joint Committee on Southeast Asia, Social Science Research Council.
1992-1996. Member, Committee on Area Studies, American Council of Learned Societies.
1993. Co-Chair, Translation Committee, Southeast Asia, Association for Asian Studies.
1993-Present. Advisory Board, positions (A Journal of East Asian Studies).

Service to the Univ. of Washington Community

2015. Member, “Troubling Translations” Research Cluster, Simpson Humanities Center, UW.

2015. Member, Search Committee for Chair of American Ethnic Studies, UW.
2014. Chair, Committee to recruit Clara Altman (joint appointee with Law, Society and Justice Program, UW)
2014. Organizer, “Empire is in the Heart: A Conference on Carlos Bulosan,” sponsored by the Bridges Labor Center, the Dept. of History, Simpson Center for the Humanities, Univ. of Washington, Nov. 14, 2014.
2014. Member, Graduate Admissions Committee.
2014. Faculty, ISS Program.
2011. Chair, tenure committee for Prof. Hwasook Nam.
2009-2010: Member, Advisory committee, Simpson Humanities Center.
2009. Chair, tenure review committee for Prof. Adam Warren.
2008. Chair, search committee for assistant professor position in the field US in the World (aborted).
2008-09. Co-organizer,. Speaker series on “The US Empire in Comparative Perspective”.
2008. Organized visit and talk by Prof. George Lipsitz, UC Santa Barbara at the Simpson Humanities Center.
2007-08. Member, Graduate Recruitment Committee, Dept. of History.
2007. Organized visit and talk by Sheila Coronel, Professor of Journalism, Columbia University (co-sponsored by the Communication Dept., Southest Asian Studies Center, the Institute of Transnational Studies, and the Simpson Center).
2006-07. Member, Chair’s Search Committee.
2006-07. Member, Long Range Planning Committee, History Dept., UW
2006: Organized two talks: one by Michael Hardt, Professor of Comparative Literature and Social Theory, Duke University (co-sponsored by the Simpson Center); another by Walden Bello, Professor of Political Science, Univ. of the Philippines (co-sponsored by the Bridges Labor Center).
2006. Member, Salary Compression Committee, History Dept., UW.
2005 to present: Faculty Affiliate, Center for Multicultural Education, College of Education, Univ. of Washington.
2005-06. Co-organizer, Roundtable on “The Work of Area Studies in the Age of Pre-emptive War,” sponsored by the Critical Asian Studies Project and the Simpson Center.
2004-2007. Member, Standing Faculty Committee, Harry Bridges Labor Center, University of Washington.
2004. Organized the conference, “Laboring for Justice: The KDP (Union of Democratic Filipinos) in Seattle,” sponsored by the Bridges Labor Center and the Southeast Asian Studies Center, UW, Feb. 2004.
2004-present. Member, Critical Asian Studies Project board.
2003. Organized the conference, “Colonialism, Nationalism and Globalization: The Philippine Case”, sponsored by the Southeast Asian Studies Center, the Jackson School, the History Department and the American Ethnic Studies Dept.
2003. Chair, search committee for Latin American studies position.

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