Topics Supported by Smarthinking Mathematics and Statistics

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Topics Supported by Smarthinking
Mathematics and Statistics

Basic Math Skills, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus I & II (Single Variable Calculus), Statistics
Basic Math: Operations on Whole Numbers, Addition and Subtraction Using Fractional Notation, Addition and Subtraction Using Decimal Notation, Multiplication and Division Using Fractional Notation, Multiplication and Division Using Decimal Notation, Ratio and Proportion, Percent Notation, The Real Number System, Dimensional analysis, Number systems other than base 10, Order of Operations, Exponents, Set Operations, Venn diagrams, Logic; Truth tables, Conditionals and Bi‐conditionals.
Algebra: Linear equations; Applications, Absolute value ‐ Inequalities; Linear, Absolute value, Non linear ‐ Functions / Graphs; Function notation, Linear, Polynomials, Translations / Shifting / reflecting graphs, Composition, Inverse functions ‐ Roots of polynomials; Quadratic, Factoring, Complete square, Quadratic formula, Complex Numbers, Higher Degree, Factoring special cases, Synthetic division ‐ Exponentials and Logs;

Graphs, Properties, Solving equations ‐ Systems of linear equations; 2 equations 2 unknowns, Matrix algebra, Gaussian elimination, Inverses, Determinates ‐ Conics ‐ Mathematics of finance; Simple/compound interest, Annuities, Amortization ‐ Linear programming; Geometric approach, simplex method.

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