Unit 6 Multiple Choice Answers ap language and Composition

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Unit 6 Multiple Choice Answers AP Language and Composition

1. The essay appears to be addressed to

(A) the British government

(B) British citizens

(C) Americans

(D) the American government

(E) all oppressed people


2. When the author addresses the "summer soldier" and the "sunshine patriot," he is most likely referring to

(A) the American army's reserve soldiers

(B) those citizens who are infidels

(C) the British soldiers stationed in America

(D) those who support the revolution only when convenient

(E) the government's specialized forces


3. The author's style relies on heavy use of

(A) allegory and didactic rhetoric

(B) aphorism and emotional appeal

(C) symbolism and biblical allusion

(D) paradox and invective

(E) historical background and illustration


4. Which of the following does the author NOT group with the others?

(A) Common murderer

(B) Highwayman

(C) Housebreaker

(D) King

(E) Coward


5.  The "God that the author refers to can be characterized as

(A) principled

(B) vexed

(C) indifferent

(D) contemplative

(E) pernicious


6.  Which of the following rhetorical devices is NOT one of the author's tools?

(A) Anecdote

(B) Simile

(C) Aphorism

(D) Understatement

(E) Symbolism


7.  According to the author, freedom should be considered

(A) that which will vanquish cowards

(B) one of the most valuable commodities in heaven

(C) that which can be achieved quickly

(D) desirable but never attainable

(E) an issue only governments should negotiate


8. The author's purpose in using the phrase "with as pretty a child as I ever saw" (par. 3) is most likely to

(A) prove that the tavern owner has a family

(B) display his anger

(C) add emotional appeal to his argument

(D) symbolically increase the tavern owner's evil

(E) dismiss traditional values


9. Which of the following would NOT be considered an aphorism?

(A) "Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered" (par. 1)

(B) "the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph" (par. 1)

(C) "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly" (par. 1)

(D) "Not a place upon earth might be so happy as America" (par. 3)

(E) "though the flame of liberty may sometimes cease to shine, the coal can never expire (par. 3)


10. As seen in par. 3, the author feels that, in an ideal world, America's role in relation to the rest of the world would be 

(A) only one of commerce 

(B) one of aggressive self-assertion 

(C) more exalted than Britain's 

(D) sanctified by God

(E) one of complete isolationism


11. The rhetorical mode that the author uses can best be classified as

(A) explanation 

(B) description 

(C) narration 

(D) illustration 

(E) persuasion


12. Which of the following best describes the author's purpose in the sentence "The heart that feels not now is dead.. ." (par. 4)?

(A) To suggest that children should also join the revolution

(B) To plant fear in people's hearts

(C) To plead to the king once again for liberty

(D) To encourage retreat in the face of superior force

(E) To encourage support by an emotional appeal to all men


13. All of the following rhetorical devices are particularly effective in the last paragraph of the essay EXCEPT

(A) aphorism

(B) simile

(C) deliberate ambivalence

(D) parallel construction

(E) analogy


14. The author's main purpose in the essay can best be described as 

(A) a summons for peace and rational thinking

(B) overemotional preaching for equality 

(C) a series of unwarranted conclusions 

(D) a patriotic call to duty and action

(E) a demand for immediate liberty

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