Undergraduate Program Course Study Guide Understanding the Importance of Repentance in the Biblical Process of Deliverance

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Undergraduate Program Course Study Guide
Understanding the Importance of Repentance
in the Biblical Process of Deliverance

Professor: Steve Gallagher, B.Min. & Jeff Colon, M.Min

Three (3) Credits


  • Pray for God’s guidance before you begin this course, and each time you work on it.

  • Become totally familiar with the Master's Online Digital Library, and make ample use of its resources throughout this course. The address is: http://odl.mdivs.edu. You will need your student ID# and password (contact Master's if you have forgotten these).

  • Follow the instructions in either your Student Start Pack (offline students) or your Student Access Page (online students) related to course formatting and submission.

  • Your Master's Student Portal is also a place to get information on most subjects related to completing this course. The address is: http://www.mdivs.edu/mdsiap.html.

  • We strongly recommend that you use word processing software and make frequent use of the spell checker/grammar suggestion aspects, and back up your files!

  • If you need to contact the professor for this course (or the academic office), we recommend that you do so first by email. Unless you already know the address of the professor, you may either refer to your Student Portal, or request contact by writing to lessons@mdivs.edu.

  • The total length of time required to complete this course is different for each person, with subject background, previous education, and personal situation all having a major role in personal study habits and ability. However, on average each course credit usually requires between 35-40 clock hours of study. Therefore, a two credit course will require about 85-90 hours of work, likewise a three credit course between 130-140 hours. Since you are not restricted by classroom hours, the average student might expect to complete a three credit course in about nine weeks by devoting four study hours per day only four days per week (i.e. two hours morning and evening).

  • When you have completed your course, send it to Master's for grading (do not send it directly to your course professor). From the time you submit your course, until it is returned to you (graded) will vary, but generally courses sent by postal mail will require as much as two weeks in transit (to and from), and another two weeks to get through the recording and grading process. Email submission generally requires about two weeks. These are averages, and your course may take slightly more or less time. While you are waiting, make good use of your time by beginning your next course, but if this is your final course, then enjoy the rest…you have earned it!

  • May God bless you as you study, as you follow the timeless encouragement given by the Apostle Paul to Timothy as recorded in II Timothy 2:15.


Course Purpose:
To teach the student about the importance of progressive sanctification; to teach the student about the goal of holiness; to teach the student about the part repentance plays in progressive sanctification; to teach the student about the part repentance plays in the process of overcoming habitual sexual sin.

Course Objectives:

  1. The student will gain a theological understanding of repentance.

  2. The student will gain a theological understanding of holiness.

  3. The student will gain a theological understanding of progressive sanctification.

  4. The student will gain an understanding of deliverance through the proper means of Scripture and the pursuit of personal holiness.

REQUIRED AUDIO (Provided by Master’s):
Four audio lectures: God’s Call to Repentance, by Jeff.

REQUIRED PRINTED MATERIALS: (Purchased from Master's by the student)


The Pursuit of Holiness, by Jerry Bridges...
Additional Reading:

The Walk of Repentance, by Steve Gallagher, Pure Life Ministries, ISBN: 0-9702202-8-6. 1993
At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry, by Steve Gallagher, Pure Life Ministries, ISBN: 0-9702202-0-0. 2000

This Study Guide contains questions and written assignments that are related to the materials. These are referred to as Course Projects.
Listen to each audio lecture. 1) Outline each lecture so that you would be able to teach that lecture to a group of students if called upon to do so. 2) At the end of each lecture outline state in not less than 250 words how the subject matter of the lecture has affected or should affect you personally.

Part One: (1). Read The Pursuit of Holiness. (2). Read the Introduction instruction to The Walk of Repentance. (3). Read the stories at the end of each week’s homework for weeks three through nine in The Walk of Repentance. Write a one-paragraph affirmation that you have read all of the assigned reading. Put your signature on this document.
Part Two: Assume that you are asked to write a Book Review of the required textbook for a magazine (include your thoughts concerning how the Workbook relates to the primary textbook). Write your review, as both a synopsis and a critique of the content. Use not less than 800 words.
Part Three: On separate sheets of paper, complete the homework assignments for weeks three through nine of The Walk of Repentance.
Part Four: Using chapter 13 of At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry as your guide, write a 1,000-word essay on the process of repentance and how it looks from beginning to end. Be thorough. Describe the fruit of repentance and how true repentance transforms a person’s life.
Part Five: Write a 300 word defense of the use of the book The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges for this course. In other words, why would the instructor find this book important to the subject of repentance and sexual purity.
Drawing from resources such as a Bible Dictionary, a Systematic Theology, Lexicons and texts for this course define the following, giving proper references for your findings, and explain their practical meaning to your life and to the life of those you seek to help:

  1. Holiness

  2. Repentance

  3. Sanctification

  4. Redemption

Part One: Create a case study (set forth in not less than 500 words). Describe the life of a sexual addict; i.e. other associated problems in his life (pride, anger, resentment, blameshifting, etc.).
Part Two: Now develop a proposed counseling process for this individual. That is, if this person were to come to you for counseling, how would you (ideally), proceed with counseling. Your proposed process must involve not less than seven individual sessions with a clear outline for what you hope will be accomplished in each. Be sure that repentance and progressive sanctification play a large part in your counsel. Bring the case to closure.

This is the final project, and must be completed only after you have finished the projects. Write a summary of the entire course. Include in this summary 1) how this course has impacted your understanding of the subject; 2) has helped you in your ministry to others; and 3) how this understanding has changed the way you think and react in matters related to the subject of the course. Use not less than 500 words.

This completes the Projects for this course.

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