The change I want to make

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  1. The change I want to make

  2. Human civilization flourished thousandths years ago.People were in stone age but bow it's modern age .People in stone age used to collect food ,move here and there in the search of food ,water ,move here and there in the search of search of shelter .There is a huge change between stone age and modern age in the field of science, technology etc . But there is a still place in the field of science. I want to make a change in the field of science in my country Nepal.

  3. John Dalton discovered colour blindness and it's theory. His theory was proved wrong . This shows that there was as still mistakes in discovery science. Not only him but other scientists also make mistakes .The countries like America , Australia, Korea is well developed in the filed of science. But our country Nepal it is not well developed in the field of science .There are many houses who are living in darkness. Everyday the old vehicles produces so much dark harmful black gases that people are not able to live their live comfortably.

  4. Corrupted politicians are the main cause of development in the filed of science in our country country. Australia has invented solar aeroplane but our country Nepal not even a solar bike. Many people are dying because of health science technologies. We are second rated country having water resources . But we are not a to utilize it due to lack of engineering science. Our neighbouring country China is having a bullet train which goes 600 's of kilometer per hour . But we are even not having been a ordinary train.

  5. Government should be alert in the case of science. Young youths should be encouraged to develop our country and not do brain drain. Government should provide professional jobs related to science . Agricultural science should in every persons mind as we are  having a fertile land for cultivation of food . Awareness programmes should be conducted in various parts of country by government or other institutions.

  6. I am studying hard so that I could be a scientist and encourage other people to develop their country in the filed of science . A particular place of our must have a awareness programme at least a month. Government must support a person who wants to read and be their nation server . People of the country must not make fun of science because science is a blessing.

  7. Science is a blessing , people must not go against nature for science. Due to science development of a county is possible but there should always be sustainable development.

  8. Name : Sujal Acharya

  9. Age : 13

  10. 437 words

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