The Underrepresentation of Film in Everyday Life

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2008 Film Tournament at Chicago Open / BASQUE, by Yogesh Raut and Ray Luo.

"The Underrepresentation of Film in Everyday Life."

2 pts for powers, -1 pt for interrupts.


40. RL: theme.

The Japanese sci-fi films Rodan, The Mysterians, and The H-Man are examples of this, partly because they are irresponsible in their fantasy. The "canon" of this varies with time, and films that do not satisfy this include Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief and Rear Window, because their self-parody leads to self-contempt. Anita Ekberg was induced to it without her knowledge, and Marlene Dietrich's The Devil Is a Woman especially satisfies this. Sergei Eisenstein films don't usually make it, but his Ivan the Terrible does succeed by being "a little more off." The greatest examples of it include Trouble in Paradise and The Maltese Falcon, as indicated in point 20 of the essay in which it is described. Describing that which is "good because it's awful," FTP name this aesthetic sensibility, "notes" on which was collected in Against Interpretation by Susan Sontag.

39. RL: director.

In one of his films, a joke that compares the protagonist's husband to a bear, an Ursus Gigantus, makes her hysterical, and she eventually runs off with the young archaeologist Bernard Dubois-Lambert. Another of his films contains a memorable scene in which a peasant fires a slingshot next to a portrait of Henri Petain, having been rejected from the French Resistance to work for the Gestapo. This director of The Thief and Zazie portrayed Jeanne Tournier's affair with a polo player before a midnight tryst causes her to leave her husband and child in the aforementioned The Lovers, as well as Lacombe Lucien. He shot the slums of Calcutta for the documentary Phantom India, and also made Atlantic City and My Dinner with Andre. FTP name this French director who recalled Catholic Julien Quintin and Jewish Jean Bonnet's boarding school life in Au revoir les enfants, notably married to Candice Bergen.

ANSWER: Louis Malle
38. RL: performer.

A sailor with a tattoo of this person is greeted with the exclamation "what you think I can't support my man?" while running around looking for the protagonist in Billy Wilder's Irma La Douce. In one of her roles, she goes to the jukebox every afternoon while working at a St. Tropez bookstore, where yacht owner Eric Carradine tells her that "they are cast in the same mould." In another role, she dons a black wig after meeting Prokosch, with whom Paul Javal is working on the film Ulysses, to be directed by Fritz Lang. She played a handmaiden to Robert Wise's Helen of Troy, as well as Countess Irina Lazaar opposite Sean Connery in the Louis L'Amour western Shalako. Making her mark as the rabbit-cooking orphan Juliete who drives her jealous husband Michel Targieu nuts, FTP name this actress known for her roles in the aforementioned Roger Vadim film And God Created Woman, as well as Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt.

ANSWER: Brigitte Bardot; accept "BB"
37. RL: director.

He showed a swinging hanged man used to sound a village bell dissolving into a young aristocratic woman moving on a swing in one of his films that contains a wedding scene filled with candles surrounding the protagonists. He filmed a woman selling apples at a night club who falls for Tom Brown, Amy Jolly, in a movie containing an infamous lesbian kissing scene involving a woman in tails. He made the experimental The Salvation Hunters and the Japanese production The Saga of Anatahan, and in between, he stepped in for King Vidor for Duel in the Sun, and put ex-general Sergius Alexander in a film within a film in The Last Command. He had his character Helen Jones take on the roles of a lover, a mother, an adulteress, and a whore in film that features the "Hot Voodoo" number, and described Lola Lola's temptation of Professor Rath in another work. FTP name this director of the aforementioned The Scarlet Empress, Morocco, Blonde Venus, and The Blue Angel, best known for working with Marlene Dietrich.

ANSWER: Josef von Sternberg
36. RL: foreign.

One character in this work speaks of a spider who "tried to force himself into" her when the door in the attic opened just as a helicopter lands outside, a moment when "reality burst open" for her brother. Another character is taken to a play about a boy who refuses to join the Princess of Castile in her tomb, exclaiming "death alone shall love me," a play entitled The Artistic Haunt. That character, David, plans on heading a tour to Dubrovnik, and returns with gifts from Switzerland that are judged to be second rate, so he goes indoors to cry and make the figure of a cross. Martin criticizes his wife's father for giving more time to his novel than to Minus, noting that "your faith and your doubt are very unconvincing, that's your ingenuity." While on a wrecked ship during a storm, Karin goes on a trance believing that God will one day arrive, and then seduces her brother. FTP name this Ingmar Bergman film that came before Winter Light and The Silence in his trilogy of faith, a 1962 foreign film Oscar winner that is much starker than the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

ANSWER: Sasom i en spegel; or Through a Glass Darkly
35. RL: american.

Among the injunctions given by a character in this work include: "thou shalt dig thy neighbor as thou would havst thou dig thee, thou shalt not put down thy mamas and thy papas, thou shalt not swing with another cat's chick," and "thou shalt not blow thy minds on school nights on national holidays." The protagonist calls herself "the Philadelphia orchestra" and "the Modern Jazz quartet," and at the end, tells her co-workers the wedding was "just like in the movies," carrying a trunk marked "almost married." She notes that she's "eating fancy chow and drinking fancy wine" while in the house of movie star Vittorio Vidal, but her later attempt to land Oscar Lindquist ends badly. Nickie and her friends dance to the number "There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This," and Big Daddy Brubeck sings "with a tinkle in your fingers and a tinkle in your feet," preaching "The Rhythm of Life." Containing the song "If My Friends Could See Me Now," FTP name this Bob Fosse musical starring Shirley MacLaine as the titular "sugary" prostitute based on Fellini's Nights of Cabiria.

ANSWER: Sweet Charity; or The Adventures of a Girl Who Wanted to Be Loved
34. RL: american.

Two characters in this film meet while one of them is doing a jigsaw puzzle of The Proposal, and she later refuses to play pingpong on a team with Bob, because she'd be the weakest link. Earlier one character is asked whether she's a "Miss or a Mrs." but replies that she's an "Aunt" that every family has. Another character is called Dr. Owl for staring at his patient, and his plan for adding a wing to the Cascade is observed by his patron, who earlier sparked in her friend a desire to do what'd interest him, to pursuing an architecture career. The protagonist escapes from her demanding mother by impersonating Renee Beauchamp, though she's later called Camille by both Jeremiah Duveaux Durrance and his daughter Tina, who is befriended by the heroine under the auspices of Dr. Jaquith. Because Durrance is married, the spinster Charlotte vows to take care of his child instead, speaking the famous line "oh Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon, we have the stars." FTP identify this film named for a line from Walt Whitman that suggests a cruise to Rio for Charlotte Vale, containing what is frequently regarded as the greatest performance in the career of Bette Davis.

ANSWER: Now, Voyager
33. RL: american.

One character in this work makes himself out to be Humphrey Bogart in The Oklahoma Kid, but accidently shoots Spider in the foot. After a scene at Copa on Saturday night for the girlfriends, we see Karen yelling at Janice on the intercom because she's ruining her marriage. At the end, the protagonist bemoans having ordered spaghetti with marinara sauce but getting only egg noodles and ketchup, and complains that he gets "to live the rest of [his] life like a schnook." One character tells his mom to stop painting, and earlier frightens the protagonist by grilling him: "I'm funny how? funny like a clown? I amuse you?" The death of Billy Batts eventually leads to the whacking of Tommy De Vito when he's supposed to be "made," and regulars like Anthony Stabile and Farnkie Carbone start dying after the Lufthansa heist. FTP name this film about a gangster who turns to the witness protection program, starring Ray Liotta as Henry Hill, Robert De Niro as Jimmy the Gent, and Joe Pesci as Tommy.

ANSWER: Goodfellas
32. RL: director.

Like Mel Brooks, he directed a film in which a man's mother hides jewels inside the titular objects, which are confiscated by the government. In another of his films, the slave Sebastian tells the story of "The Fall of Man," in which the head of a pig is deemed to have control over the heart of a man. In that latter film, the slaves revolt, killing the foreman, but their master takes back his beneficence and has Sebastian killed, despite his use of a magic powder to metamorphize himself. In addition to The Twelve Chairs and The Last Supper, he also made a film in which David chooses his friendship with the gay intellectual Diego over political alignment, and attacks homophobia in his native country. FTP name this director of Guantanamera and the aforementioned Strawberry and Chocolate, who detailed Sergio Corrieri's life in the Bautista regime in Memories of Underdevelopment, the best known Cuban filmmaker.

ANSWER: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
31. RL: foreign.

The hero of this work tells Anita that dreams crash on the sides of rocks, and is saved many times by a badge that reads 786, but loses it on his escape to the temple, where he had entered for the first time to pray for his ailing mother. After the protagonist buys a building for his mom which she had carry stones to help build, his brother asks him to sign a statement of guilt. A shoe shiner won't accept money that is tossed to him, even though he is branded with a tattoo that reads "my father is a thief." Ravi and Vijay end up a poor cop and a wealthy criminal, though their mom stays with Ravi and accepts a medal on his behalf at the end. With music by R. D. Burman before his work on Sholay, FTP name this classic starring Amitabh Bachchan as a rebellious dock worker turned gangster, a Bollywood movie named for an obstruction.

ANSWER: Deewaar; or The Wall; or I'll Die for Mama
30. YR: american.

Ennio Morricone’s score for this film, featuring the song “Amapola,” was denied an Oscar nomination due to a clerical error. Producer Arnon Milchan, who cameos as a chauffeur who witnesses a rape, was unable to prevent its butchered US release, leading one critic to name it both the worst film of its year and the best film of its decade. Jennifer Connelly made her screen debut as the young Deborah. When Maxie hears that Prohibition is over, he reveals a grandiose plan to rob the Federal Reserve, leading to tragic consequences and, years later, an encounter with Secretary Bailey that may or may not be Noodles’ opium-induced dream. Ending with an ambiguous shot of Robert De Niro smiling, this is, FTP, what 1984 Sergio Leone epic about the rise and fall of Jewish gangsters?

ANSWER: Once Upon a Time in America
29. YR: performer.

Her first major role was as all three love interests of the title character in Powell and Pressburger’s The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. Incredibly, she never won the Best Actress Oscar despite six nominations, and so in 1994 the Academy gave her an Honorary Award labeling her “an artist of impeccable grace and beauty” who “stood for perfection, discipline and elegance.” She played a first-century Christian in Quo Vadis? and nuns in Black Narcissus, Casino Royale, and Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, but she broke from her refined image with an Oscar-nominated performance as an adulterous Army wife who has a passionate beachside makeout session. FTP, name this star of An Affair to Remember, From Here to Eternity, and The King and I.

ANSWER: Deborah Kerr (née Deborah Kerr-Trimmer)
28. YR: director.

He played legendary Metropolitan Opera head Giulio Gatti-Casazza in the biopic Anna Pavlova and a character based on Joseph Losey in the blacklist drama Guilty by Suspicion. Other acting roles have seen him directed by Bertrand Tavernier, as a slick New York club owner in ‘Round Midnight; Akira Kurosawa, as Vincent Van Gogh in Dreams; Stephen Frears, as the narrator of The Grifters; and Robert Redford, as a marketing executive in Quiz Show. Recently heard as the voice of Sykes in Shark Tale, name, FTP, this man who cast himself appropriately as a director in The King of Comedy and perhaps less appropriately as a homicidal passenger in Taxi Driver.

ANSWER: Martin Scorsese
27. YR: performer.

This woman’s unproduced screenplay about author Edith Nesbit is no doubt connected to the fact that she has starred in a 1968 miniseries, a 1970 film, and a 2000 made-for-TV movie all based on Nesbit’s novel The Railway Children. As a child, she was hand-picked by Walt Disney to appear in Ballerina and won an Emmy opposite Richard Harris in The Snow Goose, but she abandoned her wholesome image by appearing full frontal in Nicolas Roeg’s Walkabout. Her role as Tessa on the first series of MI-5 reunited her with Peter Firth, 25 years after they shared an explicit sex scene in Equus. FTP, name this star of An American Werewolf in London who may be best known as a character who refuses to die at the age of 30, Jessica 6 in Logan’s Run.

ANSWER: Jenny Agutter
26. YR: performer.

In one of this man’s films, a police detective named Bobby Gold falls in with a radical Jewish group. A small-time hood is assigned to protect a shoe-shiner who agrees to take a murder rap for a Mafia don in his second film, which was co-written by Shel Silverstein. His directorial debut portrays a psychologist driven to murder after studying a gang of criminals. A Norwegian folk song supplied the title for his 1994 drama about a professor accused of sexual harassment, and a 1997 movie by him is named after a famous confidence game. Oscar-nominated for writing The Verdict and Wag the Dog, this is, FTP, what director of Spartan, The Winslow Boy, Redbelt, Heist, and State and Main who did NOT helm the film version of his play Glengarry Glen Ross?

ANSWER: David Mamet
25. YR: director.

The novel that later became the Nicole Kidman movie Dead Calm was the basis for The Deep. It’s All True, the subject of a 1993 documentary, weaved together three incredible-but-true stories from Latin America. Susan Strasberg played a thinly-veiled caricature of Pauline Kael in The Other Side of the Wind, which starred John Huston as a homosexual filmmaker nearing the end of his life and featured Joseph McBride, Henry Jaglom, and Peter Bogdanovich in supporting roles. Spanish exploitation-film director Jesus Franco released a bastardized version of Don Quixote in 1992. All of these are films started but never finished by, FTP, what famously unlucky filmmaker whose The Magnificent Ambersons was re-cut against his will?

ANSWER: Orson Welles (prompt on “The Deep” on early buzz)
24. YR: american.

According to the votes cast by 59 major critics in the 1999 Village Voice Film Poll, this was the best film of the 1990s. Set eight years before its release, it shows its protagonist doing aerobics to the music of Belinda Carlisle, fretting over the location of a couch, and having joyless sex with her husband. In one highly disturbing scene, The West Wing’s Janel Moloney plays a hairdresser who gives her a perm, causing her nose to bleed. Eventually Carol White is diagnosed with “multiple chemical sensitivity” and goes to Wrenwood, a desert facility which may or may not be the headquarters of a cult. Co-starring Xander Berkeley and Peter Friedman, this is, FTP, what 1995 Todd Haynes film with a harrowing lead performance by Julianne Moore?

23. YR: director.

This man grew up in the only house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Alabama. In August 2007, shortly after Ingmar Bergman’s death, he published a highly controversial New York Times op-ed about Bergman’s oeuvre called “Scenes from an Overrated Career.” He edited Peter Bogdanovich’s book of interviews This Is Orson Welles, and he was a consultant on the restoration and re-edit of Touch of Evil, which is why that film was not included in the “Alternative 100” list he published in 1998 in response to the AFI 100. FTP, name this author of Discovering Orson Welles and Movie Wars: How Hollywood and the Media Limit What Movies We Can See, the recently-retired film critic for the Chicago Reader.

ANSWER: Jonathan Rosenbaum
22. YR: american.

In this movie, Orson Bean plays a flashy young psychiatrist who talks about the concept of “irresistible impulse.” A warning to the audience not to laugh at the use of the word “panties” is given by McCarthy nemesis Joseph Welch (of “Have you no sense of decency?” fame). Based on a novel by Michigan Supreme Court Justice John Voelker, it features Oscar-nominated performances by Arthur O’Connell and George C. Scott, as well as a cameo by Duke Ellington, who composed the jazzy underscore that accompanies Saul Bass’ title sequence. Ben Gazzara plays a man accused of killing a bartender who may have assaulted his wife, played by Lee Remick. FTP, name this censorship-baiting 1959 Otto Preminger courtroom drama starring James Stewart as a wily defense attorney.

ANSWER: Anatomy of a Murder
21. YR: director.

A 2006 student film made by the question author used this composer’s “Morning Passages,” from a soundtrack that also includes “The Poet Acts,” “Vanessa and the Changelings,” and “Why Does Someone Have to Die?” His most famous film score contains passages called “The Grid,” “Vessels,” “Cloudscape,” and “Pruitt Igoe.” He won a Golden Globe for The Truman Show, but was denied Oscar consideration because some of that music was recycled from a Godfrey Reggio film. Also known for working with Kronos Quartet on a new score for the 1931 film Dracula, this is, FTP, what Errol Morris collaborator whose 3 Oscar nominations have come for Notes on a Scandal, Kundun, and The Hours, and who is highly identified with the trilogy that includes Koyaanisqatsi?

ANSWER: Philip Glass
20. YR: performer.

The 1953 Jean Simmons film The Actress was based on this woman’s life. She entered movies in 1940, playing the lead character’s wife in both Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet and Abe Lincoln in Illinois. Her first Oscar-nominated performance was in 1965’s Inside Daisy Clover, but before that she was nominated for the screenplays of the George Cukor films A Double Life, Adam’s Rib, and Pat and Mike, all co-written with her husband Garson Kanin. After winning a 1968 Oscar for playing a sinister cult member, she earned a cult following of her own for her most famous role: a life-loving elderly woman who has a romantic relationship with a morbid teenage boy. FTP, name this star of Rosemary’s Baby and Harold and Maude.

ANSWER: Ruth Gordon (née Ruth Gordon Jones)
19. YR: american.

The last line of this film, delivered by Raymond Massey, is “I’m not askin’ for those pants … I’m just taking ‘em!” As the main characters travel from north to south, they encounter Laurence Olivier as a fur trapper with a hilariously awful French Canadian accent, Anton Walbrook as the leader of a Hutterite community, Leslie Howard as an effete professor, and the aforementioned Massey as a deserting GI, all of whom lecture them on why they are evil. Starring Eric Portman as Lieutenant Hirth, it features a score by Ralph Vaughan Williams and won an Oscar for the story by Emeric Pressburger. FTP, name this classic WW2 propaganda film about a group of Nazis trying to escape across the Canadian border into the US, directed by Michael Powell and named for a line of latitude.

ANSWER: 49th Parallel (or The Invaders) (do not accept “The 49th Parallel”)
18. YR: performer.

This man first showed his talent for disguise by playing seven characters – including Napoleon, Franz Schubert, and a Black boxer – in Seven Faces. He received Oscar nominations three decades apart for both his last film role, as a Brooklyn doctor in The Last Angry Man, and his first, as a condemned man in The Valiant. One of his most famous movies ends with him being asked by his love interest, “How do you live?” and responding, “I steal!” Another film ends with him dead in a gutter beneath a sign reading “The World Is Yours.” Known for portraying real-life figures like Benito Juarez, Emile Zola, and, in an Oscar-winning performance, Louis Pasteur, this is, FTP, what star of The Good Earth, Scarface, and I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang?

ANSWER: Paul Muni ( Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund)
17. YR: american.

The first episode of the radio series Suspense in 1940 was based on the same Marie Belloc Lowndes novel as this movie, and was directed by the same man. Both the editor, who was also a famous film critic and table tennis player, and the star, who also appeared in a 1932 remake and was played by Jeremy Northam in Gosford Park, share the unusual first name “Ivor.” The main characters, Joe Chandler and Daisy Bunting, suspect that Jonathan Drew, who rents a room from Daisy’s parents, is actually “The Avenger,” a serial killer targeting young blondes. FTP, name this 1927 Jack the Ripper-inspired silent film, the first of many suspense thrillers directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

ANSWER: The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
16. YR:

Like Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and The Girl of the Golden West, this film was based on a play by David Belasco. Jean Arthur has a small role as a telephone operator. One joke depends on the audience’s knowledge that Julian Eltinge is a man, and there are two painfully dated scenes in which the hero rejects women: one because she is Black and one because she is Jewish. A misunderstanding arises between Mary Jones and Jimmy Shannon on the same day that Jimmy learns that he must marry in order to get an inheritance; the resulting chain of events leads to him being chased through the streets by thousands of women in wedding gowns. FTP, name this 1925 silent comedy that climaxes with Buster Keaton dodging several giant boulders.

ANSWER: Seven Chances
15. YR: american.

In a 2003 New York Times article, critic Michael Bronski compared the title character of this film to Jesus – adding, “I say that with great respect” – and Buddhism scholar Angela Zito said that the protagonist was a bodhisattva. Woodstock, Illinois, was the main filming location, standing in for a Pennsylvania town. Stephen Toblowsky plays insistent life insurance salesman Ned Ryerson, while Chris Elliott is Larry, the cameraman working with Phil Connors. Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe” is a repeated motif in, FTP, what 1993 comedy in which Bill Murray plays a man caught in an endless time loop on February 2?

ANSWER: Groundhog Day
14. YR: foreign.

One location in this film is called “Escherstrasse,” no doubt a reference to the painter who inspired some of its art direction. Fulvio Mingozzi played a cab driver in both this movie and its sequel. It was the last film of Joan Bennett, who portrays the head of a sinister group operating out of a house that once belonged to Desiderius Erasmus in Freiburg, Germany. The heroine is told that “bad luck isn’t brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds” – small comfort for the character who gets trapped in a pile of barbed wire, or the blind man who has his throat ripped out by his own seeing-eye dog. Ballerina Susy Banyon faces the “Mother of Sighs” and a coven of witches in, FTP, what 1977 Italian horror movie, the most famous work of Dario Argento?

ANSWER: Suspiria
13. YR: theme.

A 1984 film of this name earned Sissy Spacek an Oscar nomination as the matriarch of a poor rural family desperately trying to save its farm. Hong Kong director Ann Hui plays herself in a 1997 film of this name that stars Lee Shang-keng as man who receives a hand job from his father and develops neck pain after playing a corpse in a movie; that film was directed by Tsai Ming-Liang. Another film of this name, featuring Claude Renoir’s stunning color cinematography, was based on a Rumer Godden novel and made in India in 1951 by Jean Renoir. The 1938 documentary of this name has a famous Virgil Thomson score and was directed by Pare Lorentz. FTP, the Holston, the Tamsui, the Ganga, and the Mississippi have all been filming sites for movies with what two-word title?

ANSWER: The River
12. YR: performer.

In one role, this actress tells a man who is giving her oral sex, “Please be quiet. I’m trying to imagine you as someone attractive.” She took over that character from Sarah Michelle Gellar in Manchester Prep, the prequel to Cruel Intentions. She played another vamp, this one named “Marvel Ann,” in Psycho Beach Party, before changing her image with nice-girl roles in Catch Me If You Can and as the title character in an episode of The Office called “Hot Girl.” Quite possibly the first ex-Hooters waitress to be nominated for an Oscar, she made her screen debut as a ditzy beauty-pageant contestant in Drop Dead Gorgeous and played a pregnant naïf in 2005’s Junebug. This is, FTP, what star of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, best known as Princess Giselle in Enchanted?

ANSWER: Amy Adams
11. YR: theme.

The 1964 crime thriller Angoroj. The “Bison Troopers Marching Song” performed by the army of Shadaloo in the 1994 video-game adaptation Street Fighter. Loudspeaker announcements in the 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca. Shops in the Jewish ghetto in Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. The 1965 William Shatner-starring horror film Incubus. The common link between all these things is, FTP, what creation of L. L. Zamenhof, frequently used by filmmakers to suggest a slightly otherworldly atmosphere and originally intended to serve as a culturally neutral universal language?

ANSWER: Esperanto
10. YR: american.

When the director of this film appeared on Jean Shepherd’s radio show in 1957 to promote Martin Ritt’s Edge of the City, he boasted that he could make an even better movie if given funds; to his surprise, listeners sent in $2,500, and so he decided to actually do it. Jonas Mekas famously praised the long-lost first version of this film, which was discovered in an attic in November 2003 after years of searching by Ray Carney. In one scene, “A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody” is turned into “A Hot Chick Is Like an Ice Cream Cone.” Dealing with an interracial romance between Lelia and Tony and featuring an original jazz score by Charles Mingus, this is, FTP, what groundbreaking 1959 independent film, the first directed by John Cassavetes?

ANSWER: Shadows
09. YR: american.

The making of this film is the subject of a 2004 stage comedy by Canadian playwright Sherry MacDonald. The British Film Institute produced a 1979 remake starring comedian Max Wall; however, that version has several noises on the audio track, instead of just the sound of feet and the word “shh!” Beginning and ending with a giant close-up of an eye, its climax features the main character, known only as “O,” staring at a blank wall while sitting in a rocking chair and eventually falling asleep. Directed by Alan Schneider, it was the only film written by its Nobel Prize-winning scenarist, and Gilles Deleuze called it “the greatest Irish film.” Buster Keaton had one of his last starring roles in, FTP, what 1965 work with a screenplay by Samuel Beckett?

ANSWER: Film (do not accept “A Film” or “The Film”)
08. YR: performer.

This woman grew up in Kent, in the south of England, which surprises many people who don’t know that she has a British accent. She won the Best Actress prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival for a performance in fluent French as a junkie and aspiring singer in Clean. A 2004 New York Times profile asked, “Why Isn’t [she] a Hollywood Star?” and – due to roles like a suicidal actress in Centre Stage, May in Police Story, and Chat in The Heroic Trio – labeled her “possibly the most famous woman in China.” In the West, she may be best known for appearing in a fetishistic leather catsuit on the poster for a 1996 film directed by her ex-husband Olivier Assayas. FTP, name this Hong Kong-born star of Hero and In the Mood for Love who played herself in Irma Vep.

ANSWER: Maggie Cheung (or Cheung Man-yuk or Zhang Man-yu)
07. YR: performer.

This man won the prestigious Hawthornden Prize in 1962 for his novel The Sun Doctor. His first book, The Hiding Place, was adapted into the 1965 Alec Guinness comedy Situation Hopeless … But Not Serious. Maximilian Schell earned a 1975 Oscar nomination for the film version of his 1969 Tony-nominated drama about a Jewish man accused of being a Nazi war criminal, The Man in the Glass Booth. He was himself Oscar-nominated for playing Henry VIII in A Man for All Seasons; other acting roles include a Mossad agent in Black Sunday, a mob boss in The Sting, and a subway hijacker in The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. FTP, name this man who is today remembered chiefly for portraying Bond villain Red Grant in From Russia with Love and Captain Quint in Jaws.

ANSWER: Robert Shaw
06. YR: director.

This director shot the climax of one of his films during Super Bowl X at the Miami Orange Bowl. His career sank after the failure of 1969’s The Extraordinary Seaman, but he made a late-in-life comeback in television, winning four Emmys between 1994 and 1998. His amazing streak of early successes includes iconic ‘60s films about keeping art treasures from the Nazis, being rejuvenated as Rock Hudson, overthrowing the president, and looking after birds in prison. Originally tapped to direct Breakfast at Tiffany’s when it was a Marilyn Monroe vehicle, he worked with its screenwriter, George Axelrod, on his most famous film, about a Korean War veteran and his creepy Communist mother. FTP, name this Ronin director best known for the 1962 paranoid thriller The Manchurian Candidate.

ANSWER: John Frankenheimer
05. RL: theme.

One film by a director from this country has Marie One and Marie Two wear matching outfits and stage dinner dates with older men before demolishing a banquet. Another film by a creator from this nation sees the boy Herma saved from death by a punched hole in a bathroom wall only to be shot suddenly by a machine gun during a mission after making love to Victoria Freie. A doctor must choose whether to harbor a fugitive in The Fifth Horseman Is Fear, and women that survived in a post-atomic world roam on horseback in The End of August at the Hotel Ozone, works by Brynych and Schmidt, both from this country. The director who introduced Hedy Lamar to the US in Extase, Gastav Machaty, is from here, as is the maker of Intimate Lighting, Ivan Passer. The aforementioned Daisies by Vera Chytilova and Closely Watched Trains by Jiri Menzel belong to the "golden age" of filmmaking in this nation, which saw its own New Wave in the 1960s. The directors of The Shop on Main Street, Hair, and Amadeus are from, FTP this nation, home to Elmar Klos, Jan Kadar, and Milos Forman.

ANSWER: Czech republic; accept "Czechoslovakia" if said with much gusto
04. RL: director.

One of his films shows three views of the protagonist at the theatre as the lecher stares at her hip, the crippled Sadoja stares at her feet (because he has a foot fetish), and Danilo stares at her face. In another of his films, a scene in which Dr. Armstrong delivers a baby is cross-cut with a Prussian lieutenant courting the doctor's wife, and was shot by Ben Reynolds. Yet another of his films sees the protagonist go around with his fake cousins trying to seduce Helen Hughes, but her maid sets the house on fire and Count Karanzim is dumped into the sewer. In addition to a version of The Merry Widow, Blind Husbands, and Foolish Wives, he made Walking Down Broadway, which was reshot and released as Hello, Sister. Irving Thalberg suspended his work on Merry-Go-Round, even though he had gained success directing a film about Queen Regina's intervention in the love of Prince Wolfram for a student in the convent. FTP name this director who gave Gloria Swanson the titular role in the aforementioned Queen Kelly, and also made Greed.

ANSWER: Erich von Stroheim
03. RL: american.

One character in this work notes that his brother has the Moses effect: "you arrive and the crowd parts like the Red sea." That brother was earlier admonished by Fusco, when he demands advanced pay, warning him that "you can't fuck the future, the future fucks you." Gus's injury prompts Joey and Double J. to attack the Barracudas, after which we hear about how "we can take forever just a minute at a time" in a song about history repeating itself, "More Than a Woman." After that song is played at the 2001 Odyssey, one character fails to save Bobby before he falls off a bridge, prompting him to abandon his friends to go to Manhattan, where we hear about "livin' in a world of fools, breakin' us down" in a the song "How Deep Is Your Love." Stephanie Mangano accepts Tony Manero's apology in Manhattan, after they partner together to win a forfeited dance contest. FTP name this movie starring disco-dancing John Travolta.

ANSWER: Saturday Night Fever
02. RL: foreign.

One character in this film vows to "enter the history of the world, and do away with the world behind the world." Another character wants to "be beautiful or else absolutely nothing," and once looked into a mirror "to see one-self think," and is unknowingly observed by the audience face-to-face. At a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds concert, a woman declares love for a man she has never seen and tells him "we are now the times." After gaining the ability to recognize colors, the protagonist uses the word "campanero" to get in touch with Peter Falk, who tells him to find out about the world on his own. An aged poet is writing an epic of peace, a trapeze artist wants to be alone, and two characters listen to people's minds and recall "when the child was a child." FTP name this best known film of Wim Wenders about angels of Germany.

ANSWER: Der Himmel uber Berlin; or Wings of Desire; or The Sky Over Berlin
01. RL: american.

In one scene in this work, a brother tells his sister not to eat onions, and she later scratches her nails at strangers while calling herself a "gentle dove" at the Love Market, where her earlier seducer Rhapsode watches in sorrow. The book The Love of Lucile can be seen in the room of the "Musketeer of the Slums," who admonishes a boy for courting the Dear One after the Jenkins strike. Responded to by Thomas Ince's film Civilization, it contains a section previously premiered as The Mother and the Law. Walt Whitman's "Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking" inspired the interludes that feature a woman spinning a loom. The machinations of the high priest of Bel, the false accusation of a boy for murder, the slaughter of Huguenots on St. Bartholomew's day, and the crucifixion of Jesus are the parallel stories of, FTP this most ambitious film of the silent era about cruelty and injustice, by D. W. Griffith.

ANSWER: Intolerance
TB. RL: foreign.

One character of this work knew the taste of the blood of her lover by hearing the bells of St. Stephen. At one point, this work is referred to as a "threepenny romance," and near the end, the couple realizes that they will die without meeting again, unless there's a war. Like "a thousand women in one," the heroine believes that "the art of seeing has to be learned." Supposed to have died far from Nevers, she actually dwelled in the cellar with her hair cropped while her father's pharmacy is closed because of her disgrace. Espousing the virtues of "that which destroys you," a character played by Emmanuelle Riva finds her German lover reincarnated during a tryst near the river Ota, in Japan. Featuring a script by Marguerite Duras, FTP name this Alain Resnais film that began the New Wave, taking place at a city destroyed by the atomic bomb.

ANSWER: Hiroshima mon amour


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