Topic: How to write effective short essay answers

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Topic: How to write effective short essay answers

My personal first step is to write specific bullet points or details that answer the essay question. These would act as the short notes in the margins.

Organizing a Short-Answer Essay

Organizing a short-answer essay on an exam or test must be done quickly and without an opportunity to check your notes. As you prepare to answer the question, consider the most important points you wish to emphasize that answer the question; writing short notes in the margins of your exam or test may help you recall the ideas you wish to highlight.

In Your Short-Answer

When appropriate or specified by the question, provide a clear, well-elaborated example. For instance, when interpretation is called for, do not simply name a tale or a critical approach as evidence, but illustrate how your example fits in with the central idea under discussion.

Because the short-answer format is of necessity brief, you must express your thoughts in a concise and targeted way. Do not ramble in the hope that the more you say, the better your answer will look. Answer the question and move on.

The short-answer questions will tend to ask for a created answer that cannot be recalled as in a multiple-choice format. This means that the more you have considered the meaning and significance of both notes and textbook information studied in class, the better you will do.

When you have finished the answer, if you have time, go back and read the question. Does your response answer the question asked? If not, you need to write an answer that does.

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