The Shariar Zaimi 7x24 Exchange dc chapter Scholarship Application 2016-2017 “Knowledge is free, so get all you can”

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The Shariar Zaimi 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter Scholarship Application 2016-2017

Knowledge is free, so get all you can”

The Shariar Zaimi

7x24 Exchange DC Chapter

Scholarship Application 2016-2017

Shariar Zaimi Memorial Scholarship

The 7x24 Exchange Washington DC Chapter provides an educational forum bringing together Information Services/Technology and Facilities/Engineering/Real Estate of organizations to promote better understanding of the design, implementation and management issues involved in achieving high levels of uninterrupted infrastructure support. In that spirit, the 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter will be awarding several scholarships in memory of Shariar Zaimi.  These scholarships will be provided to several students currently enrolled in an accredited Engineering program.

Shariar had great passion for both engineering and higher education.  He received a BS in Electrical Power Engineering from Tehran University, a MS in Electrical Power Engineering from George Washington University, and his MBA from the Wharton School of Business.  Shariar actively contributed to the engineering community by serving on various boards for universities and professional associations.  In 2009, the 7X24 DC Chapter was re-created.  Shariar was instrumental in its reformation and provided multiple resources to bring this chapter to life. 
In addition to being an industry recognized engineer, Shariar had a true entrepreneurial spirit.  Following his retirement from GE, Shariar was the founder and CEO of both Primary Integration, LLC and EDG2, Inc., a spin-off of his prior engineering company founded in 1986.
The chapter is honored to provide these scholarships in memory of Shariar Zaimi, a great engineer, leader, mentor, and entrepreneur that devoted so much of his life to the engineering industry. 
The 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities for students who are pursuing an education in an Engineering field that supports the data center industry.
How to Apply
The following is the process for collecting all scholarship materials:

  • All requested documents must be E-MAILED TO and cc: and

  • You will be automatically disqualified if all of the application components are not included.

  • The application must be submitted no later than Friday, June 10, 2016.

Contact for Questions

If you have a question that is not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this application, please send an e-mail to and cc: and no later than Wednesday, June 3, 2016.

All questions should include full name, phone number, and the scholarship you are applying for. Please allow a 72-hour turnaround time for responses.

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