The future of Australian apprenticeships Report of the stakeholder forum Canberra, 25 October 2016

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Appendix 1: Delegate list




Alan Waldron

Training Manager

Hutchison Builders

Alice Clements

Manager Engagement and Client Services

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Andre C Diez de Aux

Director, Quality Services, National Secretariat

TAFE Directors Australia

Andrew Dettmer

National President

Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union

Anna Payton

Policy Analyst


Ben Matheson

Training Payment Policy, Workforce and Apprenticeships Policy

Department of Education and Training

Bill Galvin

Chief Executive Officer (and AISC NSW nominee)

Tourism Training Australia

Bob Paton

Chief Executive Officer

Manufacturing Skills Australia

Craig Fowler

Managing Director


Darren Cocks

Managing Director

Apprenticeship Support Australia

David Carney

Executive Director

Career Industry Council of Australia

David Collins

Executive Director, Training Services NSW

NSW Department of Industry

Dean Luciani

Chief Executive Officer and Secretary

Westvic Staffing Solutions

Ed Auzins

Education Program Director

Australian 3D Manufacturing Association

Erica Smith

Professor of VET

Federation University Australia

Fiona Yule

Director, Reform Policy and Evaluation

Department of Education and Training

Gabrielle Deschamps

Executive Officer

Enterprise Registered Training Organisation Association

Gary Workman

Executive Director

Apprenticeship Employment Network

Gavin Lind

Director Workforce Skills

Minerals Council of Australia

Gavin Manning


Mechanical Heavy Vehicle IRC

Gemma Sandlant

Policy Advisor, Employment, Education and Training

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

George Giuliani

Chief Executive Officer

Heidelberg Training and Resource Centre

Georgina Atkinson

Research Officer


Isabel Maurer

Director, Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services

Department of State Development

Jane McIntyre

Acting Director, Workforce Strategies, Workforce and Apprenticeships Policy

Department of Education and Training

Jason Foster

Manager, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


Jenny Lambert

Director, Employment, Education and Training

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Jo Hargreaves

Team Leader, Research Program Management


Jodieann Dawe

National Manager, Research and Engagement


John Hart

Chief Executive Officer & NCVER Board member

Restaurant and Catering Australia

John King

Executive Director, Skills and Employment

Department of State Development

Joyce Vandermaas

Manager, Training Operations, Training NT

Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

Juliet Zeiler

Assistant Director, Reform Policy and Evaluation

Department of Education and Training

June Ingham

Team Leader, Communications and Events


Kathryn Nunn

National Government Relations Manager

Sarina Russo Job Access (Australia) Pty Ltd

Kathryn Shugg

Branch Manager, Industry Advice Branch, Industry Skills and Quality Group

Department of Education and Training

Kelly Adamcewecz

Industrial Relations Manager

Canberra Business Chamber

Kira Clarke

Academic, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

The University of Melbourne

Larry Moore


Electrotechnology IRC

Laura Jackson

Stakeholder Engagement Officer


Lauren Tiltman

National Executive Officer

Group Training Australia

Linda White

Branch Manager, Industry Skills

Department of Education and Training

Malcolm Richards

Chief Executive Officer

Master Electricians Australia

Margo Couldrey (Facilitator)


Lista Consulting

Marie Minslow

Manager, Apprenticeships and Traineeships, Market Quality and Operations

NSW Department of Industry

Megan Kirchner

Executive Director, Human Capital

Business Council of Australia

Megan Lilly

Director, Education and Training

Australian Industry Group

Michael de Souza

Chief Executive Officer

Australian 3D Manufacturing Association

Neil Miller

National Manager, Policy and Programs

Australian Council for Private Education and Training

Nerida Coulter

Director, Skill Shortages

Department of Employment

Paul Miles

Chief Executive Officer

The Busy Group Ltd

Peta Skujins

Research Officer


Peter Keenan


AMA Apprenticeship and Traineeship Services (WA) Pty Ltd

Phil Loveder

Manager, Stakeholder Engagement


Philip Le Feuvre

Head of Engagement

Skills for Australia, PwC Australia

Poul Bottern

Chief Executive Officer

MAS National Ltd

Robert Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Industry Standards Limited

Robert Wilson

National Director Workforce Development and Training & Chair Construction IRC

Master Builders Australia

Ross Kelly

Director, Policy Planning and Research

Department of Training and Workforce Development

Steve Balzary

Managing Director

Business Group Australia

Stuart Hollingsworth

Director, Workforce Development

Skills Tasmania

Suresh Manickam

National Chief Executive Officer

National Electrical and Communications Association

Suzi Hewlett

Group Manager, Industry Skills and Quality Group

Department of Education and Training

Toni Cavallaro

National Collections Manager


Tracey Murphy

Director, Apprenticeships Pathways, Workforce and Apprenticeships Policy

Department of Education and Training

Troy Parkee

State Manager, NSW/ACT

MEGT (Australia) Pty Ltd

Victoria Johnson

General Manager, Program Delivery

Education Services Australia Ltd

Viv Mallison

Executive Officer

National Association of Australian Apprenticeship Centres

Wayne Stephens

Director, Queensland Apprenticeship and Traineeships Office

Department of Education and Training

Wendy Blair

Board member

The Australian Hairdressing Council (& Council member of COSBOA)

Wendy Walker

Director, VET Stakeholder and Channel Management, Governance and Engagement Branch

Department of Education and Training

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