Tossups by South Carolina a for the 1998 acf regionals

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Tossups by South Carolina A for the 1998 ACF Regionals
1. Its crystals belong to the rhombohedral class of the of the hexagonal system which differentiates it from aragonite which has the same chemical composition but forms orthorhombic crystals. This mineral which is composed of anhydrous calcium carbonate figures into the production of lime, cement, fertilizers, crayons, and building materials. FTP, name this mineral whose pure transparent form exhibits double refraction and is therefore used in making polarizing prisms.

Answer: _Calcite_

2. He was one of the ten leaders of the Athenians at the battle of Marathon, and he had a share in the victories at Salamis and Plataea. He proposed a plan that opposed the naval strategy of Themistocles, but a popular vote decided against him and he entered exile. FTP, name this Athenian military leader who was instrumental in organising the Delian confederacy.

Answer: _Aristides_

3. Crusaders encamped on the plains of Tortosa choose Godfrey for their chief, and Alandine, king of Jerusalem, prepares his defense of the city. Godfrey invites Rinaldo to return from the enchanted island so that the city can be conquered. Armida offers to marry any knight who can kill Rinaldo, but he eventually seduces her. FTP, this is the plot of what epic in twenty books--the masterpiece of Torquato Tasso.

Answer: _Jerusalem Delivered_ (Jerusalemme Liberata)

4. Some of the more obscure works in the series are _Peveril of the Peak_, _The Abbot_, _Woodstock_, _Quentin Durward_, and _Castle Dangerous_. Its title also refers to a novel of the same name by an author who published it anonymously because he did not wish to admit his withdrawal from poetry. FTP, name this series of novels that includes _Kenilworth_, _The Heart of Midlothian_, and _Bride of Lammermoor_.

Answer: _Waverly_ novels or series

5. It was negotiated by the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Norway. Other countries invited to join were Italy, Portugal, Denmark, and Iceland. It was formed in response to the veto power and expansionist actions in Eastern Europe of the Soviet Union. FTP, name this organization founded in 1949.

Answer: _North Atlantic Treaty Organization_ or _NATO_

6. Born in Clinton, New York in 1845, he graduated from Hamilton College in 1864 before gaining a law degree from NYU in 1867. He was appointed Secretary of War by McKinley in 1899, and he served in that post until 1904. After the Spanish American War he represented the United States in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Phillipines. FTP, name Teddy Roosevelt's Secretary of State from 1905-1908 who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912.

Answer: Elihu _Root_

7. Geoffrey of Monmouth helped create this character because he adapted a story of a boy, Ambrosius, who had advised the legendary king Vortigern. Geoffrey futher added to this man's accomplishments by borrowing another story from northern legend about a wild man of the woods who had powers of divination. He is also mentioned in the Vulgate cycle as the prophet if the holy grail, although the knight he advised never found it. FTP, name this advisor and magician to Uther Pendragon and King Arthur.

Answer: _Merlin_

8. He wants his servant to set an alarm if he leaves so he can be sure that the servant isn't dead. He wants his painkiller, but it isn't quite time yet and there isn't any painkiller anyway. He wants to be placed in the center of the room, but he settles for being roughly in the middle. FTP, name this character who plays with a 3-legged toy dog and is pushed around the room by Clov in Samuel Beckett's _Endgame_.

Answer: _Hamm_

9. His lesser known works include _It Rains on our Love_, _A Ship Bound for India_, _Port of Call_, and _Summer with Monika_. His first hit came in 1955 with _Smiles of a Summer Night_. Although his impressive career spans almost 40 years his films only won two Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film-in 1959 for _The Virgin Spring_ and in 1961 for _Through a Glass Darkly_. FTP, name this director of _Wild Strawberries_.

Answer: Ingmar _Bergman_

10. He returned to Cambridge to become a professor of philosophy after he lost a job as an elementary school teacher for having beaten a dimwitted student. His later work supports the concepts of family relationships in language instead of the direct correspondence of elementary principles and atomic facts. FTP, name this man whose doctoral dissertation at Cambridge was his widely published and widely misunderstood masterpiece the _Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus_.

Answer: Ludwig _Wittgenstein_

11. First performed on Dec. 26, 1831, at La Scala, Milan, the work calls for singers of virtuoso caliber. The libretto is by Felice Romani, and based on the French tragedy by Louis Alexandre Soumet. In the opera, the title character has given birth to two children by the Roman proconsul, Pollione. However, Pollione is persuing a young priestess Adalgisa. When the title character learns of this she prepares to kill her children. Pollione is captured after the title character summons the druids to revolt. When she decides that she has betrayed her people, she jumps into the flames. FTP, name the druid queen and you also name the Bellini opera.

Answer: _Norma_

12. The first laboratory test of Einstein's general theory of relativity, and it confirmed the prediction that the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, including gamma rays, increases as the gravitational field increases. Named for a Cal Tech professor, this effect holds that certain radioactive atoms, when present in a crystalline structure, emit or absorb gamma rays in an extremely narrow range of wavelengths. FTP, name this effect which won for its discoverer the 1961 Nobel Prize in physics.

Answer: _Mossbauer_ effect

13. While a student of Liebig's at Giessen, he wrote a famous textbook The Handbook of Organic Chemistry. However while sleeping, he made his most famous discovery. He dreamt of two snakes devouring each other and thus deduced the structure of benzene. FTP, name this scientist.

Answer: Friedrich August _Kekule_ von Stradonitz

14. At this conference, the invasion of Sicily was agreed upon and Roosevelt called for unconditional surrender of Germany, Japan, and Italy. Held from January 14 to 23, 1943 Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met in this city to discuss the future strategic planning for the war. FTP, identify this conference held in a city in Morocco.

Answer: _Casablanca_ Conference

15. Written in 1712, it was revised and expanded in 1714. In this poem, the author offers a view of English upper-class society which is both mocking while at the same time exuding a sense of admirability. In describing the theft of the central object, the author used the elevation and apparatus of epic poetry, thus making his poem the first "mock epic" in English literature. FTP, name this poem centering around Belinda by Alexander Pope.

Answer: The _Rape of the Lock_

16. Early on he wrote An Essay on the Influence of a Low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock, which argued against high tariffs on grain imports. It was with this publication that he was established as a major proponent of what would become the concept of free trade. He also is credited with determining the theory of comparative advantage. FTP, name this economist more famous for his Principles of Political Economy and Taxation.

Answer: David _Ricardo_

17. Located in the Canaima National Park, it was discovered in 1935 by a U.S. explorer. The Rio Churun flows over a plateau called Auyan-Tepui in the Guiana Highlands. The greatest uninterrupted drop is 800 meters. FTP, what is the name given to the world's highest waterfall?

Answer: _Angel Falls_

18. This disease can be classified into two types: chronic open-angle and closed angle. Open angel is the most common form of this disease which is caused by an imbalance in the production and drainage of the watery fluid produced by cells behind the lens of the eye. FTP, name this disease of the eye which, if untreated, can lead to blindness.

Answer: _Glaucoma_

19. This man became tutor to the Cavendish family and later translated some of Francis Bacon's work into English. In 1646, he became tutor to the Prince of Wales who would later become Charles II. It was in Paris, where Charles was exiled, that this man would write his most famous work subtitled: "the Matter, Form, and Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiastical and Civil". FTP, name this author of Leviathan.

Answer: Thomas _Hobbes_

20. The only complete account of his myth comes from Plutarch, although Egyptian fragments support what Plutarch reported. Son of Geb and Nut, he is credited with introducing agriculture to the Egyptians. One famous story involves him being dismembered by Set, after which he was pieced back together by his sister Isis. FTP, name this Egyptian deity of the underworld and god of the dead.

Answer: _Osiris_

21. Her husband, Stanley Edgar Hyman, edited a collection of her stories, lectures, and part of a novel entitled Come Along With Me, which was published after her death. She is also remembered for two novels: We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Haunting of Hill House. She is better remembered by readers today for a short story published in the New Yorker in 1948. FTP, name the author of "The Lottery".

Answer: Shirley _Jackson_

22. It was called the Paix des Dames because its negotiators were Margaret of Austria and Louise of Savoy. France paid two million crowns and surrendered claims to Italy, Artois, and Flanders. The Holy Roman Empire gave up claim to Burgundy and released French princes taken hostage in 1526. FTP, name this 1529 treaty between Francis I and Charles V that is named after a city in northern France.

Answer: Peace of _Cambrai_

23. This is a vector directed along the rotational axis. In rotational motion it corresponds to force in linear motion. It is the product of the force tending to rotate an object, multiplied by the perpendicular radius arm through which the force acts. FTP, name this force measured in foot-pounds.

Answer: _Torque_

24. Unlike most early 20th Century symphonies, it is composed of a single movement so the composer questioned whether he should call it a symphony or not. Its composer conducted its premiere in 1924 under the title _Fastasia Sinfonia_, but when he published it in 1925 he restored its proper name. FTP, name this orchestral work, the last of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

Answer: Symphony No. _7_

25. Born in Kyoto in 1949, he studied drama at Waseda University before managing a jazz bar between 1974 and 1981. He has translated such authors as Fitzgerald, Capote, and John Irving, and his 1987 publication of _Norwegian Wood_ made him the most popular author in Japan. FTP, name this modern Japanese author of _Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World_ and _A Wild Sheep Chase_.

Answer: Haruki _Murakami_

26. Born in 1883, he befriended Marcel Duchamp in New York during World War I. A few years later, influenced by Futurism, he developed the style of Precisionism to depict urban and industrial architecture. The title of his most famous painting comes from a poem by the artist's friend William Carlos Williams whose name appears in the design in the form "Bill", "Carlos", and "W.C.W." FTP, name this artist whose most famous work depicts a fire truck entitled _I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold_.

Answer: Charles _Demuth_

27. The axioms of this group are defined so as to be as broad as possible, in contrast to the systems of axioms of Euclid, which characterize only Euclidean geometry, and of Giuseppe Peano, which concern the theory of natural numbers. They take their name from a general who has a statue in Nancy, where most of them worked. However, the name Nicholas comes from a certain saint who brings gifts to the mathematical world. FTP, name this influential mathematical group, who publishes their books under a pseudonym.

Answer: Nicholas _Bourbaki_

28. His discovery that as light intensity decreases, the sensation of red fades faster than the blue was named after him. This is not the only thing named after him either as he He also discovered large, many-branched nerve cells in the cerebral cortex which bear his name. Finally, fibers in the heart which help control heart function are named for him. FTP, name this Czech physiologist.

Answer: Jan _Purkinje_

29. After defeating the Russians at Friedland, Napoleon forced the Alexander I to sign this treaty which forced Russia to back France against Britain if Britain refused mediation. Later on, King Frederick William III of Prussia took part and the puppet Kingdom of Westphalia was created. FTP, name this treaty famous for being signed on a raft in the middle of the Neman River, which brought an end to the War of the Third Coalition.

Answer: Treaty of _Tilsit_

30. He and his wife, the actress Franca Rame, lead the theater cooperative La Comune. His plays, which have been produced in over 30 countries, include Mistero Buffo, The Pope and the Witch, and most famously, Accidental Death of an Anarchist. FTP, name this winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Answer: Dario _Fo_

Bonuses by South Carolina for the 1998 ACF Regionals

1. 30-20-10. Name the composer given works.

30: Overture to The School for Scandal

20: Prayers for Kierkegaard

10: Vanessa

Answer: Samuel _Barber_
2. Identify these chemical reactions, F15PE.

1. This reaction, named for a Frenchman and an American, uses aluminum chloride as a catalyst to facilitate the combination of a chain of carbon atoms with a ring of carbon atoms.

Answer: _Friedel-Crafts_ reaction

2. This reaction won its discoverers the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. It involves joining a diene to form a compound with a ring of atoms.

Answer: _Diels-Adler_ reaction
3. Identify the author from works 30-20-10.

30: _The Golden Lion of Granpere_

20: _Doctor Thorne_

10: _Barchester Towers_

Answer: Anthony _Trollope_
4. Answer the following questions about the Suez Crisis, F10PE.

1. This event occurred in what year?

Answer: _1956_

2. Name the Egyptian president who nationalized the canal despite the fact that Britain held nearly half the number of shares in the Suez Canal Company.

Answer: Gamal Abdel _Nasser_

3. Which British Prime Minister lost his position as a result of the crisis?

Answer: Sir Anthony _Eden_
5. Answer the following questions about a 1943 novel which is supposedly based on the life of Frank Lloyd Wright.

1.FTP, what is the title of this novel about an architect who refuses to lucrative commissions which would compromise his integrity?

Answer: The _Fountainhead_

2. F5P, who wrote The Fountainhead?

Answer: Ayn _Rand_

3. F15P, what is the name of the architect?

Answer: _Howard_ _Roark_ (either is acceptable)
6. Identify these Norse gods, given items they are associated with.

1. Brisingamen, a necklace forged by dwarves.

Answer: _Freia_

2. Draupnir, a ring.

Answer: _Odin_

3. Gjallerhorn, which he will sound too late at Ragnarok.

Answer: _Heimdall_
7. Identify these winds, FTPE.

1. These are the hot, dry winds which blow over the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Answer: Chinook

2. From the Arabic for "from the east", this is a warm. Southerly wind of the Mediterranean Sea.

Answer: Sirocco

3. Called a bora on the Adriatic coast, this is a cold, northwesterly wind which blows in southern France.

Answer: Mistral
8. This bonus will test your knowledge of Japanese unification, FTPE.

1. He puppetized the Ashikaga shogunate and then booted them out of power. He burned Buddhist monasteries and began what would lead to Japanese unification. He was assassinated in 1582 by a disaffected aide.

Answer: _Nobunaga_

2. A general of Nobunaga, when he heard of Nobunaga's assassination, he asserted himself as Nobunaga's successor. He completed unification of Japan in 1590 with the conquest of the Hojo clan.

Answer: _Hideyoshi_ Toyotomi

3. Hideyoshi allied with this man during the last stages of unification. He was leading general when the Hojo were defeated in 1590. After the battle of Sekigahara in 1600, this man emerged as the military leader of Japan.

Answer: _Tokugawa_ Ieysu
9. Name the author from works on a 15-5 basis.

For 15: _Taras Bulba_

For 5: _The Overcoat_

Answer: Nikolai Vasilievitch _Gogol_

For 15: _Virgin Soil_

For 5: _Fathers and Sons_

Answer: Ivan Sergeyevitch _Turgenev_
10. This bonus will test your knowledge on the House of Normandy. Stated number of points.

1. 5 pts: This man had the nickname of the Bastard as well as the more famous, Conqueror.

Answer: _William I_ or William, Duke of Normandy

2. 10 pts. This monarch's cruelty made him unpopular and in 1100 he was killed by an arrow while hunting in the New Forest.

Answer: _William II_

3. 15 pts: The House of Normandy was established at the Battle of Hastings. However, this was not the actual site of the battle. F15P, name the true site, a hill, where the battle was fought.

Answer: Senlac Hill
11. Answer the following related questions.

1. He believed that Earth, Air, Fire and Water were the base roots of matter with Love and Strife or Hate acting as principles of attraction or repulsion.

Answer: _Empedocles_

2. Wanting the people to believe the Gods had taken him, and also sick of life, Epedocles jumped into what volcano, located on what island, FFPE.

Answer: _Mt. Etna_ and _Sicily_

3. Two authors, one English and one German provided literary treatments of Empedocles death. FFPE, name the authors of _Empedocles on Etna_ and _The Death of Empedocles_

Answer: Matthew _Arnold_ and Freidrich _Holderlin_
12. FTPE, given the title of a work in economics identify its author.

1. _The Nature and Progress of Rent_

Answer: Thomas Robert _Malthus_

2. _How to Pay for the War_

Answer: John Maynard _Keynes_

3. _The Affluent Society_

Answer: John Kenneth _Galbraith_
13. Identify these effects from thermochemistry, FTPE.

1. If a homogeneous material having mobile charges has temperature T1 at one end and T2 at the other end while it is in an open circuit, then a difference in electric voltage will occur between the two ends.

Answer: _Seebeck_ effect

2. Unlike the Seebeck effect, which occurs in a single material in the presence of a temperature difference without an electric current, this only occurs at the junction of two dissimilar materials when electric current flows. Heat, is either emitted or absorbed at the junction, depending on the direction of current flow.

Answer: _Peltier_ effect

3. In this effect, an electric current flowing through a homogeneous material that also has a temperature difference will cause the emission or absorption of heat in the body of the material. The direction of the electric current relative to the sense of the temperature difference (that is, flowing toward higher or lower temperature) determines whether heat is emitted or absorbed.

Answer: _Thomson_ effect
14. Name the following artists given a work and its year of completion FTPE.

1. _Horse Fair_, 1853

Answer: Rosa _Bonheur_

2. _Lobster Trap and Fish Tail_, 1939

Answer: Alexander _Calder_

3. _Black Quadrilateral_, 1915

Answer: Kazimir _Malevich_
15. Latin American countries have had their share of wars which go largely unnoticed by the quizbowl world. Prove you don't fit into that ignorant group and identify these, 15 each.

1. This conflict between Bolivia and Paraguay centered on ownership of a 100,000 square mile area of land. By terms of the treaty signed in 1938, Paraguay got most of the land but Bolivia got access to the Paraguay River.

Answer: War of the _Gran Chaco_ (acc: Chaco War)

2. Paraguay was earlier involved in this conflict where they took on Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Needless to say, they lost. In fact they lost around 1/3 of their entire population.

Answer: War of the _Triple Alliance_ (acc: Paraguayan War)
16. Identify the terms from the study of music FTPE.

1. This term refers to a sudden shift in dynamics, and literally means ÒsuddenÓ.

Answer: _subito_

2. This is typically the solo section in a concerto.

Answer: _cadenza_

3. This term refers to a short, repeated melodic phrase specifically in the bass.

Answer: _ostinato_
17. Name the author from works 30-20-10.

30: _The Cicadas_ and _Those Barren Leaves_

20: _Ape and Essence_ and _Heaven and Hell_

10: _After Many a Summer Dies the Swan_ and _Crome Yellow_

Answer: _Aldous Huxley_
18. Identify the director 30-20-10.

30: _Knife in the Water_

20: _Death and the Maiden_

10: _Rosemary's Baby_

Answer: Roman _Polanski_
19. Identify the philosopher from works FTPE.

1. _The Philosophy of Right_ and _Phenomenology of the Mind_

Answer: George Wilhelm Friedrich _Hegel_

2. _Monadology_ and _System of Theology_

Answer: Gottfried Wilhelm von _Leibnitz_

3. _Les Mots_ and _Situations_

Answer: Jean-Paul _Sartre_
20. Given a character, name the creator of that character FTPE.

1. Kyo Gisors

Answer: Andre _Malraux_

2. Berenger

Answer: Eugene _Ionesco_

3. Cunegonde

Answer: _Voltaire_ or Francois Marie _Arouet_
22. Given a Revolutionary War battle name the American general in command FTPE.

1. Kaskaskia

Answer: George Rogers _Clark_

2. Guilford Court House

Answer: Nathanael _Greene_

3. Monmouth

Answer: George _Washington_
23. Name the five male children of Carlo Buonaparte that survived to adulthood. You will receive 5 points for each correct answer with a bonus 5 for placing them in order from oldest to youngest.

Answer: Joseph, Napoleon, Lucien, Louis, and Jerome in order.

24. Given a battle, name the war during which it took place F15PE.

1. Sphacteria

Answer: _Peloponnesian_ War

2. Mycale

Answer: _Persian_ War or _Greco-Persian_ War
25. Name the religious holidays from clues.

1. It occurs on the 10th day of the seventh Hebrew month.

Answer: _Yom Kippur_

2. It is the first day of the Jewish new year.

Answer: _Rosh Hashanah_

3. It falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

Answer: _Shrove Tuesday_
26. Given a mythological character, identify his or her parents F5PE.

1. Artemis

Answer: _Zeus_ and _Latona_

2. Andromeda

Answer: _Cepheus_ and _Cassiopeia_

3. Prometheus

Answer: _Iapetus_ and _Clymene_
27. Everyone knows that Alan Shepard was the first American in space. F5PE, identify the other six members of NASA's first group of seven astronauts.

Answer: John H. _Glenn_

Virgil I _Grissom_

Donald K. _Slayton_

Leroy G. _Cooper_

Malcolm S. _Carpenter_

Walter M. _Schirra_
28. France has always had its share of Nobel laureates in literature, too many in fact. Show your well-roundedness and identify these Nobel laureates, none of whom is from France.

1. Most famous for his _The Great Weaver from Kasmir_, his finest novel is generally regarded to be Iceland's Bell. He won the Nobel in 1955.

Answer: Halldor K. _Laxness_

2. His two most famous novels are _Bosnian Days_ and _Bridge on the Drina_. He won the Nobel in 1961.

Answer: Ivo _Andric_

3. _The Men of Maize_ is generally believed to be his masterpiece. His novel _The President_ is a bitter endictment of then-president of Guatemala Manuel Cabrera. He won the Nobel in 1967.

Answer: Miguel _Asturias_
29. Arrange the boiling points of the following elements from lowest to highest F5PE and a 5 point bonus for all correct: Tungsten, Sodium, Mercury, Lead, and Copper.

Answer: Mercury, Sodium, Lead, Copper, Tungsten in order.

30. Given a list of treaties, name the only country that was involved in all of them. You will receive 15 points for answering after the initial list and 10 points if you need one more treaty.

15- Peace of Copenhagen (1660), Peace of Kiel (1814), and Peace of Westphalia (1648).

10- Peace of Nystad (1721)

Answer: _Sweden_

15- Treaty of Schonbrunn (1805), Peace of Basel (1795), Peace of Prague (1866).

10- Peace of Breslau (1742)

Answer: _Prussia_
31. This bonus will test your knowledge of James Joyce's 1916 masterpiece _A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man_. Answer the following questions related to that novel for the stated number of points.

1. For 5 points, what poetic form does Stephen utilize in creating his artistic ideal?

Answer: _Villanelle_

2. For 5 points each, name the poet and the poem of the most notable example of the villanelle. Answer: Dylan _Thomas_; _Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night_

3. For a well-deserved 15 points, whose theory of beauty does Stephen appeal to when writing his villanelle.

Answer: St. Thomas _Aquinas_

32. Name the philosophers from clues FTPE.

A. This philosopher began publishing _La Critica_ in 1902, but he is perhaps better known for his work _Philosophy of the Spirit_.

Answer: Benedetto _Croce_

B. His works include _Two Sources of Morality and Religion_ and _Matter and Memory_.

Answer: Henri _Bergson_

C. He was a conscientious objector during WWI and later supported the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament before his death in 1970.

Answer: Bertrand _Russel_

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