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  1. A validation document provides the academic justification and rationale for all aspects of the course specification. Where the course specification provides factual information about the course (the ‘what’) the validation document explains the thinking behind it (the ‘why’). Thus, the validation document will enable the validation panel to understand the team’s thinking, which will provide the starting point for the discussions panel members will have with the development team. The validation document should not be descriptive but should be used to explain and justify the main features of the course as described in the course specification. The document should not therefore replicate the information in the course specification but should provide the rationale for it, including a self-critical evaluation of any particular strengths and areas for enhancement and how the latter are being addressed.

  1. The Validation Document comprises information which validation panels use to make judgements against the validation criteria in the Procedures for Course Approval (section 4.12).

  1. If it is intended that the proposed course(s) should be delivered by, with or at a collaborative partner organisation please ensure that you refer to the Procedures for the Approval and Re-Approval of Collaborative Partners and associated forms.

  1. Footnote numbers refer to the attached ‘Explanatory Notes’ for guidance on the completion of the form. The footnotes should be deleted as the document is completed.


  1. The validation document should be presented as a bound/stapled document with:

  • A cover in the house style, showing the name of the Faculty/College (including names of other contributing Faculties/the College in the case of joint submissions), title of the course and start date. In this context, for ease of identification, the title may be a single specialist course title, or an overarching title for a suite of related courses (but each course must have its own course specification).

  • A title page showing all the named awards to which the course(s) leads.

  • All pages printed double-sided.

  • The entire document paginated consecutively.

  • All paragraphs numbered consecutively.


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Validation Document
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