Turning Point paper: Writing a strong thesis The thesis

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Turning Point paper: Writing a strong thesis
The thesis is the most important element of your paper in that it determines the central argument of your paper. The thesis guides your paper, as you will consistently re-affirm your thesis throughout the body of the paper. Use the following tips to guide you:
1.) Limit your thesis statement to one sentence (remember it can be detailed if you use the proper sentence type—compound/complex).
2.) Clearly state your turning point moment in the thesis.
3.) Make sure your thesis clearly states why your moment is a significant turning point in history. In order to do this, you’ll want to mention the areas impacted.
4.) Don’t spit out any specific research at this point. Keep the thesis somewhat general/universal.
5.) Use transitional words to create a complex thesis (see following examples for detail)
Strong sample thesis statements:

  • Pong started the video game revolution and has changed the entertainment industry, modifying the way new technologies have developed and the way an entire generation uses its free time.

(*Notice the use of parallel structure in this thesis statement.)

Transitional words

Use transitional words to create a complex thesis statement and connect ideas. In creating your thesis, discuss the turning point by connecting it to the future event it altered—the turning point as a catalyst that “turned” us in a certain direction. This is where you will use a transitional expression, and often, a semi-colon. See examples below:

With Ruth Handler’s discovery of the German Bild Lilli, she introduced the very first Barbie doll on March 9, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair; however, this doll led to young girls’ thriving for a flawless appearance and a life of perfection.
When the steel beams of the Twin Towers crashed to the ground, along with it went the American citizens’ sense of security, freedom, and economy; consequently, the American psyche was changed forever on September 11th, 2001.

  • A list of transitional words can be found on page 292 in your Diana Hacker Grammar book.

  • Create a list of synonyms for “turning point” and “catalyst” so your writing doesn’t become redundant. Use dictionary.com or the thesaurus function in Word for this.

You are required to submit a separate thesis statement, due in class, on Monday 11/28.

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