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Type of Room Service, Centralised, Decentralised, Mobile and List of equipment’s, Trolley & tray setup. House rules of room service waiter, Room Service menus.



Introduction to Bar – Types of bar: Dispense, cocktail, Bar counter parts – Front, back, under: bar equipment, furniture, staffing, linen, location.

Bar stock and bar inventory.

Bar Control – Bar control system, stocktaking, goods received book, off – sale book, cellar stock ledger, bin cards, overage and shortage, cellar control.


Important Tobacco producing countries of the world. Quality Cigars & Cigarettes served in the industry, terms used to denote sizes & colour of the wrapper, storage of cigars.



Types – formal, informal, organisation of banquet department.

History of banquets, Duties and responsibilities of banquet staff.

Seating arrangements, menu planning facilities available for banquet function.

Booking procedures, mis-en-place, types of services.

Toasting and sequence of events.



Space requirement, factors affecting a successful buffet – No. of pax, planning and organising sequence of food, type of buffet, display, kind of meal, type of buffet – sitting, standing, finger buffet, Danish buffet – sitting, standing, finger buffet, Danish buffet.

Cold buffet – Equipment required. Gastronomes rules.


Mise-en-place for gueridon, special equipments.

Gueridon service – Taking order, method of serving dishes at the table, guerdion lay up.

Carving at the table – tools method.

Carving trolley – mis-en-place presentation, safety factors.

Guerdion Service of – smoked eel, smoked salmon, cavier, sole grillee, poached sole, double fillet steak, steak tartar teak diane, roast chicken, flambed chicken breast, pear flambe, banana flambe, crepe suzette – both theory and practicals.


  1. Food & Beverage Service – Lillicrap, Cousins – Hodder & Stoughton Educational UK.

  2. Food & Beverage Service – Sudhir Andrews – Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Co. Ltd., New Delhi.

  3. The Waiter – Curry AJ Burrie and Jenkins, London.

  4. Modern Restaurant Service – John Fuller.

PAPER – 25



Front Office Salesmanship:

Upselling techniques: Upgrading, Front office reception as a sales department, guidelines to selling – by telephone, face to face, selling to the business person, conference and group business – how to compete in the market.


Guest Relation and Social Skills:

The role of Guest Relations Officer: types of guest problems; skills necessary for dealing with problems; solving problems; handling complaints; course of action to be taken when handling problems, follow up action, telephone handling skills.

Flow of guest information between sections of front office and other departments, importance of log books, reservations, reception, mail and information, bell desk, front office cashier, telephones, housekeeping department, sales department, engineering department, accounts department.
Information / bell desk / concierge, functions of the information department; handling guest mail, messages, registered and insured mail, guest tickets and special requests, information binder, lobby hierarchy, duties of bell desk, luggage handling, running errands, vending stamps, scanty luggage guest, control on bell captain, concept of concierge.


Functions of Front Office Accounting System:

Guest accounting cycle, the check out procedure, settlement of guest accounts, late checkouts, methods of account settlement and procedures for accepting such settlements.

Cash settlements – local currency, foreign currency, traveler’s cheques, personal cheques, bank credit cards, credit settlements, settlement of corporate accounts, settlement by credit cards, travel agents vouchers. Creating a good and lasting impression, updating front office records, room status / room rack, alphabetical guest register; arrival / departure register; departure information notice; guest history cards.
Issuing key and escorting the guest, role of bell desk – bell caption, bellboy – arrival errand card, key card.

Completing the forms – arrival & departure register, ‘c’ form, alphabetical guest register, and guest folio arrival information notice.

Housekeepers report – H.K. discrepancy report, various terms SB, DND, sleeper, S.O, OOO, V/R, O, V, C/D.

Turning away a guest, handling overbooking at the reception counter.

Taking room position formula, its factor that affect position – plus and minus position.

Credit Control:

The meaning of credit control; objectives of credit control measures; hotel credit control policy; guest with guaranteed booking’s; corporate credit accounts; accounts settled by credit cards, credit control measures at check in; credit control measures at check out; after guest departures, preventing skippers – on arrival, during the stay, on the day of departure, the right of lieu.

Front Office Accounting:

Types of folios (guest, master, nonguest), allowances paid VPD manual, folio & VTL Billing machines (mechanical & electronic) check out procedure –role of bell deck, cashier. Late checkouts.

Front office statistics and reports:

Calculations of various statistics: House count, room count, percentage of occupancy, percentage of double occupancy, percentage of foreign occupancy, percentage of domestic occupancy, average room realisation, average length of stay, percentage of no shows, percentage of walk-ins, percentage of early arrivals and departure.

F.O. Security Functions:

The role of F.O in key control, electronic card key handling the grand master key, last keys, damaged keys, keys given against key cards.

Safe deposit boxes (lockers) keys and their control, safe deposit registration card.

How to deal with lost and found.

Emergency procedures, medical, robbery / theft, fire, death.

Importance of forecast, how to forecast, useful forecasting data; format of reservation forecasts; how to calculate a reservation forecast (room revenue).


Establishing of room rates. (1) The rule of thumb approach, (2) Flubbart formula, differential room rates, seasonal rates.

Field Management:

Concept of field management: hospitality applications; measuring field, formulas.

Different rates – potential average single rate, multiple rates, potential average double rate, multiple occupancy percentage, rate spread, potential average rate, room rate achievement factor.

Booking horizons (booking lead-time) using booking forecast, to maximize yield; multiple rate, displacement of transient business.


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PAPER – 26
Fundamentals of Marketing

Overview of service sector and hospitality – The hotel and the catering industry – definition of market, marketing and selling – The marketing concept – methods and scope of marketing research – sources of information – marketing environment.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation – benefits – bases for market segmentation – types – differences between consumer behavior and buyer behavior – consumerism – marketing information research (MIS) – characteristics of MIS – differences MIS and Marketing Research.

Introduction to the Marketing Mix


Definition of product and service – the hotel product and its components of physical aspects, service and image – new product development – brand names – overview of a marketing plan – product life cycle – product differentiation in Hotel and Catering Industry.


Principles of prices – influences upon prices decision making – pricing techniques – initiating price changes – cost oriented and market oriented pricing strategies.


Distribution – Scope of distribution – channel functions an flow – organizational patterns in hospitality marketing channels – location of services – current trends in hotel and catering industry.


Promotion – promotional mix – promotion process – kinds of sales promotion advertising – salesmen – selection, training – advertising agency – media selection, training – advertising agency – media selection – type of media – sales promotion.


Introduction to promotional activities: The role of promotion – promotion mix in terms of advertising / selling / sales promotion / direct mail / sponsorship / merchandising / public relations / publicity – communication problems – budgeting the promotion mix.
Advertising – Introduction – Aims of advertising – The advertising industry – Advertising styles – Advertising objectives historical view – pre testing / post testing – media planning – other testing methods.
Sales promotion, Direct sales, Sponsorship Management – Introduction – Managing sales promotion - budgeting for sales promotion – various promotional techniques – direct mail – Advantages and Disadvantages – Listing contents of a mail shot – Identifying target audiences – Identifying sponsorship activities and potential sponsors – Negating sponsorship contracts – Evaluation.
Selling and sales management – Definition – sales task – determining the sales force structure – selecting sales person – role of sales manager public relations.

International Marketing – International Marketing – emergence of global marketing – significance of international marketing for developing countries – liberalization – role of foreign MNC.


Social Responsibilities of Business – Social Responsibilities of Business – Introduction – changing trends in social responsibilities of business, social responsibilities towards different group.

Marketing of services – Business-goals of business-growth of service marketing-classification of service marketing-business ethics-current trends in marketing

1. Marketing management-Philip Kotler.

2. Marketing Management-RajanNair.

3. Marketing Research-D.D.Sharma.

4. Advertising Management-Rajiv Batra, John G. Mayers, marketing management-S.A.Sherlekar.

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