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Follow the directions on the test for the Multiple Choice questions. You may use pen or pencil for this part of the test. Remember to use complete sentences when answering the short answer portion of the test. This should be neatly written, or you may type it (I would prefer this!). You may use your book, lecture notes, and any other resources to complete the test. If you use a source other than the book or lecture notes, please be sure to make a reference to it somewhere on the test. Format is not important.

For the essay portion of the test:

You will have four (4) essay topics to choose from to write one (1) essay. The essay should be typed, double spaced, with no larger than 12 font. The essay should be at least 1 and ½ pages in length. Use spell check and grammar check, and watch your punctuation! You may want to have someone proof read it before finalizing the paper.

You may write a second essay for extra credit. Please label it as EXTRA CREDIT. It must also be at least 1 and ½ pages in length, double spaced, with grammar, spelling and punctuation checked. This is the only EXTRA CREDIT available on this test.

GOOD LUCK! Have a fabulous weekend!

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