Topics for the final assignment introduction to Australian Literature and Culture

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Introduction to Australian Literature and Culture

Cecilia Gall

  1. The development of Australian national identity and its critique (Australia poems, Lawson, new versions of „The Drover's Wife”, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.)

  1. The representation of female characters in Lawson's and Baynton's short stories. Read 3-3 stories by the authors.

  1. Journey as symbol in Randolph Stow's To The Islands.

  1. The representation of Aboriginal characters in Patrick White's A Fringe of Leaves. Describe Ellen's relationship with her tribe.

  1. Deconstruction of the ANZAC myth in One Day of the Year by Alan Seymour.

  1. American influences in the Australian dream: A close reading of Peter Carey's „American Dreams”. Provide context as well (1950s- today.)

  1. Migrant and women short story writers often focus on social problems in Australian society. Focus on an author or dicuss a topic that is raised by a number of writers.

  1. How does Sally Morgan's My Place depict the relationships between black and white characters?

  1. Topic of your choice.

The essay should be 6-8 pages long. Please consult my list of Recommended readings under Australian Studies at

Make sure you cite all your sources correctly (internet sources as well.) Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Deadline for submission: 8 December 2009. Paper copies please.

Please return all borrowed course materials by 8 December. I will be out of the country until 16 January 2010. Markbooks will be signed in the week 18-22 January 2010. If you need a mark before this date I can ask a colleague to enter your mark on my behalf.

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