The conclusion should be clearly related to the introduction !

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Conclusion Tips

The conclusion should be clearly related to the introduction !

--Restate the controlling idea/thesis. Do not just repeat it.

--Recap major supporting points.

--Include a final thought to give the essay closure. [see back]

-- DO NOT: Make your conclusion part of a body paragraph. It should be its own paragraph.

-- DO NOT: Write a conclusion with only one or two sentences.
-- DO NOT: Use a “training wheel” phrase at the start of the introduction (e.g. “As you can see,” “In conclusion,” “As you have read above”). They are simplistic and clunky.

Writing a “Final Thought”

The “final thought” can take many different forms. In general, it should be some “new” idea that logically results from your essay (a conclusion drawn from the essay). The final thought should give your essay a sense of closure.

The kind of final thought you should use depends on the rest of your essay, but here are some general ideas.

  • Connect the essay to the reader’s life.

EX: Romeo and Juliet shows that revenge will only cause further damage.

  • Explain why the ideas in the essay matter.

EX: If more teens learned to accept others the way that Randy and Cherry do in The Outsiders, high schools would be better places.

  • Challenge the reader to take some action.

EX: Support charities like Doctors Without Borders.

  • Relate the ideas in your essay to the future.

EX: Unless parents teach their children about the importance of education, the United States will fall behind other nations.

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