The writer uses vocab and sentence variety inadequately

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The essay responds effectively to the prompt. The essay is well-developed with paragraphs that effectively support the thesis. The writer includes evidence from the novel.

The essay may stray from the thesis once or twice, but the thesis is supported adequately throughout the essay.

The essay strays from the topic. The page length is one or less. The paragraphs and support are inadequate for the assignment.

The essay does not support the thesis. The thesis statement is not proven. There is no textual support for the thesis.

Word Choice

The writer uses effective and elevated vocab sentence structures effectively throughout the essay.

The writer uses an adequate amount of elevated vocab throughout the essay. Sentence variety is adequate.

The writer uses vocab and sentence variety inadequately.

There is no attempt to elevate vocab or sentence variety throughout the essay.


Essay is logically and effectively organized with a beginning, middle, and end.

Essay is adequately organized. The beginning, middle, and end are adequate.

Essay is disorganized at times.

Essay is not effectively organized.


Introduction effectively grabs reader’s attention. Thesis effectively responds to the prompt.

Writer makes an adequate attempt to grab reader’s attention. Thesis responds to prompt adequately.

Introduction provides background info but is insufficient. Thesis is apparent, but does not respond to the prompt adequately.

Introduction does not grab the reader’s attention. Thesis is inadequate.


Essay is concluded effectively. Thesis is re-stated effectively.

Essay is concluded adequately. Thesis is re-stated adequately.

Essay contains a conclusion, but it is weak. Thesis is merely repeated or not re-stated at all.

Essay ends abruptly.


Title effectively introduces essay.

The essay includes an adequate title.

Title is ineffective.

No title included.

MLA in text

In-text citations are correct and effective.

In-text citations are adequate.

In-text citations are inadequate.

No in-text citations included.

Works Cited page/Research

The works cited page contains no errors. The research effectively supports the thesis.

The works cited page contains some minor errors. The research included adequately supports the thesis.

The works cited page contains numerous errors. The research is inadequate and/or the essay is too dependent on research.

No works cited page included. Essay includes no research.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

Essay contains no errors in G.U.M.

Essay contains a few G.U.M.errors that do not interfere with the reading of the essay.

The essay contains some errors in G.U.M. that interfere with the reading of the essay at times.

Essay contains numerous G.U.M. errors that impede with the reading of the essay.

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