Unit 6 Assignment 1 (pp. 845-859)

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Unit 6

 Assignment 6.1 (pp. 845-859)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Describe the stresses in the Ottoman and Austrian empires.

How did nationalism “ignite” WWI?

Western Front

How did the war affect Africa?

How did the war affect the peoples of the Ottoman Empire?


Theodore Herzl

Balfour Declaration

How did WWI lead to revolution in Russia?

February Revolution


Vladimir Lenin

October Revolution

Woodrow Wilson

Fourteen Points

Describe the impact of the war.

League of Nations

Treaty of Versailles

Russian Civil War


Outline in your notes: Both the causes and effects of WWI. Be prepared to write on in-class essay using your notes.


Assignment 6.2 (pp. 859-874)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Why did Japan succeed when China stumbled?


Sun Yat-sen

Yuan Shikai


Chiang Kai-shek

Mandate system


How did the Middle East change as a result of WWI?

What problems and conflicts do you see with the documents on pp. 866-867?

What changes in the treatment of women were being introduced during this time?

Margaret Sanger

Max Planck

Albert Einstein

Sigmund Freud

Wilbur and Orville Wright

New technologies

Impact of new technologies on the environment

 Outline in your notes: the changes and continuities in the Middle East, China and Russia.


Assignment 6.3 (pp. 877-891)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Joseph Stalin

Five-Year Plans (know their political, social and economic effects)

Causes and effects of Great Depression

Describe the changing Soviet policy on marriage and abortion.

Effects of depression on non-industrial regions

Bennito Mussolini

Fascist Party

Adolf Hitler

Nazi Party

Manchurian Incident of 1931

Chiang Kai-shek

Mao Zedong

Long March

Sino-Japanese War
My Access Comparison Essay: Compare and contrast the political and social developments of China from 1850 through 1940 with the political and social developments of Russia/Soviet Union during the same period.


Assignment 6.4 (pp. 891-904)

Hints for Reading Notes:



El Alamein

Pearl Harbor

Battle of Midway



In your notes: Chart the new technologies and tactics which increased levels of wartimes casualties in World War I and World War II. Be prepared to write on in-class essay using your notes.


Assignment 6.5 (pp. 907-915)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Indian National Congress


All-India Muslim League


Mohandas K. Gandhi



Jawaharial Nehru

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

My Access CCOT Essay: Evaluate the changes and continuities from the 1857 Sepoy Rebellion through Gandhi’s assassination which led to Indian independence.


Assignment 6.6 (pp. 915-930)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Nguyen Thai Hoc’s views

Blaise Diagne

African National Congress

Haile Selassie

Emiliano Zapata

Francisco “Pancho” Villa

Lazaro Cardenas

Hipolito Irigoyen

Getulio Vargas

Import-substitution industrialization

Juan Peron

Eva Duarte Peron


 In your notes: outline the changes in Latin America. Be prepared to write on in-class comparison essay using your notes.

Assignment 6.7 (pp. 935-945)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Iron curtain

Cold War


Warsaw Pact

United Nations

Green Revolution

World Bank

Marshall Plan

European Community (EC)

Truman Doctrine

Korean War

Why was the U.S. defeated in the Vietnam War?

Cuban Missile Crisis

Helsinki Accords

How did the Cold War affect the process of decolonization?


My Access CCOT Essay: Evaluate the political and economic changes and continuities in Latin America from 1850 through 1960. Make sure you analyze causes and effects within your answer.

Assignment 6.8 (pp. 945-962)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Describe decolonization and nation building in South and Southeast Asia.

List the difficulties faced by African independence efforts.

Kwame Nkrumah


How did Latin American nations deal with European and American economic domination?

Fidel Castro

Che Guevera

Steve Biko’s views

Nonaligned nations

Third World

Cultural Revolution (China)

Why does the establishment of the state of Israel cause so much resentment?

Explain the political situation in the Middle East

In your notes: outline the reasons for post-WWII conflict in Latin America, East Asia, South/ Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Be prepared to write on in-class comparison essay using your notes.


Assignment 6.9 (pp. 965-975)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Proxy wars

Salvador Allende

Dirty war


Neo-liberalism (see article)

Ayatollah Khomeini

Saddam Husain


Asian Tigers

Newly industrialized economies (NIEs)

Deng Xiaoping

Tiananmen Square


My Access Comparison Essay: Compare and contrast the causes of 20th century conflicts and political changes in Latin America with those in one of the following regions:

  • Africa

  • SE Asia

  • Middle East


Assignment 6.10 (pp. 975-994)

Hints for Reading Notes:

Mikhail Gorbachev



Ethnic cleansing

Nelson Mandela


Thomas Malthus

Demographic transition


 In your notes: outline the changes in the Soviet Union and Africa. Be prepared to write an essay using your notes in class.


Assignment 6.11 (pp. 997-1020)

Hints for Reading Notes:



Weapons of mass destruction


Osama bin Laden

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

Cultural imperialism

Global elite culture


My Access CCOT Essay: Evaluate the economic changes and continuities which increased globalization and unequal economic development during the 20th century.

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