The Impact Of Software Quality For Users

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The Impact Of Software Quality For Users.

Software development and engineering are considered fairly young professions; however, they are widely practiced and growing faster than ever before. The software industry in general is now considered one of the main pillars of economic growth in many countries. Software companies frequently face many difficult challenges to deliver high-quality software, and they strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

Doctors, lawyers and engineers are required by their professions to receive certifications and follow certain ethical guidelines. These rules exist to protect those who rely on their services. These professions often have access to sensitive information, or could wreck lives if they are remiss in their responsibilities. In most countries of the world, the “information revolution” has altered many aspects of life significantly, community life, family life, human relationships, education, careers, freedom, and democracy, in the present essay, is understood as that branch of applied ethics which studies and analyzes such social and ethical impacts of ICT. We need to take concrete steps to incorporating ethics in our community. Computer scientists should be trained in ethics as a part of their training, if they’re not already. So what happen when everyone works with the right way?

System quality plays an important role in the success of an overall software system. It is considered as a very important aspect for developers, users, and project managers. System quality is the extent to which an industry define a set of desirable features that should be incorporated into the product in order to enhance its lifetime performance . Moreover, according to the Information System Model, system quality is a critical success attributes that influences user satisfaction and intention to use.

Each level is accompanied by physical damage moral damage, which refers to the subsequent impact of the decisions taken by the people on their feelings, attitudes and readiness advance. These changes in ways of thinking affect the citizens' relationship with each other, and can have physical consequences as well. But, if we take the moral damage associated into account, there is no limit to the damage caused by the development of proprietary software.

programmer should:

1- Apply accurate, complete, and consistent coding practices for the production of high-quality healthcare data.

2- Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in situations supporting proper coding practices.

3- Refuse to participate in or conceal unethical coding or abstraction practices or procedures.

4- Protect the confidentiality of the health record at all times.

5- Demonstrate behavior that reflects integrity, shows a commitment to ethical and legal coding practices, and fosters trust in professional activities.

Software has become an essential part of everyday life. From the above directions to the programmer shows how important the program and its impact on users. If programmers committed to these guidelines and code of ethics Not only this, but when the program is no hiatus user can be used comfortably by contrast if the program is full of holes it will cause severe damage to the user's the organization and it could reach the same coder.

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