The Greenhouse Effect 2004/8/7

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The Greenhouse Effect 2004/8/7

There was a gripping film “The Day After Tomorrow” talking about the coming catastrophe caused by global warming we mankind is to face. However, while we are shocked by the probable calamity and concerned about the issue which might be the cause of unusual climate changing, or the enlargement of ozone hole, the atmospherical philosophy is absolutely worth a research. What are the greenhouse gases? What is the greenhouse effect? Is it likely the terminator of the world?

Without the greenhouse effect we would be living in a freezing place---- the world’s average temperature is far lower beyond the endurance of the majority of the creature species. In other words, the greenhouse effect keeps the earth warm. It’s like a bodyguard protecting the earth from being overheated by the sun, and at the same time keeping it just warm enough to maintain us living creatures with the greenhouse gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide). That is to say, the natural greenhouse effect is essential for a planet to be an ideal dwelling place.
Human civilization, nevertheless, broke up the harmony by enhancing the greenhouse effect. Before the Industrial Revolution the mix of gases that made up the atmosphere was relatively constant. As the Industrial Revolution brought fast industrial progress, more extensive agriculture, and even a rapid increase in the world’s population, concentrations of the greenhouse gases are increased. The enhanced greenhouse effect leads to an increase in the world’s average temperature.
Consequently, it becomes a global issue which needs worldwide study and responses. Each country should be responsible for her own greenhouse gas production and take prompt actions. For example, use more natural gas and nuclear power instead of oil and coal, or if possible, develop solar energy as the major power resource. With our collaborative effort to regulate the temperature of the globe, which is similar to protecting our living environment----since we have only one Earth---- we will definitely have a better day tomorrow.
( ) 1. The main idea of the first paragraph is .

  1. The greenhouse effect is the terminator of the world.

  2. The film “The Day After Tomorrow” is talking about global warming.

  3. What is the greenhouse effect?

  4. The reason why we have to know what the greenhouse effect is.

( ) 2. According to this passage, we know that .

  1. The greenhouse effect is essential while the enhanced one is to be curbed.

  2. Human civilization is to blame for the greenhouse effect

  3. Those developed countries are to take the full responsibility of global warming.

  4. We can do nothing about the global warming.

( ) 3. According to this passage, which of the following is NOT true?

  1. The enhanced greenhouse effect accelerates global warming.

  2. Global warming might bring the end to the world.

  3. Industrial Revolution enhanced the greenhouse effect.

  4. We have to to save our planet from the greenhouse effect.

( ) 4. The most like meaning of the word “catastrophe” is .

  1. disaster

  2. phenomena

  3. event

  4. problem

( ) 5. We might be able to find this article in a .

  1. business journal

  2. Dear John letter

  3. scientific magazine

  4. student’s diary

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