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Syllabus for Class IV-1st Term 2013



Reviewing Computer (Unit No.1) Question No. 1,2,3,,5. Cross Words.

Unit NO.2. Question No. 1,2,3,4.

Unit NO.1 Understanding Our Bodies. All Questions + Column. Unit No.2 Growth And Movement in Living Bodies All Questions Fill in the Blanks + Columns. Unit No.3 A balance Diet Question No . 1 to 6 + Objectives.
Social Studies

Unit No.1 the Earth And The Environment Question No. 1 to 5. + Fill in the blanks Page No. 3, 13

Unit No.2 Map Reading Skills Question No. 1 to 6. Fill in the Blanks.
English A

Unit No.1 The Wise Owl (Reading, W/M, Ans/Question, Dictation/Paragraph, True / False)

Unit No.2 A Night in June (Reading, W/M, Ans/Questions, Page No.7,Question 2 On Book. ) Unit No.3 Sorry Wrong Number (Words Meaning, Reading, Answer Questions, Dictation, Paragraph) Unit No. 4 Rain In Summer (Reading, Words Meaning, Answer Questions, Words Sentences, Question No. 2 Page 16 Change Sentence Page No. 17 (D) Question Page 17 Solved On book) Unit No.5 The Thousand Rupees Note (Reading, Words Meaning, Answer Questions, Words Sentences, Dictation, Paragraph, Question No. 2 Page No. 21. (B) Question 3 Page No. 22 Solved On book) Unit No. 6 Leisure (Reading, Words Meaning, Answer Question)

English B

Essay: Allama Iqbal, My Best Teacher Story : Union Is Strength. Translate Into English. Definitions: verb,Conjunction, Interjection. Forms of Verb. Write a letter to your mother who is worried about your health. Singular Plural. Words Opposite.


Unit No. 1 Review And Assess 1 (Exercise No. 2,3,5,10)

Unit No. 2 Number and Arithmetic Operations (Exercise No. 1,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16)

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