The change is long process

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Mariano Perez Mosquera


“The change is long process”

Analyse this topic using three different points of view:

Point 1: Hardware and software involved (investigate)

Point 2: Social and ethical issues that can be mentioned

Point 3: Social Impact

(Words: from 1000 to 1500)

The Google Driverless Car is a technology design automobile performed by Google Inc. Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation which was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Larry and Sergey named the company because of a mathematical number called “googol”, a one followed by 100 zeros. In the recent days Google work an abundance to modify a Toyota Prius to be self-driven without any driver.12

3 This car uses the Google Street View, special intelligent software, two sensors, a rotating sensor on the roof and another one mounted on the left rear wheel, several radars and a video camera that makes the vehicle be self-driven. Although it is self-driven, the passenger has the ability to take control of the car by stepping the brake or moving the steering wheel. The passenger has just to give the direction and the car goes for its own, taking into consideration all the traffic laws.

4This Google car has many social impacts. One of them is that this car has negative and positive aspects. The autonomous car has many different benefits. A good benefit is that many people, which before could not drive, from now on they are going to be able to go alone from one place to another in his own car. This will be much better for people with different disabilities (mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, cerebral palsy and others physical problems). “With the assistance of the Morgan Hill Police Department and the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center in San Jose, California, a blind man called Steve Mahan was able to eat a pancake while the Google car it is self driven”5. Here we can see a clear example of a blind man who can use Google car. Another benefit that this automobile has is that the productivity will allow generating much more work charges, decreasing the unemployment all around the war and creating new industries. This will affect the local economy producing more earnings. Can you realize how many accidents will be avoided with this car? Definitely this self driven car will reduce many traffic problems. Fines will cease to exist because these cars are synchronized with the maximum and the minimum speed, so we can say that it will be safer. With this automobile you will be sure that you’re not going to have to pay for different fines. An INDEC (National Institution of Statistics and Census in Argentina) recent study show that around 3,988 people die each year in the Argentina. After the common use of this vehicle, this project will serially decrease the traffic deaths. But this automobile not only is going to reduce dies, also is going to reduce many traffic injuries. The INDEC (National Institution of Statistics and Census in Argentina) also affirms that 105,600 people get injury in Argentina in each year in consequence of traffic accidents. Also the government has to spend a lot of money in reparation of traffic destructions. This autonomous car will reduce all the congestions that we can see everyday in the different countries of the globe. Also, this automobile will allow the passenger to transport from one place to another in much less time, considering that these vehicles can determine which the better and faster route is. Besides you can decide the speed, according to the expected, and the travel. Nowadays in Argentina people can spend more than 1 hour for travelling 15 miles. This vehicle will reduce fuel wastes and exploitation of it. It is clear that in the future the self driven car will be common, but we don’t know how these self driven cars are going to be and when they are going to be casual or accepted.6

On the other hand, this self driven car will generate unemployment to all the people in the world who work as a driver in a taxi. This will produce a serious economic decline. Also, as we know, machines and computers can fail, so this car can also fail and create an enormous traffic accident or just a tragedy. “In August 2011, a human-controlled Google driverless car was involved in the project's first crash near Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Google has stated that the car was being driven manually at the time of the accident.” We may ask, what is going to happen if the autonomous car runs over a person? Who are we going to blame for this tragic disaster? Google? This is a question not respond yet.

Autonomous car has different positive aspects and negative aspects. The common use will depend on the people, development of it and the time. “This will bring problems and benefits for human cultures. The implementation of autonomous vehicles will bring up the problem of replacing humans with computers that can do the work for them. There will not be an instant change in society, but it will become more apparent over time as they are integrated into society.” 7








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