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  • Act V Debrief – Trash Talk
  • Brutus and Cassius – Showdown
  • Julius Caesar Critical Essays
  • Act V Questions



  • The main leaders meet on the battlefield and exchange insults, whetting their appetite for battle.
  • The scene closes with Brutus and Cassius saying emotional goodbyes, perhaps knowing that the end is near.
  • Cassius states to Messala that he is going into battle against his own good judgment


  • Translate the “trash talk” from the opening of Act V into modern day language
  • What insults would fly across the battle field?
  • Keep it within reason!


  • Brutus and Cassius both arrive at a tragic demise in Act V
  • Are there signs that one would have been a better leader than the other?
  • Create a comparison chart of the two characters to determine which potential leader would have been more successful
  • What do these images suggest about the characters of Brutus and Cassius?

The Academy Awards – Julius Caesar Version

  • Which characters in Julius Caesar do you consider to be most deserving of the following awards?
  • Nominate two characters.
  • You will then consult with a classmate to determine the final “winner” of each award.

Weekend Homework

  • Act V Questions – Chronology and Short Answer
  • Plot Structure Table – Complete
  • Bring a copy of the lyrics of your favourite song to class

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