The Purpose

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The Five Paragraph Essay

The Purpose

  • To provide the writer with an opportunity for discussion of an issue.

  • To provide the reader with a clear presentation of point of view and support for that point of view.

The Format

Introductory Paragraph

    • Begin with a general statement of fact.

    • Provide the reader with a thesis statement; something you intend to prove.

    • Briefly outline three ways you support your thesis.

Body paragraphs

  • Use separate body paragraphs for each point.

  • Clearly describe how your point serves to prove your thesis to be true.

  • Finish each body paragraph with a reference to your thesis statement that clearly shows you have proven the point you intend to make.

Concluding Paragraph

  • Begin with a statement of fact like the one in the introduction; this cues the reader that you are wrapping things up.

  • Restate your thesis and the three points you raised in a summarizing sentence or two to prove consistency.

  • End with a universal statement that demonstrates your insight about the broader social implications of the issue.

Please Avoid

  • Statements of the obvious - My purpose is…

To conclude…

This essay will…

  • Casual conversations with the reader - Well let me tell you…

And that’s the end of my awesome essay.

  • ` Hello, what was that guy thinking?

Isn’t that the point?

  • Exclamation point

  • Contractions

  • The key to a great essay is having the range of vocabulary that allows you to repeat yourself without being redundant, repetitive or incessantly similar.

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