Tentative, and it will change. Always refer to the course calendar on MyLitLab

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ENG 1001 Course Calendar

Please note: This schedule is tentative, and it will change. Always refer to the course calendar on MyLitLab for the most updated schedule of readings. Readings and homework should be completed before the class for which they are assigned or due.

Week 1 (August 20-24)

Tuesday—Introduction to course; syllabus; ice-breakers

Thursday—Questions on syllabus and course; ice-breakers continue; log into MyLitLab

Week 2 (August 27-31)

Friday last day for refund

Tuesday—MyLitLab training. Ch. 1 & 2 pp. 1-22

Thursday—MyLitLab training. Ch. 2 pp. 22-47

Week 3 (September 3-7)

College closed Monday for Labor Day

Tuesday—Editing sheet due. MyLitLab diagnostic test and study plan creation in class

Thursday—Ch. 3 pp. 48-61

Week 4 (September 10-14)

Tuesday—Quiz ch. 1-3. Diagnostic essay preparation

Thursday—Diagnostic essay in class

Week 5 (September 17-21)

Tuesday—Ch. 4 pp. 62-81

Thursday— Editing sheet due. Lynda Barry “The Sanctuary of School” pp. 84-87; Phil Holland “Render Unto Larry’s” pp. 95-97; Saira Shah “Longing to Belong” pp. 99-101; Toni Morrison “Strangers” pp. 108-111; Dave Barry “The Tile that Binds”

Week 6 (September 24-28)

Essay 1 due Monday (revised diagnostic)

First third of MyLitLab study plan exercises due Friday by midnight

Tuesday—Ch. 5 pp. 121-139.

Thursday— Editing sheet due. Zainab Salbi “Little House in the War Zone” pp. 142-145; Judith Ortiz Cofer “More Room” pp. 152-155; Zora Neale Hurston “How it Feels to be Colored Me” pp. 157-161; E.B. White “Once More to the Lake” pp. 163-168; John Steinbeck “The Chrysanthemums”

Week 7 (October 1-5)

College closed Friday for Enrichment Day

Tuesday—Stylebook home; Using sources home; Quotations, Introducing, and Punctuating

Thursday—Quotations practice in class. Noodlebib training.

Week 8 (October 8-12)

College closed Friday for Fall Break

Tuesday—Quotations quiz in class. Prewriting due.

Thursday—Peer review essay 2

Week 9 (October 15-19)

Essay 2 due Monday.

Tuesday—Ch. 8 pp. 269-285

Thursday— Editing sheet due. Gitangeli Sapra “I’m Happy with an Arranged Marriage” pp. 288-289; Roger Cohen “The Meaning of Life” pp. 291-293; David Sedaris “Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa” pp. 296-301; Nicholas D. Kristof “Food for the Soul” pp. 303-305; Bruce Catton “Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts” pp. 307-311; William Shakespeare “Sonnet 130” p. 313

Week 10 (October 22-26)

Tuesday—Ch. 11 pp. 451-479

Thursday— Editing sheet due. Henry Louis Gates Jr. “The Way to Reduce Black Poverty in America” pp. 484-487; Dan Barry “Cancer’s Oddest Effect” pp. 495-499; Hal R. Varian “Analyzing the Marriage Gap” pp. 500-503; Shirley Jackson “The Lottery” pp. 504-511; Excerpt from “The Plug-In Drug” by Marie Winn

Week 11 (October 29-November 2)

Second third of MyLitLab study plan exercises due Friday by midnight

Tuesday—Choosing Sources; Paraphrasing; Plagiarism

Thursday—Paraphrasing and summarizing practice in class

Week 12 (November 5-9)

Thursday last day for withdrawal

Tuesday—Paraphrasing and summarizing quiz. Prewriting Essay 3 due

Thursday—Peer review essay 3

Week 13 (November 12-16)

College closed Monday for Veterans’ Day

Tuesday—Essay 3 due. Ch. 12 pp. 513-539

Thursday— Editing sheet due. Appendix pp. 699-704; Internet Research Strategies; Evaluating Web Pages

Week 14 (November 19-23)

College closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday— Quiz on research and evaluation. Thomas Jefferson “The Declaration of Independence” pp. 542-545; Chief Seattle “Reply to the U.S. Government” pp. 547-551; Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” pp. 553-557

Week 15 (November 26-30)

Prewriting Essay 4 due Monday

Final third of MyLitLab study plan exercises due Friday by midnight

Tuesday—Web site evaluations due

Thursday—Peer review Essay 4

Week 16 (December 3-7)

Evening exams

Essay 4 due Monday

Tuesday—Wrap-up activity

Thursday—Discuss Writing Portfolio reflection

Week 17 (December 10-14)

Exam week begins Wednesday

Tuesday—Discuss and work on Writing Portfolio reflection

Thursday—Writing Portfolio due

Week 18:

Exams end Tuesday; Student break begins Wednesday; Final grades due and posted to WebAdvisor on December 20 by mid-afternoon.

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