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The Award Shall be given for the Best Paper in any one of the following:

  • Values & Ethics through Training & Development

  • Improving Bottom-line through Learning & Development

  • Linking Business Strategy through Training & Development

FIRST PRIZE : Rs.15,000/- Cash Prize plus Gold Medal

SECOND PRIZE : Rs.10,000/- Cash Prize plus Silver Medal

Certificates of Merit for three outstanding contributions
CATEGORY-I : All present participants of ISTD Diploma Programme

Its Alumni and members of ISTD

CATEGORY-II: All Corporate and Academic Institutions
For receipt of Paper: 15 FEBRUARY 2014

For further particulars, contact

Programme Officer, Diploma Programme


B-23, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016

Phones: 26867710, 26524509 26524513, fax:26867607


Website: www.

Corporate trainers are in many ways the backbone of most HR functions. Due to the fast pace of the work culture today, there is a dire need to keep the human capital of the company up-to-date with the changing trends. We look at the job profile of a corporate trainer and how this breed of professionals is becoming important in the business world.”



In pursuance of the objectives of ISTD Diploma Program me, the Board has decided to organize an Annual Competition among present Diploma participants; its Alumni; ISTD Members and All Corporate and Academic Institutions by inviting Research Paper or Case Study on identified subjects. The organization of the award shall be governed by the following regulations.
Periodicity : Annual

  • To encourage innovative and positive thinking in HRD among the HRD fraternity.

  • To provide a forum for outstanding talent in the Diploma Program me for national/ global recognition.

  • To encourage and provide opportunities to the talented ISTD Diploma present participants and alumni to share their experiences and experiments.

  • To develop and promote the concept of documentation of the vision and experiences in the subject area, which will help to cope up with the emerging professional challenges.

  • To facilitate and encourage capable and talented professionals by developing confidence in writing skills and in dissemination of knowledge and concepts through in-depth studies and research work.

The award is open to all present participants of ISTD Diploma Program me; its Alumni and members of ISTD under Category-I
All Corporate and Academic Institutions under Category-II
Procedure & Rules for submission of Paper
The eligible participants shall submit a paper as per the following guidelines before the due date:

  1. Each participant should mention the Category opted

  1. Each Diploma Student and ISTD Member should mention the Registration Number and Membership Number respectively

  1. Each participant will submit only one Paper.

  1. Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate. Articles should be typed on A-4 bond paper and on one side only, with sufficient margins on all four sides. The text, abstract, notes, references and all other matter should be typed in double-space. Papers should not exceed 2500 words. A soft copy on M S Word shall also be submitted. An abstract of 200 words should accompany the Paper.

  1. Contributors must provide an undertaking along with the article stating that “the contents of this Paper are my own and have neither been published nor have been submitted for publication elsewhere and that the copyrights shall vest in ISTD if the paper is selected by ISTD for publication”.

  1. Notes should be typed on separate sheets, numbered serially and appended at the end of the Paper.

  1. Where alternative forms exist, such as ‘z’ in ‘-ize’, ‘-ization’ should be used. Similarly British spellings rather than American be used. (Thus ‘programme’ not ‘program’).

  1. Single quotation marks be used, reserving double quotes for quoted words within a quotation. Quotations in excess of 45 words should be set off from the text.

  1. Capitalization should be kept to the minimum and applied consistently.

  1. Figures (and not words) be used for exact measurements and percentages. Use thousands, millions, billions, not lakhs and crores.

  1. Tables and Figures should be indicated by numbers Table 1 and so on not location ‘(as in the Table below)’. Figures and tables should be presented on separate sheets and gathered at the end of the article, with their locations in the text clearly indicated. Sources and units of measurement should be stated.

  1. References should contain the name of the author, title/sub-title of the books, articles, paper, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, number of pages and year in that order.

  1. Contestants must provide their affiliations with their organization complete mailing addresses (both postal and e-mail), and phone and fax numbers. All material shall be submitted to The Programme Officer, Diploma Programme, ISTD, Training House,

  2. B-23, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016.


All entries will be scrutinized and validated by a ‘Screening Committee’ consisting of the Director, Executive Director, ISTD. In the non-availability of any of these, the Chairman, Board will nominate a replacement. Recommendations of the Screening Committee will be submitted to the Jury.
Evaluation will be carried out by a Jury consisting of three to five members and a Chairman nominated by Chairman, Diploma Board in consultation with Co-Chairman, two members of the Board and the Director.
The papers shall be evaluated for originality or innovative ideas, the substance of contents, depth of analysis, style of presentation. Each member of the Jury shall give the rating in a 1 to 100 point scale. The minimum points secured by any awardees shall not be less than an average of 60 per jury member.

The decision of the Jury would be final and binding. The award will be subject to the Jury’s opinion that the paper is of a minimum standard set for the award.

Awards: First Prize : Rs. 15,000/- Cash Prize plus Gold Medal

Second Prize: Rs. 10,000/- Cash Prize plus Silver Medal

Certificates of Merit for three outstanding contributions: Rs.2000/- each
Time Schedule (subject to change)

Issue of Notification


By Second Week of November

Date for Submission


By Second Week of February

Scrutiny and Validation at National Headquarters by the Screening Committee and submission of recommendations to the Jury.


By First Week of March

Evaluation and final selection by the Jury and submission of the results to NHQ


By End of March

Announcement of Winners


By end of March

Presentation of Awards


At the Diploma Convocation Ceremony or ISTD Convention or any similar function.

November 1, 2013 Prof B V Babu


Diploma Board

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