Thesis statement

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Makes a claim that you can and will defend!

If it is not arguable, it is NOT a thesis statement

Does not contain both arguments – commit to ONE

Is powerful and makes the reader want to continue

Does not contain the word “I”

Does not contain a statement that is too broad (The cause of WWII was ____)

Will utilize the documents to support your 3 buckets (definition of greatness)

Must reference the source you used (Doc A) at end of sentence

Generally falls into 3 paragraphs (one per bucket)

Again, never use “I” - you are PROVING your thesis statement with facts

Addresses counter arguments: “Although some accuse Alexander of cruelty (BGE, Doc C), strong actions were needed to lead his men.”
Ties essay together, essentially a restatement of the thesis
Alexander the Great came by his title for a very good reason and was one of the greatest leaders in history. He was a great man because he demonstrated unmatched military skill, a willingness to do whatever it took to conquer his enemy, and left his mark on Eastern culture by leaving the Greek language and culture behind.
Alexander was a military genius as demonstrated by his trickery of Porus along the Hydaspes River, where he distracted the enemy repeatedly to the point where Porus became tired of responding. Alexander was thus able to allow his men to cross the river and win the battle. (Doc D) You should provide several examples in this paragraph.

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