Taiwanese Architecture Meg Theobald Hundred Word Essay

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Taiwanese Architecture

  • Meg Theobald

Hundred Word Essay

  • 你 好! 所以你有什么关于架构学到了什么? 据我了解,双方对过去和现在. 在过去也有说是通过图片和那个时代的诗的形成是因为房屋被泥土和由木头房子. 他们都成为随着年龄的地上部分. 台湾也用圆形屋顶.

Characteristics of Asian Architecture

  • The symmetry of buildings is important because balance is pleasing to the eye.
  • Buildings that are more important are built horizontally instead vertically like a western cathedral.
  • Housing is set up in complexes of multiple houses in one area.

Rules Governing Building

  • Size and color of one’s home is enforced by law depending on one’s social status.
  • Rules based on religion, feng shui, mythical concepts and order of numbers create strict placement of buildings.
  • The buildings of the Emperor and his family were designed with specific details that only the Emperor was allowed to use.

Feng Shui

  • Feng shui literally means wind and water.
  • It is the Chinese art of placement.
  • Feng shui is “based on shape, direction and location.” (Thompson, 1996)

Past Asian Architecture

  • There are very few examples of buildings before Tang dynasty because they were all made of wood.
  • We know what the buildings looked like in ancient times because of pictures in art and instruction books.
  • Chinese architectural styles did not change until the Chinese Republic.

Present Asian Architecture

  • Chinese architects are having difficulties creating integrated western-styled and traditional Chinese-styled buildings.
  • Increasing population requires changes in the density of housing.

Map of Chinese cultural influence

Ancient Taiwanese Architecture

  • “Sumptuary regulations, inherited from the Ming period by the Qing, were applicable to Taiwan but were frequently ignored.” Knapp 1986
  • Taiwan’s architectural style was related to the Chinese style because of Chinese influence.

Examples of Ancient Taiwanese Architecture

  • Kai Yuan Temple, Tainan

Examples of Modern Taiwanese Architecture

  • Chung Cheng Memorial
  • Taipei Financial Center (world’s second tallest building)


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